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Dream About Fly Paper meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Whats my dream mean?

I dream..i was somewhere...there was alot of people..maybe a mall can't really remember...then i dream that this little girl..was walking towards me but she was myguyfriends lil girl supposely in my dream...and we were both walking down the street to get to the house and then we saw myfriend and another guy and they walked behind us...so we get to this house...and i went to sit down with his little girl and we were drawing stuff on a paper..and me and her were leaning on each others heads...and we were just laughing..i was teaching her how to draw..so then my friend stayed at the table..and me and her went inside this semi truck...never been in one in real life lol so then we saw pictures like hung in the semi...and his little girl told me o..yeah thats my mom..she's like thats in the past the old pictures..and i said yeah..i assumed it was her..so then we walked out of the semi...then we went inside the house...and his little girl went to watch t.v. so i walk in a room and i saw my friend there..and there was a knife on the top counter..and i got scared..and i saw him grab it and go through a window and then he flew...away like really flying in the sky...like superman haha..so then i looked out the window and he was cutting flowers with a knife..and he came back and gave them to me lol..and i wasn't scared no more..and then i walk out of the house and i see alot of people sitting like if there were a celebration going on...tables etc..

You subconsciously are envisioning a scenario that you might want in the future to some degree. The picture the dream paints basically is nice. You have a pretty close friendship with this guy. You may be picking up psychically, that he likes you more than a friend, or you might be just be projecting your future wishes using his image in your dream, or maybe you like him more than you think. Dreams are not easy to interpret. You will just have to see whether you want your energy getting more caught up in this guy, or whether you may need to be connected with other guys and him less. Having a child with someone is quite a commitment. Maybe you focus too much on relationships, and should commit your energy more to developing your abilities and talents for the future. One can get deeply into other things, other than relationships using the same type deep , commitment energy. I am just giving you food for thought. Do what is best for you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had the coolest dream last night...yet i cant help but feel it means something also:
Ok, so i'm at my grandmas house and this girl (who is a family friend of my stepdad's) is there also. We are sitting there talking (though i dont know what about). Suddenly, the newspaper is hit at the door. I go out on the front step and get it. I open it up and a tiny brass beetle (it's not alive and is about the size of my thumbnail) falls to the floor. I pick it up and set it on the mantle. Then i open up the paper and the first thing i notice is an ad for a concert to be held at the mall. the ad reads: "HIM and My Chemical Romance today at Fox Valley Mall!" then under that it says in fine print: "Bring your Harley (Davidson motorcycle of course) and you and your friend get in free!" The girl that was with my grandma and i has a harley and shows me that she has remodeled it: decked out in gold beetles! So she takes me to the concert and the stage is also decked out in gold beetles.

Example: Birds in dreams? Whats the meaning?

I had a dream that a Morepork/Owl looking bird come through my glass door that slides open and while i lay on my stomach i put my hand out and it clung on real tight to my Index finger.

I let outside. Then welcomed it back in to see if it would come. It perched back onto the same finger i held out for it

Later i found Paper with a sketch i drew of it on it

What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Flying, white birds, butterfyls etc..?

I had this dream I was with my best friends little sister, i haven't seen or thought her for a very long time so it's kind of strange but we were way up in the air flying i guess but really just being pushed by the wind in all directions it was really fun though. We had to hold onto each other though and she kept slipping so i had to hold onto her tighter and tighter cause we were slipping and then while we were flying around i seen 2 white butterfly's and 3 white birds a few times, they were all flying too. & for some reason she had cut out 2 pieces of black paper and put them over her eyes, it was kind of creepy but didn't but me in the dream and then she was getting too hard to hold onto so i dropped us to the ground, then her truck took off up the hill on it's own.

All of the feelings in the dream were happy and fun, and i think i dreamed about her because i was reminiscing about how we used to hang out right before i went to sleep so that might be why. I am making some very crazy extreme changes in my life right now and the changing i'm making is like it could go incredibly well and change my life for the better turn it around or smack me in the face i just have to see.

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Last night, I was in class. We were doing a partner project. I realized I had forgotten something and I went back home and came back to the very.

(This class has my crush in it).

When I got back, there were no partners for me. I glanced over at my crush's seat, hoping he was available, but he was absent. Lately, in real life, he's been absent from a lot of things. Myspace, twitter, deviantart, and I've been getting worried.

I don't remember what happened after that. I think I ended up getting a partner and I saw this angel looking down at me.

I followed the angel who flew away. To my surprise, the angel turned into my crush. Currently, in real life, I'm on a break, and when the angel turned into my crush, he looked the same as I last saw him.

For some reason, my dream zoomed on his face and he stopped. He turned his head and smiled at me. He had his sunglasses on, but his smile was drawn. It wasn't a real life smile. It was if someone drew a smiley face line on paper and put it over his mouth.

