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Dream About Flying Fish meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a fat gold fish?

my mum had a dream of a gold fish that was in a flower pot then she got some water for the fish but the fish would not go in the bowl of water it would start flying in the room blowing bubbles.

Goldfish in a dream usually mean money or a wealth like a raise or new better paying work source. The vase and water represent growth, so someone may become pregnant, marriage, graduation, etc. The goldfish not going in the tank means that the new money may come with some unexpected strings or change, that require moving to a new location, changes in working hours, or new challenges and responsibilities or even an entirely new life style. The bubbles mean that everything will end up in harmony OR a vacation is coming up.

Example: What does it mean to dream of many fishes with open mouth?

Last night I have a dream about many different kind of fishes. Though, at first beforehand I dreamed of a flood coming down a forest and some people in it. The flood was coming down and I dreamed of a man having a headless head than when I looked again he was not headless anymore. Then the next thing I knew then as that I was in a circle with muddy water in it. I was walking on the top seeing dead fishes on the grasses. also fishes in bottles opening there mouth trying to catch other fishes which were being used by human hands under the water. the fishes were black or dark and has sharp teethes. after that I looked around and saw at least two fishes i saw that were still alive and were actually flying like if they were in the water. but they were out of the water with the other dead fishes. They were flying away from me as I approached them. they went off then the next thing I knew too was that i wanted to jump to the center of the muddy water that looked like a pool or pond. I have just to say it was odd really. this part bothered me in a way since it actually seems like a warning to me. When, I looked around and fish seeing all of those fishes i wanted to jump to the middle of water and I did. After, I jumped into the water I saw a big mouth in the water like an animal or fish. it was like a mouth with sharp white teeth trying to eat me or suck me into it. the moment when i saw it i swimmed to my left side of the small water and was trying to get away from it.

Example: What do fish tanks mean in a dream?

I have a recurring dream involving fish tanks. Sometimes I'll be in a room that has a dozen fish tanks and the fish will often swim right through the glass and I guess "fly," aimlessly. This usually is rather distressing for me, during the dream. I'm beginning to wonder what these dreams represent, especially since I keep having the same dreams all the time.

Example: What do different dreams means?

like what does it mean when you dream about money?or fish,or flying?

Example: What does this dream about fish can mean?

i was dreaming today that i had a huge fish tank with fishes and 1 betta fish, also that i have bought another 4 different color bettas ( Yellow , black, blue and red). after that in my dream there was a message that i have to leave my fish tank because due to flying to another country .

I had dreams before about the goldfish too. i don't know what does it mean, also i really care about my fishes..

Example: I keep having dreams about fish, what do they mean?

The first time I was mainly just walking around an aquarium admiring the fish. I remember paying particular attention to the eels.
This more recent dream is a little stranger. I'm in a small pet store, once again admiring the fish. I stop at a row full of Betta fish jars. I always feel sorry for them in those tiny things. The colours of the fish were unlike any Betta I've ever seen. There were neon pink and blue, bright green. I sit and watch them for a while. I then proceed to explore the rest of the store, there's some more eels and a few other types of salt water fish I'm not familiar with. I got to the front of the store where all of a sudden I see my own home aquarium, with my goldfish (R.I.P) and a zebra danio (look it up, it's a kind of fish). I remember being confused as to why my personal tank is in a pet store. The front door of the store then opens, some men are delivering a new display tank (one of the men is my mother's boyfriend for some weird reason). They set it up, put the fish and plants in. It looks great. They open the door to leave and then the tank falls off it's shelf and smashes, glass shards and fish fly everywhere. The dream then flashes to me holding some kind of aquatic plant and handing it to the women at the front desk, she then says to me "A plant for a plant, I hate doing this". She then goes through some boxes in the back and hands me a different aquatic plant then I woke up.

Example: Dream Of Flying Fish. Help!?

As some of you may know I have been trying to concieve for about three months now, This morning I had a dream that I was at an old friend house (who I haven't talked to in like forever) And she had an beautiful floor model aquariam with lovely fishes in it. But their was one fish that was on the floor flying around. He wasn't gasping for air or nothing. Than all of a sudden he came toward me and when i tried to run i ended up flying in da air than the fish flew toward me and touched da top of my head. He didnt hurt me or anything and I wasn't really scared. Just shocked as hell to see a fish fly ! (lol) Does anyone know what dat could mean

Example: Flying fish in my dreams?

So in my dream I was sitting in my backyard singing. Then out of nowhere a greenish flying fish flew towards me and pulled on my bottom lip not wanting to let go. So then I had to call my brother to pull it off and he did and my bottom lip was swollen and heavy.
This is the second time I had a dream where a flying fish appeared.
Any ideas on what it means?

Example: I had a dream about flying fish.?

I looked on yahoo answers before on this, and found some information but not enough for me. I've had this recurring dream where I am at a friends house and they have an aquarium and a fish jumps out of the aquarium and starts flying around. I have heard that this could mean an act of freedom, like wanting to regain control in your life. But then, I kill the fish by grabbing it and slamming it against the wall. Any meanings?

Example: What does a flying fish dream mean?

I had a dream last night that my beta fish was able to fly. But I kept trying to put it back in its aquarium and it kept escaping and flying. What does this mean?

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