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Dream About Floating In The Air meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about elephants floating in air?

There were three in a group everywhere I looked mother and two babies

Republicians are high

Example: In my dreams I saw swans floating in air..?

I was in my back garden there were lots of swans and they were the size of full grown German Shepherds some even big..it was beautiful tbh the some where on ground beside me and some were floating in air..like they were flying but was not using wings ..and the swans beside me were trying to talk to me..They were unusually white like shining in the sun...Really it was a beautiful dream..hate to wake up in middle of it..

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I seen Jesus floating in the air, he was up quite high. He was so beautiful, he was wearing a clean, simple white robe(toga style), he had no shoes on and he had a orangish-yellow glow about him. I felt the need to touch him because he was just so beautiful. But every time I reached to touch him he would move higher up so that I could not touch him. But I kept trying there was something driving me to try and touch him. It was like he was playing a game with me, staying just far enough were I couldn't touch him, just out of reach. Finally after several tries I finally brushed his feet with my hand. Then I awoke and for appox. 5 mins I had the most peaceful, wonderful feeling I actually can't find words to discribe it it was so amasing, nothing I have ever felt before or since. I was so at peace and felt so much love but it was fleeting and lasted only 5 mins. I have never experienced anything like this before of since. What do you think it could mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean? Running in the air? Leaf in my hand? Warning?

I usually have very short dreams. I dreamt a few disturbring things that I want to know what they mean.
1st- I dreamt that my boyfriend kept telling me we had to hurry because we could only have one baby, we're planning on getting married and having children, could this really mean anything?
2nd- I have a dream where i'm walking on my usual driving route home, and suddenly I am floating in the air, and running in the air, then I start arcing back down and I hit the ground.
3rd- I'm running through the woods (this one is recurring) and I fall on the ground. A leaf somehow gets lodged in the top layer of my skin- so that i can see it when i look through, and then i pull it out and it hurts immensely but I know I need to get it out, and there's alot of dirt under my skin and then I wake up

Example: I had a dream that I was floating in the air in a dark endless hallway chasing my self. What dose it mean?

All of a sudden it switched to me trying to wake up from that dream. I woke up but my eyes were kept shut I just couldn't open them for some reason. I know it sounds pretty stupid, but I really want to know what all that meant. The dream happened like a year ago, but I remember it pretty well.

Example: What does my floating/jumping on air dream mean?

I dreamt that i was in a dim, black clouded rural town with a big spiky black and wooden cathedral in front of me with many tall dead trees around it. A person was next to me and she started running towards the cathedral like building and out of anxiety and desperation, for some reason, i started to run but wasn't fast enough to catch up to her so I remembered that in other dreams if i ran fast enough i could start floating higher and hugher with each step i took and so i did. I began to jump by kicking back &downwards with 1 leg consecutively and i was going higher and higher into the air (not by an exaggerated amount) just enough to pass over a big tree in front of the cathedral building. The woman i was racing with was shocked and so I felt confident and started to go higher/faster by using both legs to continually kick downwards and thrust myself forward until i was very high up at the same altitude as the giant dead trees behind the cathedral building. I then sat at branch of one of the trees and the person appeared next to me. The rest of the dream was very long and weird but i forgot most of it. What do you think it all means? Lol

Example: What do these three dreams about air plane crashes mean?

Within the last 4 weeks my husband has had three dreams about air plane explosions. In the first one I was in the dream and we were in an airplane. After a sudden explosion of the airplane he remembers just floating and feeling no pain and communicated with me but did not see me (communicated with our consiousness).
In the second dream we were together, but he only remembers the explosion and nothing there after. In the third dream he was travelling by himself, and again only the explosion, it was a little scary.
We plan to travel to Europe in May to visit my family. Should we be concerned or maybe its has some other meaning!?
Anyone has any thoughts or feelings about that?

Example: What does it means to dream with a big colored full fish floating on air?

I was on my old house and i was cleaning then suddenly i saw a big colored full fish floating on air... does it means something?

Example: Just want to know what flying, flloating in the air, riseing dreams mean?

Example: I had a dream about a giant cow floating/flying through the air, does this have any meaning to it?

In the dream, someone told me it was a sign of the end of the world.

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