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Dream About Flyer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at home when I decided to head over to Bethel about 56 miles away. I just walked out of the door and literally flew. Not telekinetically like in the movies, more like a muscle you could control. I could speed up, slow down, do sharp turns, barrel roll, etc. I was flying full speed when I ran into another flyer who wanted a race. We flew up to Bethel after that. It seemed so real as in I could feel the wind and the g-forces. Is there a way I could have this dream again?

This dream means that you are feeling free. Free to express yourself, financial freedom, or free in some way.

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does this mean? I'm just curious because it's so weird and random.

1st Scene:
I was outside my house and then I saw my dad and my sister. It was late at night at that time. My dad and my sister was turning back. Suddenly, my dad has something like a knife and then it just passed through my skin and left a cut on my finger. I then ran inside the house and went inside the bedroom. My dad was running as he was chasing me and then I locked the door of the room I was in.

I went into this place, they had a roman-like coliseum textiles but it wasn't really a coliseum. I went inside and I saw a male friend of mine, he was classmate. I saw a lot of flyers and application forms. It was like a talent show kind of thing. I asked him, why are you going to join? What is this thing? He told me he was going to dance. I borrowed his application form and I saw the date. It was June 28, 2013. And I then told him, I thought you have a camping in that day! He then told me it was on June 16. He laughed. I told him I'm going to go now because I don't even want to join. So I took a step to go outside and I realized I dropped my slippers on my left foot. And then a kid that looked like a 7 year old kid took my slipper and ran away. He went inside the room where the auditions are going on. I saw another friend of mine in that room being interviewed by the speaker. So I approached the child that stole my slipper. My slipper fell off of his hand and then I got it on the floor. I then wore it. I observed the color of my slipper was dark green. As I was going out of the place where the auditions are happening, I saw a kind of autistic kid speaking non-sense stuff on stage that I couldn't understand. I went outside and got out of the place.

I was at a subdivision some kind of village. (In reality this is where my grandparents live). It was a dark night. I was carrying a metallic chair colored green (In reality this chair is here in my house the same chair that I had in this dream). As I was carrying it I saw 2 of my neighbors (In reality they're really true). I was approaching a small store. As I went to the store, I saw people talking to me and said hi to me. I saw a female friend of mine but we're not very close. I bought a candy, I observed that they had a list of prices for each packet of candy that you wanted to buy. I saw the price and it 25 pesos and then I decided to buy it. A random guy told me "tell the girl that you've met a while ago to play a game on Facebook tonight". I said ok. I then have a remaining change in my money so I bought other chocolates. I then left the store. (I've had a dream of this "buying a chocolate" already and this is the second time.)

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so im getting ready for my schools fall Blue and White night or a soccer game. and im with all my cheerleading team members and we are in the stairwell for some reason. Than my captain Cora said that she liked Erin's nose better than mine. ( i don't know why) Than all of a sudden we are at the end of the football field (on the track) and we see the soccer players come out, but they are not announced or anything. Then i see this guy (on the soccer team) and its a kid i knew from new jersey and we were kinda friends. ( i live in PA now) and i run up to him saying "Jarett!" and hug him and i say "its nice to see you and oh my god you got taller!" (the last time i saw him was in 6th grade and i was a goo head taller than him, im in 9th grade now) and we start talking and stuff. now the soccer players are next to us on the field and im still next to him then me and my cheer friend Rachel starts to stretch my leg (cuz im a flyer) and i tell him to turn around because im in the shortest skirt ever and i don't want to be like showing my *** to him. and before i did that another kid comes out and just strolls over but it looks exactly like him but younger! but in my dream i just presume it is his brother.

p.s. i used to like this kid Jarett

Example: Dreams about airplanes...?

