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Dream About Fish Pond meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about alot of fish?

Water,and in Particular the sea,represents our subconscious mind,therefore fish have a very important influenece in our dreams and indicate our feelings,particularly with regard to new projects.If the fish are swimming in clear open water then this is a strong indication of new prosperity.If the water is cloudy and polluted,then the project heralds emotional confusion.If you are fishing and you catch a fish,it means that you wil have success in your current undertakings.
Like the fisherman who patiently waits to catch a fish,dreaming of fishing means that you may have to wait for success,however your wait will be worth it.If you snare yourself on a fish hook in your dream,you are being warned against employing unscrupulos or deceptive tactics for the only person who will get ensnared with trouble is yourself.
The species of the fish that you see in your dream will have an influence on it's meaning,for example:dolphins or porpoises mean you have fun exploring you inner subconscious mind,suggesting that you should do this more often to awaken your psychic and imaginative gifts.
Eels represent a problem that needs to be looked at.Eels also relate to aspects of love and may indicate the sliping away of a partner.
Goldfish on the other hand,whether swiming in a bowl or a pond,are seen as a lucky omen in finances,while herring are the opposite.
Salon and trout indicate that your social life will be elevated,while sardines indicate involement with social circles that will undermine your stature and position.
Tropical fish indicate ephemeral pleasures,and that you could be a little scared of commitment.
Sharks denote other enemies,you had better watch out,as they are after you.
Be particularly careful with sharks,they represent a strong financial adversry.If you are having difficulties with finances and mortgages,etc,then it will not be a surprise dreaming of a (loan)sharks pursuing you through the seas.
If you see the fins from above the water in your dream,you should sort your finances out now,before the debts become too big to handle.
If you are at a fish market it can indicate prosperity in sales therfore seeing a thriving fish market in you dreams indicates prosperity and reward.However if the fish market smells,and looks decayed,with poor specimens of rotting fish,the it can indicate lost opportunities through unscrupulous negotiations leading to financial losses.Then there are some theorists who believe that when you dream of lots of fish,that it suggests you are either gathering alot of inner wisdom,or else you are considering something to do with pregnancy or parenthood.I hope I was of some help.Take care.

Example: What does it mean to dream about koi fish?

I had a dream that I had 3 large koi fish in a bucket with water and that every time that I would hold my hand over the bucket--one of the fishes would jump up as if to bite my finger and fall to the ground. I would then pick the fish up and put it back into the bucket because I didn't want it to die.

This process continued throughout the whole dream, happening several times with each fish.

Does anyone know what this may mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of fishing at a pond or sandy beach and catch a whale or killer whale/orca?

At the pond/sandy beach I am fishing with my dad and about 3 other guys. Me and my dad are the only ones fishing also are the only ones wearing casual clothing. The other 3 guys (anglers/fishermen) are wearing fishing clothing. I could tell because I see them wearing overalls, baseball caps (not for baseball), and vests. I put the fishing line in and after a few seconds or about a minute I feel that I caught something. So I try to reel/pull the thing out of the pond or beach(mostly a pond because of how small the pond is its not too small its medium sized), I thought that I was going to get a fish but surprisingly its a orca that comes onto the ground. After that I watch one of the two fishermen somehow manage to push the whale away to the right with ease. While this is happening yellow sand not brown is being pushed aside.

Example: What does fish dreams mean?

I had a dream I was walking over a pond full of bass fish. I didn't catch any but the person I was with caught one and threw it back.

Example: What do koi fish dreams mean?

I have looked up several interpretations, but my dream doesn't seem to fit any of them. I had a dream in which I went to a friend's house. (I assume he was a friend because I've never seen him before.) He told me he wanted to show me something, and led me out back to his pool. I looked into the pool (which was a regular swimming pool) and saw about ten large koi fish, swimming around. They were mostly orange/red and white, but there were several all white ones. As I stared at the fish, the pool became a pond and we were seemingly transported to a place in a forest. I was very excited about the fish, and getting to swim with them that I didn't notice. I turned to express my excitement to my friend, and the pond shimmered and faded back into the original setting. My friend told me he put the fish there for me, but we had to leave them. He dragged me back into the house, and I watched the fish disappear, very sad.

