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Dream About Flying Ship meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of a dream about a ship on the ocean with big wave an finally reach a land with hill and c?

dream of myself on a ship trying to overcome big wave on th ocean to reach home. but finally only reach a land with hill and cliff. all the other areas in the world already flooded with water. what is the meaning of the dream?

That is your body telling you it is time to wake up. Climbing the cliff: easy or hard? You never said that part. If you are all rubbery when you climb, that is your body trying to shrug off the effects of sleep paralysis, which the body does to keep you from hurting yourself when you dream. If it is active, though, and easy, it is a variation on a flying dream. Active and out of breath - possible sleep apnea.

As for the water, you never said whether you sleep on a waterbed. Of course, you COULD just have to pee.

There can be meaning in the symbols, but for a recurring dream that you can remember well, that is something that you did just before waking up, so physical causes are more likely than deep seated psychological ones to be the cause.

Example: Really weird dream, don't know what it might mean.?

few days back i had this dream, My dad was on a small cruise ship and i was on the beach (i could actually see the itinerary on an imaginary map.) when he was finished i was on the ship with him (even though i remember being on the beach) and we took a helicopter to take us to the beach. they made me pilot it after like 1 minute and we went through this roller coaster-like flight then crashed into the sea. suddenly i didn't see anyone from the helli around and it also felt like i can breathe underwater(irl i don't know how to swim) i found this narrow passage underwater and i realized it was a house, all the passages were very narrow, like you would go into an attic, narrow staircases. i heard my grandmother and some friend of mine saying they'll wait for me outside. i tried to find my way but it was pretty hard, at some point i found a little baby in a cradle in one of those narrow rooms. when i looked at him it looked as if he had a porcelain doll eye. i took him into my arms and i kissed his forehead then i put it back. after a small amount of time i found another baby but he was normal. then i finally found the way out. when i got out the view was beautiful, we were still on the beach but somehow up on a hill so we could see the whole beach and the sea. outside there were two dining tables. my grandmother was sitting at the end of one table and my friends at the other table. i sat down at the other end of my grandmother's table and she said: "i might leave tomorrow." i asked why. she said "well, to be honest, unlike some of "YOU"(clearly referring to me) I have a job." i said " i would get a job, you know that, but i am leaving in 2 months" and she said "i know you are and i think it's a bad idea,and all your friends agree." and they all nodded. I got really upset and started yelling and being horribly rude to my grandma. then ran into my room and tried locking the door and it wasn't working, and i could hear them all running towards my room like wanting to slaughter me or something..i was very scared and i woke up before they got there.

on a little side note, my sister is blind of one eye, i am moving with my bf soon, he lives 3000 miles away, nobody ever told me it's a bad idea and all my family is supporting me. my grandma has been really really sick but she managed to get better (she had cancer and 2 heart attacks in one day at some point) and i would never ever be rude to her in my life. i have no idea how to put this together.

Example: Could my dream mean anything?! PLEASE HELP!?

Last night I had a dream. But first I'll tell you a few things, my Aunt is a airline sturdiest and she was telling me about one time she was working and they were about to crash. They had 5 minutes to make sure everyone knew EXACTLY what to do. And we are going on a cruise that deports out of Florida. So we have to fly to Florida then get on the cruise ship. So I had a dream We were on the plane and my aunt said "Get ready! We're going down!" And I squeezed my moms hand and closed my eyes. We landed in water and I couldn't get out of my seat belt. Everyone else was leaving but me. I struggled to get it off and my mom tried helping me. We both were about to drown. Then I pushed my mom out of the door saying good bye for what I thought was the last time I'd ever see her. I woke up then. When I fell back asleep the same thing happened but on the ship! Could this mean ANYTHING?! I'm REALLY SCARED!

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:

I'm on a pirate ship, dressed as Jack Sparrow. I wasnt sailing on water, but on the clouds. No one else was on the ship, just me. I had no map, i was slowly sailing, as trillions of stars and galaxies were right above me. All of a sudden, i hear a "BOOM" and the cloud to my right filled with the color red. I hear another "BOOM" and the cloud in front of me turned pink. I knew i wasnt in danger, but i sailed the ship to somewhere cloudless. And there i was, flying on top of the disneyland castle, and it was the fireworks that were making the BOOM sound. The moon was behind me, making me a silouette. Just like the silouette in ET, when the boy was flying the bike over the moon. But this time, it was a pirate ship sailing past the disneyland castle. The music was in the background. Whenever a firework took off, the sky would sparkle, making each star in the sky jealous. Then a cloud would turn a calming color. I stopped steering the wheel, and sat at the railing of the ship. A tear rolled down my eye with joy. I looked up, and i out of all the stars in the the night, i notice "the second star to the left" from peter pan, which would lead me to never land. I immediately got up, walked to the and sailed the ship toward it. This was when i woke up.

