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Dream About Folder meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: TEN POINTS BEST ANSWER! please tell me what these dreams mean :)?

What do these dreams mean?
okay so i have had two dreams the past two nights about the kid i like
1.) we were outside sitting at a table with a bunch of other people i know and my little cousins came up and then they left then he saw his name on my folder and he's like why is my name here and i said my other friend wrote it there. then this girl hes dating was there and she was laughing. so then him and her walked away but he came back and was like i made her leave. then i woke up.
2.) we were at a party with my friend him and me and some other person i didn't know. i was sitting across from him and i was wearing his hoodie and then my friend was like you two need to date. then we were just looking at each other then everyone left but him and me and he was like i kinda like you. i was like kinda? and hes like im starting to like you everyday.(i think that means like i used to like you on some days but now i like you everyday) he looked me directly in the eyes and said it then i said "me too" and then we both smiled and i woke up
what do these mean? does it mean something.

!.You want privacy.You want only you and your friend and no other person at the place.
2.In the second dream also every one leaves the place .You two only .Again privacy.
You too start loving him more.
The dream means you want privacy to open your heart and say I L U

Example: What does my dream(s) mean?

Ok, well the first dream I had was about how me & other people were trying to escape & get away from these zombie-like things, then one had me by the leg, & I was trying to call out for someone {by the way, I tried shooting it in the head multiple times, but nothing ever happened, also we were in a pool/water type thing}, then it skipped to where my puppy, Bella, had saved my life, & my thanking her for saving it.

Then, I woke up cause my dog was barking at some other dog from outside, so I let her outside, then went back to sleep.

So my next dream was about me & some of my friends, & we were in an auditorium{which was filled with kids my age, I'm 15}, & so then I seen my ex {still sorta love him} sitting a few people away from her, & so I motioned for him to come sit by me, so he did, & then it went to where we went outside & were hanging out & all, then we forgot our notebooks & such from the auditorium so we went to get them...then when we got inside, there were less people in there then before...then I started climbing up the aisles really fast {which was odd} to where we were sitting to get our books, then before we could leave, the principal told us to stand in line to sign something on this piece of paper...so after we did, we went back outside. THEN it skipped again went to where me & him were chilling out by this truck with some other guys. So I asked him {my ex} if we could go somewhere else. He said sure & said to just leave our books on the truck , & that he doesn't need them anyway...but then I told him that I needed mine so I grabbed them {by the way, I remember picking up 2 unicorn objects & 2 transformer folders} from the truck, then the dream was over...
But it was so weird when I looked at the unicorn things...like it caught me eye & everything, like it was important.
Also, me & him were getting pretty close to each other.
The dream(s) was very odd & all, but idk what they meant.

Example: What does it means to dream with huge Koi fish?

I had a dream last night, that I was on board of the cruise ship I used to work on and that I was hiding because my visa wasn't good and then a huge Koi fish jumped on board and I was petting it, He felt a little prickly thought. Then I found a manila folder with pictures of my mom and dad's wedding but in that picture my youngest sister was 12 years old and everyone was wearing yellow and I was asking my sister why was she in the picture, and then I saw a picture of my mom but it was a color sketch and she was very young and looked very happy in that picture.
I am very curious, specially because today is my 34th birthday, also, I don't think it is because I am pregnant because I can't! ( my husband got a vasectomy and I have never been with anyone else )
Please advise!

Example: What does my dream mean?

last nite i had a dream bout a boy i realllliiiii HATE! hes in my class and he is soooo annoying, i think he hatees me 2 but in dream he asked me out, and kissed my shoulder (WTF!) and followed me, and i did nothing except scream...my throat was sore in da morning and it still is..

Example: What don these dreams mean!?

Well I hate my science teacher A LOT! I have been having dreams with him in it. Here's the 1st dream...

I was in my elementary school's backyard. I was hangig out with my 2 bestfriends and he comes over and grabs us all and brings us to the corner of our school were no one was. He raped all three of us continually once at the same time and probably 8 times seperatly. He was a brutal rapist because he beat us if we tried to run away and punch us in the face if we cried or screamed. He treatened to kill us all if we told someone.