I always have dreams that I'm going to die in a aireplane crash..what does this mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

OK so i was at Princeton, of all places, and there was this guy, well in real life hes a pro hockey player on the flyers (alexandre picard) but he wasnt a famous guy in my dream, and we were like holding hands and acting all chummy, but there was this other guy, who was trying to ruin our date, which was this building thing that you needed a reservation to get in...at princeton... and he was like trying to sneek in to stop me from seeing him or something

it was pretty freakin weird

i was already dating this guy (pro hockey god patrick eaves)... and we were seriously dating like no cheating or nothing... but then this other guy comes in the picture (AJ Thelen) the and my friend likes him.. and were like fighting over him its like thanksgiving and i want to sit next to the other guy... but my friend wants to sit there too... we pretty much fight over the guy but in the end... i keep the guy i had and she gets the new guy

i have alot of hockey dreams too

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream a little while ago -
I got off the school bus a few stops before I was supposed to..but it was by my house.
As I'm walking home this strange looking guy comes up to me and asks if I'd like a flyer I say no so he holds a knife to me neck. Scared,I took a flyer.
Then I run home..when I get there nobody is there I didn't think anything of it and just stayed in until it was time for school tomorrow.
When I get there nobody is there except for the ladies in the office...and then that guy shows up out of nowhere and I'm scared so I call the ladies in the office for and their like "sorry nobody can help you now"
and then the dream flips right to the event that was on the flyer he gave me..
it's a weird party in a cave type thing..It was me,him,and my best friend at the time were there.
she left almost right away then he talking to me.
then he gets up and is like "I JUST WANT OUT!,WHY CAN'T I GET OUT"
then I woke up.
weird right?
I always have that dream.

Example: Could you tell me what a dream about a demon dog might mean?

i had two dreams about the same demon dog here they are

1st night- near the end of my dream my mom was yelling for me to get this dog out. it looked like a pitt bull. it didnt bark or growl but it looked very mean it just stared at me wouldnt move or nothing it wouldnt leave finally i got it too

2end night- the same demon was attacking my other 2 dogs i ran to the door and tried to yell at it to go away but i couldnt get the whole words to come out i didnt want to let go of the door nob because i was afraid i wouldnt be able to get back in i heard my mom yelling at my uncle as i went back inside to tell her i couldnt get our dogs or get the other one to leave! and thats when i heard a gun shot. i saw the demon dog in my home again but with a hole through its eye and side of its head at the point it did have no eyes. then i realized i had a hole in the same place and woke.

i have resently lost my small dog boommer it just dawned on me that the eye that was missing is the same side my missing dog is blind in please help me im putting up flyers after school today. can any one tell me what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey, three years ago when I was 12, I had this disturbingly realistic dream. I can remember almost every detail from the dream as if they were my own memories, and the dream was from someones childhood to their death. Severely summarized, it was in the perspective of a girl who looked similar to me. Her family moved from Pennsylvania to Texas, and in Texas she hated it. She tried to find a way to escape, a way to leave earlier than she had to. When she was 15, she met a boy in one of her classes who was a sophomore, a year older than she. He had black curly hair, was pale, had some acne and was a really great soccer player. Also, he was from somewhere foreign, but I can't exactly recall where he was from in my dream. They dated, and when she was 16, she got pregnant. She told her parents, who kicked her out of the house. Her older brother, who was 4 or 5 years older, was a premed student, but abruptly dropped out when he found an apartment in Montreal. He was planning to pursue his artwork, and when he confided in his younger sister about this before she had learned of her pregnancy, she thought his ideas were fantastic and unreal. But now that she was being kicked out, she decided to leave with her older brother, dropping out of high school along the way. Her brother, who owned a black sedan, and her drove all the way to Montreal, Quebec. They were both very skilled in French, so it didn't take long after they moved to become fluent in the language. The girl became the spokesperson for her brother's art, and would stand out in the streets of busy Montreal every day, handing out flyers and taping them onto buildings and bike racks and in subway stations, advertising exhibits and galleries that would be featuring his work. They were quite poor. She had her child and put him up for adoption, and then a few months passed without anything interesting. She was now 17. One day, while unsuccessfully trying to hand out the flyers, the girl was approached by a young man, about 25 or younger, and he grabbed her face and gently turned it to the side. Angry and a bit freaked out, she slapped his hand away and in English yelled "What the hell are you doing!?" He ignored her outburst, telling her to turn her face to the side again. She rejected and asked what he was talking about. He told her he had just started a modelling agency, and she was the perfect person he was looking for as one of his models. Unwilling to show any manners to the man, she crumpled up his business card and threw it in a pocket of her jacket she frequently neglected. A few months later, they were faced with impending eviction, and could barely afford to eat. Finally, as a last ditch effort to earn them some money, she called the number on the crumbled up card in her coat. Then, she was thrown into a vast world of modelling, and ended up falling in love with the modelling agency owner (after being surprised that he wasn't gay, haha!) They got married and had three kids, and now I'm rushing it a bit, but when she was about 30, she wrote a book about a strange dream she had had as a child that predicted many aspects of her future, and she named her book "The Dream." Then, when she was 49, she commit suicide.