Dream #2:

I was with a bunch of my friends who used to be close to me. We were in my house, looking out my bedroom window. There was a bright, beautiful moon on the horizon. All of a sudden, clouds started covering it, as if heaven wanted it for itself. but the moon broke out and turned into three of the biggest, golden shooting stars. They looked cartoony, similar to the shimmering golden stars in super mario. They all flew to the right, leaving a long, glittering rainbow tail behind them.

These are my two most beautiful dreams, and i couldn't possibly find the words to describe how it looked or felt. Please tell me what they mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was on a mini bus going to a haunted house with all my friends, but when i got there, it was really modern. it was made out of shiny metal and was in the shape of a raised pancake. so i went inside with my friend emma and my dad was sat there. We started talking, when i say my nan and grandad (not real, just in dream), in a swimming pool next to us. Then this little dwarf thing with face paint came over and zapped them with electrons and they started hitting eachother. They where pushing eachother in the pool and trying to drown them and then the pool drained out and they both died. My dad didnt care, and nor did i or emma tbh. Then, another little dwarf thing came over to us and zapped me and emma and told us to kill my dad. i was trying to hold back but emma said to me 'come on *grabs a bucket*, lets drown him!' but i shouted 'NO!' and i was running towards the stairs and then 12 mini double decker red buses came to try and stop me, but i managed to run up the stair. When i got up, people were having dinner in a restaurant, but the house was now a ship (if you get me), and then the ship started moving and we where flying through snowy mountains. Then we hit one and we started spinning and then we landed, but the ship was now a really haunted house. So i got out and i sat on a beach infront of the haunted house. Then i said 'i must remember the dream i was having. hum. now let me think...there was a tidal wave...' Then the sea went massive and it was a huge tidal wave. So i ran to the top of a scafold that was holding the house together and i held on the top of the scafold for dear life. The waves were hitting everyone but we were all ok. Then i really needed the toilet so i went down inside the house, but when the wave came, i dint get wet. So i ran to the top of the scafold again and then waves started coming from the lake behind us. It was really getting over us. When i did fall off, i flung back from a mile away in an elastic effect. Then someone shouted 'EVERYONE! WE HAVE TO GO! GET DOWN!' so we got down and when the wave cam, we hid behind a curtain and we dint get wet. Then we got in the mini bus and we drove round the house. We dint go, we just drove round the house. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Lately I always dream I'm stuck on an island and the only way out is to sail a huge cruise ship, even though I have no idea how...
or I'm trapped in an airport, with the only way out, to fly an airplane, or else I'll be killed...

What do they mean? :\

Example: Any idea what my dream means?

It's the first dream in a long time I have actually remembered vividly. Pretty weird. I was at my computer and couldn't get to a website so I had to travel into space to another planet to get there. No ship just me in space, but when I got there I couldn't make it back to earth so I had to land on a nearby planet with people and you could see Earth from there, but I had a feeling that the trip would mean death. I had to make it home to my kids. Then I woke up, but I remember feeling like I was flying in space and it was very scary but it felt so good.

Example: Have you ever dreamed of flying saucers or aliens?

flying saucers flying in the sky at night, aliens what does it mean? do u believe in it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm in a boat that is flying through the sky,with all my friends and family. I jump off the side of the ship and use a parachute, but I get caught up in power lines, and am left there hanging. Does anyone find relevance in this?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream? There were planes and big ships?

When i was younger i had a nightmare about being in a sort of plane. It was rocket powered, light grey and didn't have wings. There were similar planes flying alongside mine and one by one they burst into flames until mine was the last one left. There was a ship below us and white hot bullets flying everywhere. My plane dived towards the ship, was hit and caught fire. I could feel myself burning. The plane must have crashed because i remember seeing the deck of the ship getting closer. Then i remember nothing.
What did it mean and where was i?

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