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Dream About Fly Trap meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Flying Dream meaning?

I had a very vivid dream about flying. I wrote out the whole thing in a blog, if someone could pleas take the time to read it I would really appreciate it. I would love to know what it meant.

I was waiting in line at the post office and did something to these men that made them go crazy. I was abusing them mentally. I flew out the window to avoid them trying to hurt me but somehow they pinned me down. One had me by the neck and I looked behind me and one was sucking on my foot.

The next thing I know I was able to get away from them and fly over the city. But it wasn’t LA. I flew for hours. Going in and out of buildings. Parties. Orgies. Festivals. Seeing people I knew (all real people I know. Except for the strange men) Still on the run from these men. They trapped me finally. I was in a warehouse high above them. But the windows were all closed. That’s how I would escape…through the windows. All the open ones lead back into the building. I broke through one to escape. Then once I was out one of them could fly and I saw him on top of one of my buildings. I was so much faster and used to flying I got away.

Then someone called me…while I was flying. I picked up haha! It was my ex. I was now above a city with police helicopters rs and sky scrapers. They were looking for someone in the city. Someone bad. Not me. But I was afraid they would see my flying. I got sloppy. I couldn’t fly as well. Well I couldn’t land.

The man grabbed my foot. All hope was lost. I woke up. Heart POUNDING. Windows WIDE open. Where did I go?

each dream mean something.. i don't know.. but i use a site called "Saysadream" for my dreams and gives answer .. hope it helps u. I help other to know means and other help me :)

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I dream all the time of either being trapped, flying or doing things over and over again. Like walking forward and backwards over and over again. I also dream that all my bones keep breaking. Do they mean anything or are they just random dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a lot of nightmares where i'm stresses and afraid.
One night (I don't remember most of the dream)
I dreamt that my home was a big haunted house that had something trapped in the garage. I didn't know what it was but I knew that it wasn't human by the sounds it was making. And I panicked and ran around the yard not knowing what i wanted to do or what i was looking for. Then another part of the dream I was getting followed by a girl that i identified as a class mate. And as I was trying to get away from her I ended up at her house and then she invited me for tea and she had an evil mother that we were both really scared of and The whole nightmare I was confused frustrated , stressed and scared. I kept breaking down and crying and I woke up crying and clenching my teeth together. I've never had a dream in my life and the nightmares are always like this. What does it mean and how can I make it stop?

Example: What does a flying dream mean?

It was a nice day. A big monster was chasing me. I didn't have a way to escape & I tried to fly.

I was flying without wings in the sky & when I swooped down to pick up my friend she was too heavy. I continously built my strength & carried her. Then we reached a place where other people were trapped including my sociology teacher, my parents, my co-worker and my brother. I carried them one by one & put them in a safe place. Lol. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about flying?

in my dream i could fly only if i run and jumped from a high up place like a building. i couldn't just jump off the ground. and throughout it, the police were trying to catch me. i always got away, and i was always laughing at their attempts. it was pretty fun. but the weird thing about it is that i was a guy!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of flying? only to be trap in the sky?

well, don't you know all those wires in the sky connecting from house to house? well i dream i got wings like a angel but when i try to fly into the sky those wires always trap me. When i get through one wire another traps me. i never seems to be able to fly through the wires.

and then the setting of the dream change. now i was in a bigger city, where the wires are farther apart so this time i manage to fly into the sky, but i couldn't fly real high.

i think the reason i couldn't fly too high was because my sleeping self was telling the brain that i did not have hollow bones nor very skinny or therefor i couldn't fly that high.

do anyone know what this means? please answer if you know. thanks.

Example: What do my flying dreams mean?

I have always had dreams about flying. And I know that it's supposed to mean that you're trapped but I don't think that's the case with me. See, I've had these dreams since I was in grade school, but now they've been happening more and more often. Usually, I'm on some sort of quest and it's always flying as if I'm swimming through the air (that's usually asked on the sites I've looked at). Like, this one I was fighting a dragon. Another I was battling a king and queen and their army on my own in the dark of night. Another I was running from some random person who was my friend in the dream that hated me for some reason and was chasing me through dimensions. I've looked on Google and they always give the same definitions. But I don't think that they pertain to me. I want to understand why I keep dreaming about this.

Example: What could this dream about flies and spiders mean?

I dreamed that some flies were buzzing around my apartment. They started to bother me and even seemed a little menacing. As I approached the area where they were buzzing, they suddenly synchronized their flight so that they were all hovering on the same invisible plane. I watched with fascination as they grew larger and began to quiver, like heavy beads of inky black water suspended in the air. The beads kept changing in shape until they became spiders. Suddenly there was just one spider and I had a startling sense of having been lured and trapped by it. There was nothing I could do but watch as it bit me on the shin. My leg swelled up where it had bitten me and I pointed and remarked at it to the people who suddenly appeared around me to help me to the ground. After I had rested for a while I looked at my leg again and the swelling was gone.

Example: What dose dream mean ? I dreamed i flew to italy ?

So last night or the other night i had dream where i was on plan flying to Ittaly i think it was i don't know i was flying somewhere but i remember waking up with a big tension headache. This is all i remember, i also remember hearing the engine of the plan or something i thought it was thunder wen i woke up but i remembered that it was winter lol. I was waiting for lighting to come b/c i thought i herd thunder lol.

Any ideas what this means ?

Example: Dream one of flying owl got trapped in to string of kite i enjoyed it like flying kite,left it due to pity ?

it came down and appered as big like dinosours bird and it called many of its freind , i was sacred that they may attack got inside my house

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