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Dream About Food Fight meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of an ex -boyfriend?

so i had the strangest dream the dream was that we where at my ex-boyfriends aunties restaurant and that he was there and served my food for me and when i stood up to leave he was shorter than i was when in reality he not im 5ft and he was about 5''7ft wtf ? what does it mean ? why did i have a dream about him after almost a year of breaking up

Dreams mean nothing. 2 days ago I had a dream I was fighting vampires on my grandpas old farm. then last night I had a dream I was an x-men with claws like wolverine and fought this mutant that me and wolverine cut like crazy then I cut off its head as professor X held it with its mind power. And the worst part just as i was cutting off her head she transported and didnt die.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I like to fight and in this dream I'm fighting a real douch bag guy but for some reason when I go to hit him its like I'm moving in water, slow motion. He can move like normal and so can I when I'm not trying to hit him. Its weird, any knowledge on the subject?

Example: What does my dream mean.?

So I was in a grocery store with my mom, buying groceries, and I see that the clerk but a lollipop and bread behind him. Like, he charged us for it and then he hid it. And I was like "um. Excuse me.? You just took our food." And he's like "no I didn't." And the clerk in the next isle SAW him but she was like "no he didnt." so I was like "GIVE ME BACK MY FOOD.!" And omfg I just went into like hulk mode. I body slammed him and I kept punching him over and over and then he started punching me back and then all of a sudden everyone turned into zombies and I grabbed his arm and twisted it and he fell in the isle and I punched the zombies (there was like 2-3 zombies" and then I went for our food but he grabbed my leg and I fell. And pretty much my whole dream was punching and twisting his arm and biting him for my food. And my dream ending with us fighting. Btw, I have no clue who the clerks were.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in an old wooden house with my mother and my brother. The house was like our shelter from Zombies in a way, because they were attacking our house. I remember we were trying to block off the door, but then the door fell and we didn't have any sort of shield.
After that, I remember getting a gun and firing at the zombies. At times, the zombies would slow down and we'd look for more guns. At one point I remember us running out of sugar - this was a really big deal. I also remember trying to go on the internet and pay my brothers bills because that would get us sugar somehow.
I also remember that the zombies would attack from the front, but some would go from the back and get in. One got in and I kept trying to stab it with a metal pole but I was too weak. At the end my mother hit the zombie and it landed on the furniture so I cut off its fingers and legs. I remember the fingers being really really short.

What does all of this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of food fight?

That's normal right? I can't remember the details, and I wish I could. All I know is I woke up scared, worried, and a little angry.

Example: Dream of epic gun fight in apartment followed by seeing a cross in the sky. What does it mean?

Last night I had what seemed like a vision. It felt so real that I thought parts of it had happened even after I woke up. I wrote it in my dream journal, so I will paste it here. I could really use some insight into what it means exactly. Vito is my big samoan friend with a gentle spirit, and Josie is my best friend from high school who I just recently reconnected with and I am now living with. I spend most of my time with these two guys. We all are spiritual however I feel that I am the only true believer.

Im in an apartment, I’m with my friends, I Know Vito is there. We are trying to avoid people, we think one of them is his mom. They are freaking out for some reason and trying to break into the apartment. A few times they did and they started shooting at us, we were hiding behind counters and Josie was trying to make a shield out of scrap metal laying around. We had a gun that we used to test the shield but the bullet kept going through until we found three separate sheets and put them together. Once we did this, the bullets weren’t able to puncture it. People are still trying to get in, there is a lot of commotion, we are lowkey panicking. We are shooting back, they are shooting in, I’m pretty scared but not as scared as I should be, more excited. Finally, things cool down, Vito’s ‘mom’ comes in and she starts to make us pizzas. Things are ok but not, the food is meant to make up for what happened? We are excited, slapping 5 saying “dude we got shot at bro!” “We did it!”.
Next, I’m being taken home by Josie I believe, perhaps Vito is driving us, I’m not sure. I look up in the sky, it looks like we are in rosemond or something, but the city seems bigger. It’s early in the morning, maybe 6 or so. I look into the sky and see what looks to be a cross. It is getting bigger. I get dropped off, and I start walking somewhere but I’m staring at the sky the whole time. I tell Josie who is somehow there about what the thing in the sky looks like, he agrees that it looks kind of like a cross. Josie leaves, and heads home. I am still walking, the cross is getting bigger, it is undoubtably a cross now. It gets closer and I can even see a sign hanging from the top of the cross and someone is clearly on it. But the arms of the cross do not go straight across, they seem like they go forward. The cross is so close, and starts to fly away a little bit, I start to lose its definition in the light of the sky. I call Josie. Helicopters start flying near it, they look like they are trying to maybe cause people to be mistaken. Josie answers, I tell him that it was definitely a cross – I’m running now – and there seemed to be someone on it. I start to come up with theories on what it could be. I’m saying, “What if Jesus literally ascended and basically froze in time until he reached his destination, and now He’s back and-“ I’m cut off, the sunlight completely disappears – I start to pray – I’m running down a street, the sky looks almost blood red, then I wake up. It felt real, I believe the 2nd coming is very very close. Glory to God.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this strange dream the other day...

