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Dream About Food meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean? Cat food in lockers? O_O 10 points?

10 points to best answer.

Okay, I had this dream quite some time ago, and I have no idea what it means.

I was in the school hallway by myself and all our lockers had turned yellow with golden locks on. I unlocked mine to find a bag of cat food, and then went into my tutor room. It was a big field in the middle of a storm. I went up a hill to find a cottage, and inside that cottage was my house.

What does it mean?! =/

Well dreams barely ever mean what they appear to, and they are highly symbolic.

You being alone in the hallway could symbolise that you feel alone at school, but it could also mean that you wish you had more time alone. The lockers turning yellow could symbolise that you feel the world is constantly changing. As for the cat food, it might mean nothing since cat food isn't a very symbolic item, but it might mean that you feel connected to animals in a way you feel other people wouldn't understand, but it might also just mean that you were hungry when you fell asleep :) your tutor room being an open field in the middle of a storm IS very symbolic and it could mean a large variety of things. It could mean that you feel unsafe (probably mentally) in that room. This is the only theorie that also complies with your house being in the cottage: it would symbolise that you feel safe from school and other things in your life in your home, like you were safe from the storm in the cottage.

Remember that these are theories and the person to best guess what your dream means is you :) hope this gives you some clarity.

Example: What does it mean when I dream of eating fish food?

Ok, so I'm a 14 year old girl and have recently had these repeating dreams where I'm in the ocean by the docks. I'm a mermaid and under me are these murdered corpses everywhere and I can't talk- all that comes out are these rings of air. I can breathe through my nose but I want to leave and go to the shore but the bodies are blocking my way. They're black, red, and yellow. Also, the ocean was somewhat greenish making me in a state of panic. Is there any meaning to this? Please, no bad comments; i really want to know the meaning

Example: Dream Meaning?

This happen a while back:

In my dream I was sleeping in my bedroom. It was exactly like my room. I think I was sleeping in my dream and then I suddenly woke up IN MY DREAM NOT REAL LIFE.

I looked at my door and it flew open and standing there was like a black smoke or fog with eyes. It look like it was in the shape of a hurricane but it had eyes and was just staring at me.

I started to scream "mom" but it did nothing. It just stared at me and I think I overreacted in my dream. I don't think it meant me no harm but I do not know. When I realized it was just staring after I said mom I woke up IN REAL LIFE.

What does a black fog/smoke with eyes mean? It was not like a shadow. It was like a hurricane.

Thanks in advance.

Example: Dream meaning?

So I went to asda but it was one of them locations that you had been to before in a different dream and i only went there to buy some food but strangely i got lost and i ended up at school and i was eating a yogurt with a fork and when i had done i put the fork and yogurt pot in the bin. Then i went to a location in my school and saw this teacher i didnt like so i pulled a big leaf out of my mouth and threw it at the wall and the teacher looked at me really strangely. Please help😂

Example: What does it mean dreaming about food?

Twice this week (not in a row) i have dreamed with food...the first dream was about to eat a sandwich (kind of club sandwich ) and i remember there was a person , a female, next to me . i didn't see myself eating it because the alarm went off.
The second one was last night and this one i was in a restaurant (kind of TGIF-ish ) and i was with some people that apparently were my friends ,although i could not identified any of them,but i was having such a good time , i remember next to me was a female friend (absent from her seat) and she was having a huge club sandwich , the person next to me was also a female as well as the two person in opposite to me and on the further corner i felt 3 male person (although i could never clearly see them ,but i felt their male presences)...i was served first and i remember thinking that my food would get cold by the time everybody had their food ...i was having a steak ,funny thing was it was a rubber steak with potatoes or fries and the steak made funny noises every time i tried to cut a piece and the female friends in front of me laughed . i also remember thinking i wanted to take photos and posted online ...i was just having such a good time and then the alarm went off... in both dreams i woke up feeling kind of full ... i don't know what to make of both dreams, but the got my attention since both are food related.

Example: What does seing food leftovers in dream mean?

they were in the shower tub for some reason and they wouldnt go away.

it was someone elses tub tho.

Example: What does it mean when i dream of food?

Example: Food in dreams. what does it mean?

i kept dreaming of food lastnight. i wasnt eating the food just lookig at it...
i dreamt of mashed potatos with a sweet chilli dip (ive never tried this).
i also dreamt of a rice salad and a warmed grapefruit.

i wasnt hungry when i woke up.

does this dream mean anything?

Example: What does it mean if you dream hairs in your food?

In my dream I was preparing food then the food I was preparing fell under the table, when I picked it up it was full of hairs :O

Example: What does it mean to dream of food fight?

That's normal right? I can't remember the details, and I wish I could. All I know is I woke up scared, worried, and a little angry.

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