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Dream About Fish meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean.?

What does it mean to dream that you are eating small fried fish?

that maybe there was a inncident where you enjoyed someone's comfort and or had somehting to do with fish at the time. It's funny how the uncounciouness part of our mind works when where sleeping, but it probably means you have something you like about fish, eating, or something you did withsome one you enjoyed while involving something to do with fish like going to a resturant or something. It sounds foolish, but I persoanlly think that dreams have meaning, it is just trying to decode them that is difficult

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams about a fish(es) ?

my mom said she dreamed about fish last night, I have heard that it means someone in the family is pregnant or is gonna get pregnant. I really hope its me because Me and My Hubby are ttc ! I know Im not now because I seen AF already this month but any who.. Thanks

Example: Dream about a fish, dream meaning?

In my dream I was in the washroom, I was on the toilet and then I noticed puddles on the floor. Then I splashed my hand or foot in the puddle. Then my sister and mother came into the room, my sister said the puddle was from the fish. She then picked up a dead fish, of wish I was scared. She was taunting me with it, then I jumped in the shower. I was then naked and my sister was shoving the fish at me. I was really grossed out and scared of it. What does this mean?

Example: Fish Dreams?

Ok, I have heard if you dream of fish it means you or someone close to you is going to have a baby. Is this true. I had a dream that I was a fish the other night. It was weird. Has anyone ever actualy experienced this and ended up being PG or someone close to them being PG?


I had 2 really weird dreams last night…..

The first dream: Ok first off the dream was about me and about 3 different girls (in the dream we were really close friends). We were on a little boat in the middle of a really huge ocean with really big waves. Each time we would go over a wave lots of dolphins would jump out the water over our heads; once we made it to the top of the wave we could look over and see this really pretty place with lots of huge animals running around playing (some fighting) I’m not sure if they where dinosaurs are not I can’t remember I just know that they were beautiful. It’s almost like we could reach over and touch them because they were so large. The dream was very peaceful, the water was crystal clear and the sky was a pretty light blue…it ended with all of us just swimming in the ocean playing with the dolphins having a really laughing and having a really good time.

The second dream: I was at my mothers’ house and she has this really beautiful aquarium full of colorful fish and a big weird looking frog. All of a sudden the fish got out the fish tank and started swimming all around me and at first I thought I was seeing things then I realized they were really floating so I was trying my best to catch all of them and put them back in the tank because I was afraid they were going to die. I panicked so I ran to the back to tell my mom but when we got back they were all laying on the couch gasping for breath and my brother started putting them all back in the tank and they just started back swimming.

Can anyone tell me what either of these dreams mean…….I really would like to know

Example: Dream meaning? FISH and family of BEARS?

Example: What do fish mean in dreams?

I keep dreaming about going to a lake, river or canal and at first i see some fish, then i somehow know that all the fish are gone or i can see them dying what does it mean

Example: What does my dream mean (Fishing)?

I had a dream last night where i was fishing with my dad and then I remember we went to a different spot to fish where we had to follow steps to fish. Making a small platform of rocks for me to stand on just off the shore. And then I asked my dad to put the crab on the hook because I hate the thought of them. He left and I guess I fell and hit my head on a rock and some guy came and laughed at me and I was yelling at him. then my dad came back and said it was my own fault i fell and was mocking me. So I flipped him off and yelled fcuk you, then for some reason i was in shallow water and he was pissed and about to throw the crab at me and i was terrified, but what he threw at me was more like cooked shrimp. thats all i remember, Does it mean anything.

Example: What does dreaming with fish mean?

i had a dream that i was catching,swimming,playing, with bigggg fish whales and dolphins were the ones i was swiming with

Example: What does it mean when you dream about alot of fish?

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