I was on an old fashioned train, somewhere in Europe, which had become a single state. I was in a crowded compartment, and it looked very cold outside, but I was warm in the train. I knew that Europe was under threat from a series of mysterious vampire-esque killings.

As we slowed into the station, the power cut out. I knew there was something wrong and people were muttering to each other in a Germanic language, seemingly oblivious to danger. I legged it, pulling my long coat up, and walking through the snow as I heard screams behind me.

I walked through the streets until I found a building with lights on, it was a lively, modern looking hotel. I went inside tried to warn the reception staff of the danger, but they wouldn't listen. I managed to insist on seeing the manager, but had to wait, so I went upstairs to a first floor veranda. I began to talk to a waiter, or porter or some sort of employee there.

At that moment a woman walked into the hotel, I knew her by sight, and knew that something was wrong. Without warning she transformed into a vampire. Me and my new friend legged it, on the way I smashed open a fuse box, and electricity repelled the vampires. We went down a fire escape accompanied by two other lucky survivors, of around my age and build.

We walked along a lonely, dark, cold road for what seemed like hours, until we came to a falk in the road. We turned to see the hotel burning in the distance behind us. There were two roads: one was a main road, leading to a city, the other, led off into a dark forest. We took that road.

A little while later we came to a boarded up shack. We were tired and decided to break the door down to spend the night there, but before we could manage that, an older man opened it for us from inside, and told us to come in.

We had some food, but then the vampires arrived, under their guise of normal women. We all knew what we were dealing with, but we couldn't run, and succumbed to letting them come right up to us. They then tried to make out that they were in fact prostitutes, but we were having none of that. Things turned nasty, I got bitten, and one of the others had to have a vampire wrestled off him. For some reason the vampires then left. We got some sleep.

I woke up in what looked like victorian London or something, and I felt rejuvenated. I then realized that my body was changing, and I became a werewolf. I ran the streets of London chasing someone, but slipped and fell into a river, or the sea. It was freezing cold and the last thing I saw were the townfolk looking grim, and hate-filled as I floundered.

As my head goes under, I wake up.

What could that strange tale mean?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean...?

I've been moody lately, and my boyfriend and I were getting in fights. I was going crazy, and I felt neglected. My parents were treating me like dirt, so I stayed close up in my room and cried. There are some things that I can interpret, other than it being completely crazy. [I hope you're not weirded out]. I'll try to remember everything I can:

So the dream is weird... There was like a room we all had to go to. It was like a camp to where we were assigned times to give birth to children. It was like a relay of people. My friends from track were in it, too. I was scared. And it seemed some random guy I know in real life and I had something going on? Like... he was nice and smiley. I'm not sure.
THEN, I was informed of a track meeting, so I went outside. The track teem was there in their track shirts, and some soccer people were there too. We were playing a game that appeared to be a conditioning version of "Red Rover." Also, at this meeting a boy I never talked to, or even had interest in but I know, came and had me give him a hug.
Later, my school went to England. Were doing something educational, I guess. There was fields, and many people. We sat on some (aluminum) benches. Then we saw lightning in a distance. We got worried because there was a storm coming while we were out of country. Then lightning struck the football field goal (Why was there an American football field in England, I don't know). Then we got really scared. My friends and I ran. I wanted to text my boyfriend and family and tell them I loved them, but I feared using my phone would attract the lightning, so I didn't. We saw a light above us, so we ran around in small circles -- we didn't know where to go. Then lightning struck the ground in front of us. My food was directly by it. I was electrocuted. I felt a jolt; then everything was black. I didn't know if I died, or if I ever would see the ones I loved again.
I woke up after that. And I didn't go back to sleep.

Can you help me understand this? Thank you.

Example: What may this dream mean?

A friend of mine dreamed this: He had done some food shopping and then I came to pick him up but the car was really old and didn't look that safe but he got in and we drove off. Then we went down this hill and came up to a corner and the car was about to roll over and then he woke up...
I'm curious to know what it may mean and if it helps: before he went to sleep we chatted for a couple of hours.

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting/killing?

Do many of you dream about fighting and killing? I do on occasion, the last dream I had like this I was like a ninja warrior, it was awesome, I was sneaking around the enemy lair and had these 2 awesome ninja like swords and was getting attacked by the minions and killing them, i was jumping and flipping around it was really coo. Then i found myself outside the castle leading the peasants who were hungry with no food. Then i learned of a polar bear that was near to our camp and since nobody would help me kill it for food i had to go alone. On the way we were attacked by some type of pterodactyl like birds so i hid under a huge turtle shell. Then one bird started poking around the turtle shell so I cut its head off (and it turned out that was the 'bird' leader) then i killed another one and it was the 2nd in command. After that battle ended, the dream went on as i approached the area by the bear and more happend but i'll stop b/c i've typed alot already. In all it was one of the better dreams I can remember having.

Why, how, what does it mean? Thanks in advance.

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