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Dream About Fish Restaurant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in desperate need of money and I began to think of possibly writing books so that I could make money and then I discovered a baby manitou in the palm of my hands. (It's kind of like a dolphin / whale looking creature that is on the verge of extinction) It was the size of a baby kangaroo and looked like the fish skeleton of a fish that had not fully grown yet: completely white and plastic looking. I began to raise it and take care of it because I knew when it became an adult I'd be able to sell it for a lot of money. Then as it became an adult, some of the kids started attacking it (they actually looked like teenagers or young adults) so I had to protect it but the threat was never serious. One time the kids dumped him into a pool without any water in it (it was a baby child swimming pool) and then I had to pour water into it to protect the manitou. When the manitou became an adult it wanted to become human so I got a personal trainer to teach it how to exercise so that it could convert it's overweight muscles into that of a human shape and look human. Then I dreamed that I was taking two courses, one easy course at U of T and another more difficult course at another school. I told everybody about the difficult course that I was taking but did not tell them about the easy course that I was taking. Then I dreamed that I was getting my hair cut at this barber. Then I dreamed that the restaurant i was always eating at had gone out of business and the place was empty.

Maybe you really wanted to go swimming:D

Example: What does my dream mean?Dream interitation?

So me and my best friend sam were hanging out at the mall. Then sam had to go and my mom showed up to take me home. Sam ran down the hall thingy of the mall and yelled "BYE" then i yelled bye back. And me and mom my for some odd reason went to this security booth thing. In the security booth was Sam's dad (its weird cause in real life her dads a cop) And there were stairs leading up to the booth. Not like a huge flight of stairs but like 3 or 4. And to the left side of the stairs was a fish tank. The fish tank had water leaking out of it but i ignored it and went over to look at the fish as i looked at them i slipped on the water leaking out of the fish tank. And my mom caught me by my arm be for i hit the ground. Then me and my mom walked over to the security booth and she was talking to Sam's dad (who for some reason was a mall security person) Then me and my mom walked away. And the security booth was near a restaurant. And my mom said "Huh i guess you were right it is near (the name of the restaurant...sorry i cant remember it)" And i said "yeah i told you" Then we left and i woke up.
What does it mean?

Example: Recurring Dream Help w/meaning - 5 years w/palm sized goldfish in dreams - 4 examples provided for ref.?

When I became unhappy in my marriage 5 yrs ago, first dreamt that the floor of my hallway to garage was clear acrylic w/ 4 dead goldfish (GF 4 short) and a few others in shallow water, trying to survive, but I couldn't get to them. Dream Example 2 - In restaurant in waiting area w/ big aquarium as wall between waiting area and dining. Tank shatters, GF/water gush out. I try to pick them up and return to 1/4 tank remaining with water/glass but water too shallow for them to surive. Dream #3 - GF in family room, all okay in tank. I relax. Only to later see big orange GF dead, looks"frozen" and crammed upright between PC console and end table. Dream #4 - in my living room, six aquariums on the floor all with GFs. They begin to jump out. I try to catch/return to tanks. Last tank, 2 big gecos(1 red/1blue) hop out, run to my favorite corner in room. I get angry they're going there, forget about other dying GFs, chase/catch gecos, pick them up and eat them whole. What's up w/this?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

This has happened twice to me in the past couple of months, and it is beginning to scare me.
In the first dream, I was Jewish, and so were some of my friends. We were at a church (one where I had recently attended a lock-in), but it was like a mass hiding for Jews. The main area was dark. Once we were settled into our rooms, we were told to search around for our hiding places if the Nazis ever came. My good friend and I headed into the bathroom (which was like the ones at our school), where we searched frantically for a hiding place. We climbed up on the counter, pulled a mirror out like a medicine cabinet, and hid behind there. The thing was, we were too big to fit back there, so the mirror didn't swing shut completely. We waited there to see if anyone would find us, just as a test. When we initially entered, there were other girls in there. However, when we were hiding, some boys entered and began using the mirror we were hiding behind. They didn't see us, even though we were hanging halfway out. Then the Nazis came, and I woke up.
The second dream occurred a few weeks after this one. This time, the Nazis were marching my friends and myself into a giant auditorium, where I found another friend and ran to her. I was crying and I was scared. I can't remember what happened next, but all of a sudden I was watching a fishing boat with tons of food on it, and the two fishermen were freaking out because some sort of animal-- a whale, I think-- was knocking the boat around. The food fell off and all of a sudden, I was on the boat. The owner of the boat came out and told me that I was safe with them, and then left. The boat was suddenly a cement loading dock, and the owner went up a set of stairs. I followed him to a very fancy restaurant or lounge, where people looked at me like I was filth. I left the lounge and then woke up.
NOTE: Both of these dreams occurred in modern-day settings, with electricity and modern clothes and everything. What do they mean?

