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Dream About Flying Machine meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Could these dreams mean anything?

first dream: i dreamt that i was about 6 again and i was at school, i climbed on top of the monkey bars then jumped off and started flying, as i was flying around the playground some other kids i knew from my childhood yelled "I'M TELLING" then ran away to tell the teacher on me, i got scared and stopped flying, when the teacher didn't turn up i tried to fly again and couldn't.

second dream: i was with my sister, a woman with blonde hair and my dog on the beach moving a fridge and washing machine, when i dead body washed up on shore , the body was a mouldy body of a woman in a purple, and white poka dot dress, the dead woman had no eyes and black hair, whenw we went to go look at the body, it stood up and started chasing us, i ran to the left while the blonde woman and my sister rantowards the house, i tripped over the dog and the dead woman went towards me and as her nails dug into my side, i woke up feeling like someone really did grab my sides.

third dream: i was a serial killer, i had been trained by another serial killer who kidnapped me years ago, i was back in town to kill people i didn't like in high-school, it was working well, until while killing one of the people with a knife i accidently cut myself, a detective who was once one of my best friends was on my case, i was dragged to the police station, and the detective was questioning how my blood turned up on the scene, i asked where was the scene of the crime was, the dective said at an abondoned factory, i replied "i'll be ****** if i knew" then i woke up.

so what could these dreams mean?

Yes, they do mean something. I can only briefly interpret each one, because Yahoo Answers puts a limit on responses. Here's what I think:

1st dream: flying in a dream can either symbolize escape (freedom, getting away), or it can mean being out of touch with reality (compare to the expression "both feet on the ground" and its meaning). The two meanings can sometimes be related, i.e. both apply. You may have found some kind of juvenile escape (while you were playing or monkeying around, because that's the dream context), and once it was figured out in waking life (even by yourself), you couldn't escape like that again.

2nd dream: A fridge in a dream often refers to emotional coldness, and a washing machine is often a reference to dirty laundry. It would be important to the rest of the dream to know if this is the right meaning for these symbols, i.e. if you have either of these in your waking life. It is also important to know that fridge and washing machine could be how you feel about certain things, it is not necessarily fair to yourself, or how others would see them.

There are a lot of other images in this dream that really need some questions asked and answered (like what do polka dots and purple make you think of, are you male or female) for a good interpretation. But, I am convinced it has a meaning.

3rd dream: When you are killing people in a dream, it usually represents the idea that you are killing something in your own psyche. It is not always bad, sometimes its good to kill something off (in your psyche) that you would be better off without. In the case of your dream, trying to kill people you didn't like in highschool - it likely means you are trying to "kill off" some negative influences or feelings you had from that time. In this process of killing off negative stuff, you have hurt yourself somehow (I mean, in your waking life, you are suffering a little, in some emotional or psychological sense, when you are killing off these high school influences.

The detective and the police - these are really parts of you too. You have discovered (on some level) that you are killing, and you (as in detective and police) are investigating (yourself).

If you post just one dream at a time, I myself would do a more thorough reply. If you post again and you want to hear my interpretation, drop me a line (its anonymous) via the link on my profile.


Example: The meaning of this dream, por favor?

Its not common for me to have a normal dream, but here goes.

Im in my front yard and I randomly find a small silver-haired bat in my lawn. There was a rat looking thing trying to kill it so I took the bat out of the lawn. As of this point, the bat stuck with me for the rest of the dream. There was even one point where I accidentally knocked unconscious for a few minutes. Later on, I was at my computer playing a game that looked alot like Just Cause 2. At this point, I found a 2nd bat in my room. The only reason i even knew it was there was because the bat that I had found originally had found the 2nd bat and crawled over to it. This 2nd bat is a flying fox and never leaves my room. I then get some friends to go somewhere, and I find a bus, and drive it with everyone in it to some giant hotel, where I discover elevator that goes from floors 1-4 but only lets people in/out at floor 1 and 4. If you try to get out at floors 2 or 3, the doors crush you. However, my bat is on floor 3 somehow, so I spent the remainder of the time trying to reach floor 3. Somehow, I got into floor 3 by going around the back and through an air vent. It was some sort of storage room with lots of items and shiny objects and mirrors. Later on, I take the bus I "borrowed" and went home, where the bat that I had found took my to my room and showed me that I have a secret compartment under my bed, where I discover a giant coin sorting machine.

