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Dream About Flying Saucer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream with giraffes, help please?

I had a dream where Giraffes were taking over the world in flying saucers and I was their General? Then these otters and squirrels pulled out machine guns and starting taking over the world as well...In the end I ruled the world and had an army of Giraffes, Otters, and Squirrels. It was weird, but kinda cool. Do you think it means anything?

Ha ha that's hilarious and awesome! I would say it means that you have a very creative and original mind. You should turn that dream into a movie script and send it to Hollywood!

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had the most terrifying dream. I was laying in bed watching TV and it became stat-icy. A flying saucer appeared and it was spinning fast. I heard voices talking in the TV but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I was sleeping but it was like I was awake at the same time. I couldn't move. An African man with hair up to his shoulders and messed up teeth appeared at my bedside. He was brushing feathers all over my body and saying things. I was trying to wake up but couldn't even move. I felt this terrifying feeling and then a sharp pain on the top side of my head. I finally opened my crying eyes and it was 5:30 in the morning. This dream seemed so real any idea why this happens or what it could mean?

Example: Does this dream have any meaning?

I usually never remember my dreams at all, unless they're like this.
I was being followed...almost stalked by a fuzzy little alien that zipped around in a little flying-saucer like Gazoo's. I saw him at school, hiding just out of view of everybody else. I would see him out of the corner of my eye, hovering outside my bedroom window. Everywhere I went, this fuzzy little alien would show up. Every time I saw it, I felt very scared. It wasn't scary-looking at all though. He even carried around a cute little pink pet pig, everywhere he went. He had a bumper-seat for it on his saucer. It just gave me this sense of pure fear, and I don't know why.
It was freaking me out time after time. Then I saw my neighbor (an old widow). I beckoned her over and asked her" Did you see a fuzzy little alien with a pet pig?"
She had a frightened look on her face, and she said "Ya, I do all the time. It hovers outside your window a lot (she points to my bedroom window). It's because of those new people down the street. It scares the hell outta me. I'm moving out. I'm leaving. You should go and talk to those people."
I asked her their names, but as she was trying to remember, I woke up.
I didn't think much of the dream, until 2 weeks after that, she announced that she was moving! She was getting married and leaving town! That really freaked me out! I remembered that dream I had, and I remember that she had told me in that dream that she was leaving because of the scary little not-scary-looking fuzzy alien with a pet pig. This was about a year ago, but I keep thinking about it.
What gives?

Example: What does my dream mean?

id rather not give any details about my self to maintain accuracy so here it goes: im at a grandparents house that i stay at regularly i can see from inside the house the weather is stormy outside for w/e reason i go outside there is a ufo "flying saucer" not like the triangle shaped one with lights on each tip that i myself have seen with a friend in a moderatly populated neighboorhood at night i go get my grandma and remember pointing at the thing she stares at it in dumbfoundedness and it blows away with the wind into the neighboors yard intstantly trainsforming small like a walmart sack or tumbleweed instantly i am enraged and run after it jump the fence it blows over another i jump it and i pacificly remember it stopping on a tree stump . morphing into a alien green with big empty insect eyes then morphing wings and horns and unveiling a mouthful of razor sharp teeth i cant exactly what i hit it with but something big and strong that didnt phase it and it lifted its hand used telekenesis and hit me with something big i think it killed me but i doubt it because i never get to that point in my dreams i always wake up and get to this point where i am at typing now lol so please help me out this is kinda like one i had awhile back of being chased by a two headed venomus cobra idk wtf that was all about ethier but i am pretty sure this one means more to me bc it is more recent if i need to add anything let me know i really want to know what this means to others mainly myself please help

Example: What is the meaning of these two dreams?

In my dream a couple of nights ago I was trying to protect my sisters from something/someone. I had a green wand and so did a few other people and other people had red ones (or it might have been the other way but I'm not sure). The people with green wands were not fighting the people with red wands, the red was a symbol of higher power or something. I was running in and out of my house and also flying (more like floating) and the sun was setting. My sisters were in a carriage and there was a Ferris Wheel.

My other dream was about this guy who I used to like but don't anymore. He was hurt or something and I convinced my parents to let him stay in my house (which wasn't really my house but in my dream it was). Every time I saw him I'd run up and hug/kiss him. My house sort of looked like a hospital b/c it was so white. I don't think this dream is a meaningful as the other one but it was weird b/c I don't like him and in it I was all over him.

Thank you!

Example: Anyone know what it means to dream about seeing a flying saucer?

Example: Flying Saucer Dreams?

Lately I have been having dreams about flying saucers. There are anywhere from 5 to 10 and everyone is really scared. They always leave but they are pretty scary while they are there though. Does anyone know what flying saucers mean?

Example: Have you ever dreamed of flying saucers or aliens?

flying saucers flying in the sky at night, aliens what does it mean? do u believe in it?

Example: There were 3 flying saucers in my dream last night. Meaning of this?

I was a passenger (shotgun) in a car. My friend Ken was driving and Chuck was in the backseat. It was at night and all of a sudden we saw 3 flying saucers flying in formation up ahead in the sky. I was fascinated by them, my friend Ken was spooked.

Example: Dream that felt so real. Freaked out need help of meaning?

Ok the person i dreamed of is my ex-girlfriend who i see everyday and still have feelings for. We haven't been getting along. she worries about me mentally lately cuz i've been doing stuff like drinking.

Anyway i dreamed that my mom told me she died of respiatory complications and when i tried asking ppl when and where her funeral was no one would tell me and then i started freaking out.

Then i woke up and my heart was racing and i was panting. i got really freaked out. Anyway today, just a few days later, she was standing in line at the cafeteria and she passed out but she's ok.

I'm kinda freaked out by all this. What does any of this mean, if anything?

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