Then the weirdest part, credits began to rolling in. It was like the whole thing was a movie. The title of the movie (errr...the dream) was - "Where the Wild things are."

I found this dream to be strange, does this mean anything?

Example: What do dreams of tours, museums, and exhibits mean?

Within the the past 3-4 months, I've had common dreams of tours, museums, and exhibits.

The first one a while back, I was at an exhibit to view paintings in New York... kind of a mod attitude. Another one I had, I was on the rooftop of a brick building (assuming like the ones in the city). We had just gone through the tour inside and it was very artsy, with some flowers. ON the rooftop, it had some color of bright balloons and flowers. Another dream I had, I was in and out of a bar watching my favorite basketball game at an airport (didn't see any planes though) and a field trip that almost resembled European country sides or maybe it was a wine vineyard. I was talking pictures with the group and when someone took a picture of me, they cut it off and you could only see from my neck down but I was wearing a nice, red summer dress. Something you see in a "urban outfitters" catalog. Just last night, I had a dream I was driving through my local street but then it turned into some renovation/tour guide and then it turned into san francisco (I think) and we were passing by these seafood restaurants. You could smell the seafood, the wind was crisp, you could feel the ocean breeze, and we saw a fish fly. Very random...

What do all these dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I'm flying to an island and we crash. Then everyone becomes possessed by demons and attacks me.

In my second dream, a demon is writing on a piece of paper sitting at a desk. Then he takes the paper, and screams while running out of my house...what do these mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night, I had a dream that if you blow wind into a hat, you can use it to fly. What's with that?

Example: Pokemon dream? tell what it means?

OK, so last night i had a drea m and tell what you think it mean thanks OK:
so i was in my car, and i was going to get something at the store and i go around the to park(right now we are in the real world) and i see ash,misty. and brock on the street so i park my car and go over to some girls that have a piece of paper with pokemon on it. i ask about ash and the others and they say that they made them real by cuting out the pokemon on the paper and also they can go to the real world and the pokemon world by taking ashs hat on any of the pokemon people and take it off. then everything is black and then i see pikachu has ashs hat and ash misty and brock locked up, so i say," pikachu take off the hat, take off ht hat!" he takes off the hat and it becomes bright and i find myself standin nextto ash and all the people from the show misty,brock, may, max, tracy,and dawn. then i see ho-oh over the rainbow like in the show ( and i didt watch the episode with it before i went to bed) ash says "lets go catch it!" so he stats running and the others are behind as yelling "wait up!" then in a house i see prof.oak! i yell "hi prf.oak" and he yells "do you want your first pokemon ?" and i say " not yet" and im stillrunning behind ash and i see al these pokemon it was so real it was sooooooo cool althese pokemon were runnind me and some flying around my head! then i see ash jump into a pond to get to the other side so i look at ho9-oh still in the sky before i jump in ( and oh-oh look soooooo amazing it looks sooo real) like i was saying i jump in to the pond and it AMAZING, like when may had that dream with manapy, but mine had piplup. but it was great! anyways i get out and ash is still in front and i see the end of the rainbow and ho-oh is in a nest next to the end of the rainbow and ash goes up to it and before he could totch it, ho-oh wakes up and spreads it wings and starts saying something about brave and a jorney and he flys up and land behind mei could barly feel its feathers i turn around and look up and see this big, great bird and then hads me this belt and it was small, long,and brown and i look around and see everybody frompokemon got one too. and then i see a girl from my class and see has a really really small one and she saids, " does anyone want to trade?" everyone laughts and the dream ends.

my nana says that someone will give me something but i dont know and i have this week know that would happen sometimes. what does this means?

Example: What these dreams mean?

Sorry of this is long guys. Last night I had a dream where I told this new guy that his name will be Johnson.. He said okay and shook his head. Its like He didn't know what to do or anything. So anyway, when he would drop things, I would say nicely but firm, "what do you do?" He looked at me then quickly picked it up. He was young man.. Not a child. Then all of a sudden, the dream slowly transitioned into a theatre backstage where Tom bergeson from dancing with the stars said, "you have 5 min!" And I saw a young girl next to me with long, pretty hair with a dress on. I had a dress on too, she was my student. Then Tom said with the mike, "you didn't rehearse?" I said something (but I forgot) lol Tom smiled, he said better hurry, we had 5 min. So I quickly made a up a short dance to a song in 5 min. Then we were the best out of the rest, 2 adorable kids wrote on a huge paper.. Forgot what it Said. Ugh, but they looked at me and smiled. So did I, then I drew a heart. Then it transitioned to the story of Jonah and the whale. And I remembered the dove flying in the sky. Any interpretations? Lol

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