What the hell?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had an argument with my girlfriend, and then I stormed to the library thinking about her. This was over the phone i think. Anyways, when I get to the library, there is a GIANT fat red parrot on the roof. So stunned, I stop and stare at it. A few moments later, my girlfriend and her sisters are walking to the library and stand right beside me. The parrot starts to lift up and fly, so me and one of the sisters run back a distance so we can look but not be sat on or anything. My girlfriend and her other sister stayed there. The parrot flew above them, and started defecating on them. It was poop though, more like giant bullets or something. They came out like a machine gun. So now all we see is smoke around them. Seconds later, we see giant eggs on fire shooting randomly from the smoke. None, near us, but they are just going in random directions. As the smoke clears, one hits the library and it collapses. We don't see me girlfriend or her sister anymore. And right then and there, I woke up saying WTF!?!?!?!

Example: What do you think my dream means?

i dreamed that my sister and I was traveling about, it was night time, but the streets were open, people were about. we went inside this shop, the family there wanted money, my sister told me to go to the cash machine across the road, but i saw there was thugs there.. but because i didnt want my sister to go there, i went there, i was nervous and scared, got money and went back inside the shop...

then suddenly i was in a different picture, i was walking down this very long brick tunnel, in the end was a shelter like a stable, with light shining, but there was no one there, it looked warm but there wasnt a door, it was open space.. i had to walk a long distance out to the dark.

then a different picture, i told my sister, we can fly.. i was a bird.. and i flew, and she saw me, and i hold her and we flew together as a pigeon bird.

So what do you think it means?

Example: Wat does this dream mean?

I had this dream where i was on New York and just walking down the street and then i started waving to everyone then after that everyone started running after me like im famous or something! And then 1 by 1 they Dissapeared! And then i walked into The empire state buliding and was at the top. And i was hanging on the edge screaming cus i was about to fall. Then king Kong appeared! Anf he scooped me up and put me on his bak and he jumped onto a airplane and we were flying on it! And then we were on the ground and we went ice skating and i was on his belly on the ice and he was spinning on his bak. I was laughing and then king kong got killed by a grenade and i was sad and mad! So i got a tank machine and started shooting the people who killed him! Wat does this mean?!

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about flying machines (trucks, cars, etc...)?

I had a dream last night that I was standing in a field and in the sky there were flying machines (trucks, cars, etc...). There was also this weird looking machine that flew across the sky at supersonic speed (I am not sure what the weird machine was though?)

Example: I always have a dream about flying?

what does it mean? its not the same place every time in my dreams but i always fly without wings or any kind of machine like plane or helecopter

Example: I keep dreaming about flying?

I keep dreaming about flying 3 times since last fortnight.
In my dreams, it feels sooo real.
What does that means?
Oh, in my dreams, i'm flying without wings or machines.
It's just like... Flying using the air pressure, maybe?
i feel like the wind carries me.
does it means that i can really fly using some sort of powers?
My element is air. But i'm not sure. How to decide it?
I've read some magazines, some said it's air, some said it's earth.
how do you know what is your element?

Example: Flying bike dream and what it means?

Ok so i did a bit of searching around on dream moods for a dream about a flying bike which was fun and all haha but anyways i coulden't really find anything until i found this "Flying Machine" : To see a flying machine in your dream, foretells of steady and satisfactory progress in your future endeavors... Ok so i was just wondering if a bike would be considered a flying bike and i got kinda happy of this because i want to be a singer when im older and i think many people dont believe in me but i think one day ill make it but if it doesn't mean that then i guess i'll move on (ill still sing ofcourse though)

Sorry for not explaining the dream but just trying to keep it short and simple because 1. Im trying to go to bed early. and 2. The main thing involved around the dream was just me flying on that bike.

Example: Why am i dreaming about flying?

for the past few weeks, i have had flying dreams. i am flying on my own, without the aide of a machine, wings, whatever. and it feels so real. sometimes its during the day and sometimes its at night. i will fly up through the stars until i get scared and make myself wake up, or ill be flying in the sky, just above trees. here lately, ill be dreaming that i want to fly, i can feel my body wanting to float but im afraid so i stop myself... but eventually ill let myself go. another time i dreamed that i was flying to a different state, i had family with me. but we reached a storm and there were two walls of clouds that for some reason i could not enter, but there was a doorway, only in the middle of the doorway was a tornado. i had to fly through it, and i did. but my family couldnt get through and i had to go back... crazy

what does that mean?

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