See, this dream has haunted me for 3 years.
My family moved from Pennsylvania to Texas that year.
Here in Texas, I dislike it, and I want to get out.
This year I met a boy I really really like, and he's a black curly haired soccer player from South Africa who looks exactly like the boy from my dream. He's a sophomore.
My brother decided to go premed this year in college. He's 4 years older than I am. And a few weeks ago, he bought a black sedan. He recently has gotten into art, and he's a fantastic drawer. Also, recently he has become rather "into" Montreal and the art scene of French Canada.

I plan to write about this dream later in life in a novel. And then everything becomes a circle of events.

Now I'm asking you guys; what the heck does my twisted, disturbingly realistic dream MEAN?

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does this dream mean?
I had a dream I was watching a bunch of models walk down the catwalk. I read a flyer and it said that models should be at least 5’7 and exotic looking. Then the scene changed to a huge room. I’m not sure if it was a ball room or not because it was big and it was full of people. Anyway two cartoon characters from Family guy were in it. Then I went over to this area that was selling food and drinks. A guy before me bought a red slushi. I bought a red slushi too. The shopkeeper seemed happy that I ordered a slushi because he said it was easy work to pour it. I gave him in a ten dollar note and he gave me back my change in coins. I’m not sure if he was a pervert or not, he kept smiling at me. One coin rolled of the counter all the way under somebody’s table. I went over to get my coin and then everybody started running over to the end of the room. There was a dead man and now that was a mystery. Also the scene changed to my favorite TV show (not family guy), two of the characters were lying down on a bench in their front garden, and they were watching a light show on their ceiling. Also in my dream I dreamt my mom was pregnant.
Also this is a different dream from a few months ago. I dreamed that Taylor Swift was coming to my town and there was a singing competition. I entered; I’m sure if I won but Taylor Swift came up and started talking to me. She seemed kind of distracted and uninterested in what I had to say.
What could all off this mean? I don’t get the model thing; I don’t want to be a model

Example: What could my dream mean?

Like every other dream i have, this dream is a bit distorted and jumps around from one scene to another however this is the first dream that i have where i saw a headstone with my name on it. I can vaguely remember the beginning but i here are the parts of my dream in sequence:
I was at a shopping center where i worked and the people i worked with were sisters of an ex best friend (which ive never worked with in my life), and another close friend that i did work with from 2006-2008 in a nearby city, and we were discussing who would work the saturday shift. I also remember running into another friend that i have who's a good friend, but not someone i talk to on a daily basis (shes more of a ill see you on your b day or when there's a gathering friend, and so i remember talking to her and she invites me to go down to the coast for a few days to celebrate her small business and its success, yet in reality this girl works at a Dr's office, ok then my dream veers off into a really nice condo that i was moving into but that was short and there wasn't too much detail about that. The last bits i can remember is of me walking down a busy street perhaps in a downtown area, and some one handed me a flyer, and at that point i noticed that the people around me became really aggressive and overbearing to one another so i stop at this intersection and this girl starts talking to me, and she starts to imply that i am in denial about something, but never does she tell me that i am dead. So in a panic i i run away and the before i know it im alongside a cemetery and im drawn into the yard. Theres this old black hearse that pulls into the yard over other graves and at the very place the hearse stopped, the headlights shunned down on to a headstone. I take a peek at the copper red stone and see a part of my last name, so i sweep off the dirt from the stone, and i see my last name first, then my first name, and underneath is what appears to be my birth and death date but all i can make out is my death year which read 2008. That was over 2 years ago. m Once i saw that stone, i began praying and the before i knew it the stone was gone and the man who was driving the hearse appears and starts fiddling with a nearby grave, and then i realize im not dead, and i wake up. What could the tombstone with my name resemble? all answers are appreciated

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