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Dream About Floating meanings

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Example: Repetitve floating/flying dream; what does this mean?

Ever since I can remember having dreams I have always had like 3 dreams that have always been the same. One is that im floating, all of a sudden I just start floatin up *** first to the cieling and cant stop its like quick sand.. the more I move the higher I get. The seccond one is a flying dream, it sounds kind of corny but I jump three times and then I start to fly and can controll it and come down whenever I want. Does anyone know why I would possibly be having these dreams again? Any ideas please let me know. Thanks :)

The dream you describe as floating with a reaction like 'quick sand' implies a lack of control, whereas the dream you describe of having full control of your flight is a bit different.

In that you cannot stop there is some implied sense of being at the mercy of something. What is it in your daily life that could make you feel at times that you are cut adrift - where you can still observe things well but have little control? If there are such things, do they at times result in some degree of stress - and do those times perhaps tend to coincide with when these dreams occur? The reaction may be trained into you by now - many different things that happen in life may create the same sense of being that brings on the dream.

Examine those points - it may help in your understanding and help to find some meaning.

In the second dream you are in control and in fact initiate the flight as you mention. That fits the more common theme of flying in dreams - deep down inside we can at times fancy ourselves as empowered in amazing ways - we triumph over the things that normally hold us down, so to speak. Such a flight of fancy in the dream can be the mind's way of expressing that emotion. It can even be clearly articulate at times as to what the things are we are in control over - perhaps soaring over certain people who are not empowered that way is an example.

While the mechanism is similar, the cause appears very different from your first dream type. What might there be in life at times that leaves you feeling more in control? Could it be that at times these kinds of dreams follow the first sort you describe? Might you have this dream if you manage to overcome some challenge or see an end to some troubling thing?

Consider these points as well - and how you feel in the instance of each dream. By looking at what may be driving some degree of stress, and relief, for that matter, and considering your feelings immediately before and in the wake of these dreams you may find a pattern that reveals much.

All the best to you.

Example: Dream about school bus floating in ocean meaning?

I had this strange dream and was wondering what it meant.
I was on a school bus floating in the middle of the ocean with some old friends that I hadn't seen in years. I told everyone to move to the back to balance out the weight of the engine. Eventually we drifted to shore and down a river that is more like a street full of water. We tried to steer the bus to the edges of the river and manage to beach it against a fence. We get off the bus and I go to the door of a house that was a few feet away. I tell a woman living there to call 911 because we had been stranded at sea for at least 18 hours and were all feeling sick. I felt like a hero because I had kept the bus from sinking and took charge. We end up taking the school bus to our old elementary school where our parents meet us. On the way there, the bus drives itself and drives right over cars without damaging them. We come to the conclusion that that is how we ended up in the ocean--the bus was driving itself.

Example: Floating dream meaning?

i have had this dream a few times before but not exactly the same its usually on some stairs or a steep hill i start walking down the hill/stairs then fall and float forward for a while then just free fall and slam into the ground

Example: What does my floating/jumping on air dream mean?

I dreamt that i was in a dim, black clouded rural town with a big spiky black and wooden cathedral in front of me with many tall dead trees around it. A person was next to me and she started running towards the cathedral like building and out of anxiety and desperation, for some reason, i started to run but wasn't fast enough to catch up to her so I remembered that in other dreams if i ran fast enough i could start floating higher and hugher with each step i took and so i did. I began to jump by kicking back &downwards with 1 leg consecutively and i was going higher and higher into the air (not by an exaggerated amount) just enough to pass over a big tree in front of the cathedral building. The woman i was racing with was shocked and so I felt confident and started to go higher/faster by using both legs to continually kick downwards and thrust myself forward until i was very high up at the same altitude as the giant dead trees behind the cathedral building. I then sat at branch of one of the trees and the person appeared next to me. The rest of the dream was very long and weird but i forgot most of it. What do you think it all means? Lol

Example: What does it means to dream with a big colored full fish floating on air?

I was on my old house and i was cleaning then suddenly i saw a big colored full fish floating on air... does it means something?

Example: What does a floating blanket mean in a dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a floating grandfather clock?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of floating?

I keep have this dream that Im floating around the room and im in my underwear.

Example: What does low gravity/floating mean in a dream?

I only just realized that in 80% of my dreams for the past 2 years, I'm either in low gravity or floating. I'm interested to know what this means from one of those "dream dictionaries". In the dreams, i usually jump around and grab on to something like a building or a tree and then jump around again. Does this mean anything or am i just dreaming it all the time because i think it is fun?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of floating?

Not like floating in water, but just floating a few feet off the ground. I dreamed that this was happening to me and to move around I had to like try and jump forward to get around. Also in my dream and I was the only one who could do that, it was very peculiar.

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