Example: What does dreaming of gold fish mean?

ok last night i dreamed that i went to a restaurant and on the tables was cups of gold fish on each table...well mine was kinda foggy so i told the waitress and she went and changed the water when she came back i stoke my finger in the glass and it nibbled my finger and the next thing i know the fish was lashed on my friends finger and she was trying to shake it off...i didn't get to see the girl that was with me cause i woke my self of laughing...so what does this mean?

Example: Meaning of dream - snakes/water boat?

Hi all! I need help with what I dreamed of two nights ago and last night.

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was surrounded by many green snakes, some white, and one or two red snakes. They weren't trying to hurt me but the one I focused on most was the red one. I didn't feel scared either. Like they were just there.

The last night. I dreamed that this guy I talk to cut up a fish in and gave me one or two slices. The we ended up in boat, him and I, and I think I might have been the one driving. Anyway, we were in the ocean/big lake, the water was a little bit rocky but not too bad. It wasn't clear, but it wasn't dirty, like ocean water. He wanted to go to the seafood restaurant that was on the water, but I looked at the building, and for some reason, I didn't want to go there. Then he jumped out of the boat and I kept going but I didn't know where I was going.

Weird. Thank you guys!

Example: What do dreams of tours, museums, and exhibits mean?

Within the the past 3-4 months, I've had common dreams of tours, museums, and exhibits.

The first one a while back, I was at an exhibit to view paintings in New York... kind of a mod attitude. Another one I had, I was on the rooftop of a brick building (assuming like the ones in the city). We had just gone through the tour inside and it was very artsy, with some flowers. ON the rooftop, it had some color of bright balloons and flowers. Another dream I had, I was in and out of a bar watching my favorite basketball game at an airport (didn't see any planes though) and a field trip that almost resembled European country sides or maybe it was a wine vineyard. I was talking pictures with the group and when someone took a picture of me, they cut it off and you could only see from my neck down but I was wearing a nice, red summer dress. Something you see in a "urban outfitters" catalog. Just last night, I had a dream I was driving through my local street but then it turned into some renovation/tour guide and then it turned into san francisco (I think) and we were passing by these seafood restaurants. You could smell the seafood, the wind was crisp, you could feel the ocean breeze, and we saw a fish fly. Very random...

What do all these dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had the weirdest dream...

I was a tourist in Disney World with my mother in a restaurant with A list celebrities and for some reason we were not wearing shoes...the celebs were complaining and the waiter came over at least three times to tell us to put them on. I remember ordering ice tea which came in a big bowl of ice, looked like soup, and on the side of the soup was a salad. We were sitting with Sara Jessica Parker who ordered this huge fish dish with rice and fennel and was picking off the potatoes. THen the dream jumped to a fancy store where I was talking to a women about her work with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. I was helping her pick out jewelry for Jennifer Lopez's shoot at a karate convention and picked out these big purple hoops and a gold chain. Then I walked out of the store past a bunch of kiosks and stopped by a large mailbox in front of a bus stop. There were many buses that passed me and I knew I should get on but I didnt. Instead I started packing a lunch, I took out a lunch box and put in this really healthy lunch of salad and bread and as I was doing it a mother and daughter walked by. I think I was homeless at this point in my dream...and they were talking to me being very nice. Then my mother called me on my cell phone apologizing about some kind of fight we had just had. She told me to get on the next bus that passed to come meet her, I said I would walk over to the next stop. As I was on the phone with her a man in a white pick up truck drove up to me. He had a long beard glasses and was wearing a white stained shirt and ripped jeans. He creepily smiled at me so I looked away and began to gather my things to leave. Then he came out with a can of kerosene and poured it on me. I screamed for help for the other on looker, a man smoking a cigarette, to help me, but he he ignored me, like he didnt even hear or see me, as the creepy many lit a lighter and set me on fire. I screamed for him to please stop that I would do anything, and then immediately woke up. I am very shaken up by this dream...what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was stuck in some haunted restaurant where once you go in, you cannot go out. Also had a dream about exorcising demon babies?

Now this dream is the one that gets me the most; I had a dream I was swimming in a pool with family and relatives. Next thing you know as I'm swimming, fish start to appear, and algae, and a bunch of plants are there, and this happens gradually so it didn't just spring up. The weirdest part was that i befriended a fish, a red/orange/black fish and it knew how to say some words. What the fish would do is let me grab its back (it was a huge fish) and would take me underwater and we would swim and jump and swim. Then when I was leaving the pool, I was so heartbroken and the fish said that I have my best friends and family with me and that he/she is happy for me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of pixie dust and sushi?

Id a dream that I was in a restaurant and it was pretty dark and I was talking to three woman and she handed me a little bag of like this glitter it was like a green/gold/pink metallic like colors and it said 11th house the woman were vary happy ad told me to go flush it down the toilet so I did when i forgot what happen next but anyway then i was sitting with this guy and he said wanna try some sushi and i took it from his hand but i was really weird it was like the fish was underneath the cabbage the there was some kind of white thing the a tomato all on a stick i ate some of it it was pretty weird anyway what could this mean?

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