Here is the second dream...

I was in my middle school's lab room while my teacher was teaching. The bell rang so everyone left but I had to get a folder from the teacher. I went to get it and he gave me it. He asked me this "hey girl, do you wanna have sex?" I answered "Eww! Hells no!". Then he grabbed me by both of my arms and trew me on top of his desk. He trew me so hard I could've broke my back! He sat on top of me and started to take of his pants and shirt and he took off my pants shirt and underwear. I was screaming at the top of my lungs while this was happening. Then he started to kiss me and before I knew it I wasn't a virgina nymore because he raped me. He raped me for 14 hours straight. I started to punch his really hard then he finally let go of me and I ran like the wind and I finally got away.

Here's the last dream...

I was home alone taking a hot shower listening to some country music. All of a sudden my teacher breaks down my bathroom door and gets in the bath with me and starts to rape me once again for 6 hours straight. While he was raping me he had a sharp butcher's knife near by so if I tried to run he could kill me. I thought it was time to run so I ran. He was behind me with the knife in hand yelling things like "get your @ss over here" and "you b****! I will get you and kill your @ss!" I got in my room and locked it. He continued to yell and yell. I lived on the 6th floor in my building. He managed to open the door with his knife so I decided I wanted to get away so I jumped out the window. He jumped right out with me and we both died the moment we hit the floor.

I am really scared because I don't know what these dreams mean! Can you please help. I am terrified of him!

~Thanks, lexi

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

There's this dream which is really weird. Here it is:
Okay, so I'm this kid, walking up on my porch about to go in when a voice says "No don't go in there! Come here he's gonna shoot you!" So I ignore the voice and see this guy with a rifle smiling at me so I run to the voice and so it turns out to be my dad. The dude runs after me and my dad says "Run! He's gonna kill you and he has other men too! Go!" so I run into this fenced area which is like a maze and the guys have a truck and follow me and then I meet two kids named Violet and Clyde and we run out of the fenced maze together and onto a sidewalk. Then we see police officers and they hand us a folder that has the plan to get these guys in jail so we do the plan and the end.
It happens frequently and I have NO CLUE what this means.. Does it mean that I might get killed by riflee?

Example: What does this Dream mean?

In my dream I was dating this guy named Josh.
His brother had called me and said that he was only using me for sex. Then I said OK. After that I had appeared walking with a girl I know from school around my age to the Principal's Office. The Principal had asked us why we were there and I said because we wanted to come down and see you and my freind came down here and I followed her. Then he looked at me kind of funny. Then he asked me " Where did I get that folder " ? I said " I bought it ". I had quickly turned around walking with a few little kids down the hallway. Maybe 5 of them. (One boy I knew from the Elementary ) I helped out with some of the teachers ) Anyways I came out of the door and I saw these 2 girls sitting on the ground. I was waiting with them until their bus came. I was actually spending time with them.

What does this dream mean and why did I have it?

Yet alone I just started dating and it was 3 months ago.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream where i had my first kiss and in real life i haven't yet

Example: What does my dream mean?

i was a slave on a "water train" like a train but it goes on water--- they put us in a hot room that was mad completely of glass and we were really hot cuz the sun was shining in---then we escaped and had to steal one of those brads that you have in folders and it was solid gold and we had to put it in a green leaflet to find out some information in another city --so we snuck on to the water train and all of sudden the cops started chasing uson jetski's that were black and white and said police on the side but the train conductor didn't stop until we reached this white mountain (not very steep in the water) and had a plastic boat contest and then the cops surrounded us on the mounteain but we managed to escape -------then i woke up =======what does this mean... please no comments about how long it is

Example: What does the dream I had last night mean?

Alright well I was breaking into a building with my best friend Sydney. I was the one breaking in she was drinking champagne? I know. I wasn't drinking or anything but when we got in the building we just sat there. Then we got caught in there by some lady she said she was a principal or something. I got blamed for breaking into the building and I got in a lot of trouble. I keep having this dream over and over. Please help!

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