As a side note, I've never had a dream about fish of any kind before, despite the fact that I'm a Pisces and so LOVE fishes.

Example: What does it means to dream with huge Koi fish?

I had a dream last night, that I was on board of the cruise ship I used to work on and that I was hiding because my visa wasn't good and then a huge Koi fish jumped on board and I was petting it, He felt a little prickly thought. Then I found a manila folder with pictures of my mom and dad's wedding but in that picture my youngest sister was 12 years old and everyone was wearing yellow and I was asking my sister why was she in the picture, and then I saw a picture of my mom but it was a color sketch and she was very young and looked very happy in that picture.
I am very curious, specially because today is my 34th birthday, also, I don't think it is because I am pregnant because I can't! ( my husband got a vasectomy and I have never been with anyone else )
Please advise!

Example: What does it mean to dream of many fishes with open mouth?

Last night I have a dream about many different kind of fishes. Though, at first beforehand I dreamed of a flood coming down a forest and some people in it. The flood was coming down and I dreamed of a man having a headless head than when I looked again he was not headless anymore. Then the next thing I knew then as that I was in a circle with muddy water in it. I was walking on the top seeing dead fishes on the grasses. also fishes in bottles opening there mouth trying to catch other fishes which were being used by human hands under the water. the fishes were black or dark and has sharp teethes. after that I looked around and saw at least two fishes i saw that were still alive and were actually flying like if they were in the water. but they were out of the water with the other dead fishes. They were flying away from me as I approached them. they went off then the next thing I knew too was that i wanted to jump to the center of the muddy water that looked like a pool or pond. I have just to say it was odd really. this part bothered me in a way since it actually seems like a warning to me. When, I looked around and fish seeing all of those fishes i wanted to jump to the middle of water and I did. After, I jumped into the water I saw a big mouth in the water like an animal or fish. it was like a mouth with sharp white teeth trying to eat me or suck me into it. the moment when i saw it i swimmed to my left side of the small water and was trying to get away from it.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of fish?

My friend had a dream that she was walking threw a pond of a lot of fish. I've heard that old saying when someone dream of fish means someone is pregnant or trying to conceive. I thought the dream was very interesting

Example: Does anyone dream of fish. Whats this supposed to mean?

I dream about fish.Sometimes they are alive,sometimes dead.They are large black fish.The dead ones are decayed and rotton and in all sorts of water eg ponds, lakes, rivers even swimming pools. I don't know why I dream about fish but have done for years.

Example: What does my fish dream means.. pLEASE ANYBODY!?

i would like to kno PLEASE wat does my dream about fish mean,

i some how appeared on this island and ended up next to a really nice decorated pond but it looked like a jacuzzi and wen i was sittin on the edge of this pond/jacuzzi thing all of a sudden like 6 or 7 fish appeared. but the thing about these fish were they were really small {small enough to fit all of them in a medium sized fish tank} AND they were clear... iCuld see right thru them... it looked like they were made of plastic.
but moving on.. so wen they appeared all of a sudden i had a fish net (the ones you buy for a fish tank) and i was trying to catch it and iDid end up catching the biggest one in the lil group and like 2 really small ones. but then iWas afraid to look at them but wen iDid go to lukk at em i hurriedly placed them bakk in the water but for some reason one of the small ones was still swimming in the net like it didnt want to get out...
so i jus dropped the net in the pond and went back in to ma room and on ma bed as a pile of ma clothes but you can see tht there was 3 insects/bugs on ma clothes. one was really big about the size of a porkchop and it looked like a island bug. another one was a beetle and the other one iDont remember...
soo of course that freaked me out and iWent into ma den to get away from the thought of wat i saw.. but wen iwent in ma den somehow iHad the bed blanket wrapped around me (yes the same blanket that was under the pile of clothes) nd wen i went in the den Ma FRIEND (who has been tkn care of me the last 8 mnths while ive ben in skool) was sittin in the chair wrapped in this pink comforter (as if she was hiding from me) and then iwent over to the side of her chair and waited for her to peek thru the cover and then ismiled. iGuess because iKnew then that she was the one to put the bugs on ma clothes...
but the sad thing is.. in real life she HATES bugs...
and then iWoke up

so PLEASE if anybody kno wat this dream culd POSSIBLY mean.. PLEASE let me kno, thank you soooo much

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