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Dream About Fish Market meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you dream about alot of fish?

Water,and in Particular the sea,represents our subconscious mind,therefore fish have a very important influenece in our dreams and indicate our feelings,particularly with regard to new projects.If the fish are swimming in clear open water then this is a strong indication of new prosperity.If the water is cloudy and polluted,then the project heralds emotional confusion.If you are fishing and you catch a fish,it means that you wil have success in your current undertakings.
Like the fisherman who patiently waits to catch a fish,dreaming of fishing means that you may have to wait for success,however your wait will be worth it.If you snare yourself on a fish hook in your dream,you are being warned against employing unscrupulos or deceptive tactics for the only person who will get ensnared with trouble is yourself.
The species of the fish that you see in your dream will have an influence on it's meaning,for example:dolphins or porpoises mean you have fun exploring you inner subconscious mind,suggesting that you should do this more often to awaken your psychic and imaginative gifts.
Eels represent a problem that needs to be looked at.Eels also relate to aspects of love and may indicate the sliping away of a partner.
Goldfish on the other hand,whether swiming in a bowl or a pond,are seen as a lucky omen in finances,while herring are the opposite.
Salon and trout indicate that your social life will be elevated,while sardines indicate involement with social circles that will undermine your stature and position.
Tropical fish indicate ephemeral pleasures,and that you could be a little scared of commitment.
Sharks denote other enemies,you had better watch out,as they are after you.
Be particularly careful with sharks,they represent a strong financial adversry.If you are having difficulties with finances and mortgages,etc,then it will not be a surprise dreaming of a (loan)sharks pursuing you through the seas.
If you see the fins from above the water in your dream,you should sort your finances out now,before the debts become too big to handle.
If you are at a fish market it can indicate prosperity in sales therfore seeing a thriving fish market in you dreams indicates prosperity and reward.However if the fish market smells,and looks decayed,with poor specimens of rotting fish,the it can indicate lost opportunities through unscrupulous negotiations leading to financial losses.Then there are some theorists who believe that when you dream of lots of fish,that it suggests you are either gathering alot of inner wisdom,or else you are considering something to do with pregnancy or parenthood.I hope I was of some help.Take care.

Example: What does my Strange dream about fish mean!?!?! ?

I had this dream that i got a fish tank and it was quite large so it had a bunch of different types of fish which most were like goldfish and there was this one large long yellow one that was eating all the little gold fish so i would see them dissapearing little by little. Then at one point all of them were laying dead but they were pretending... So i decided to take the large yellow one out and put it in a different fish tank so i did that but somehow it could come out and like jump into the other fish tank. It was really weird what could the dream mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about a fish?

big and orange

Example: What does this mean in a dream ANYONE HELP ?

-fish market

[ I saw two celebrity which were Kourtney kardashian and Juicy j from Three Six Mafia Kourtney kardashian was smoking a cigarette ]

[Also i was at a fish market with my mom and i saw allot of big and small scallops]

Example: I keep Dreaming of fish ?

I have fish 12 to be exact. I like them and seem to rarely have dreams of having more fish than I already have. Like for example tretas, mollies, platies, gold fish. They are just there and I watch them for what seems like hours. I also have dreams where I find baby fish in my tank. What's it mean? Thanks.

Example: Two fish in dreams...?

i am fishing .i get two fish one is small other is big ,what its means get ?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I only remember important things though the dream did repeat after a couple of minutes later so here comes,
OK like the backgrounds like in toy story ( Andy's room) well, what I was watching it yesterday anyway after that I enter the movie theater everything is blankness all I see is the screen some people around me. I see familiar faces but all a blur. Then a toy train comes toward me then gets bigger and bigger then when it was about to crash into my face an alarm goes off saying stuff in Chinese then shortly in English says something like um " Please exit out quickly!" then my family and I rush to the car while the setting changes to my house and my mom's rushing to the house to get items ( similar to when my house burned down, my mom had to rush to get items out of the house alone) then she disappeared and so did every one else then the setting changes to my temple I saw everyone then dressed up all royal except me all I was wearing was ragged clothes and I was a toy then I went inside there nothing was there all blank no furniture or human living objects. Then this boy comes but before that I sensed it so I hid in the closet and at first he walked away then came directly towards the door and see's me and chases after me then I scream and after that they put him in time out or something then I taunted him then the setting changed to darkness and I was directly staring at a garage in front of my house then in it are familiar faces like my 2 uncle's one still here and one out of state and my grandma then they play Wii like regular then when they asked me to play I just nodded and then the setting changed to me being chased by some men and this part is sort of sad and like real life you see my dad works at a fish market and has to kill frogs and fish for customers and ever since he's had bad dreams from killing innocent lives so anyway back to the story, they but shot a bullet through my leg but missed yet I collapsed then out of nowhere my dad appears and the hang upside down like I'm nothing but a frog and order him to kill me and I saw a tear in his eyes then he disappeared and so did the setting we were in a car together only me, my brother and him then we went back to the past settings quickly and then a new setting appeared it was the bathroom my dad was there and the lights were flickering on and off and i heard voices loud and clear and then I was alone and my brother turned into a girl then I screamed for my dad until everything went dark then I was back at this theater where there was a family waiting for me and I talked to them and at that time my brother/sister disappeared and I told them my family left me then my dad rejoined me saying I was waiting in the boys room then I saw everyone come back to a regular day it was like nothing had happened could you tell me what this means. That would mean a lot thanks!


what do you thing this means? I just had a dream that my husband and i were on a fishing trip somewhere. i thought it was south but then found out we were north on the great lakes and not the ocean after all.. well we were on a huge party boat in rainy weather and he just kept catching huge fish after huge fish. only 2 different kinds and he was throwing them to me, (just like they do in seattle's fish market) and i was packing them up to take them home.. and i ask.. so these are the blues? referring to the smaller (20 lbs. or soo) fish. he confirmed. they had smooth beautiful teeth and big lips and very long and plump.. very nice looking fish. and we were soo happy that it was a huge sucess!

Example: So, tell me what you think my dream meant?

I was training, I had all my equipment/gear and I was told to get on a bus. There was someone left behind and I went to get that person.

All of a sudden we were in an out door market place. I still had all my gear and we were running for the bus, but the other person stopped to by ice cream? I tried to make them hurry, but they took there time. Finally we made it to the bus, but it was gone.

I was alone at the out door market. I noticed I dropped my cell phone and went to pick it up, but by the time I got to where it was, it was gone and the gear I was carrying had also disappeared. I was in a white dress and rubber slippers. The place I just walked became flooded with water and I could see Koi Fish in the deepest part of the water.

As I tried to go back the way I had come, two fish rush me. Their gills flared out and I could feel their skin. The first one was a red Koi, although he was heavy, I pushed him away. The orange Koi was a little harder, but I pushed him back into the water. The orange Koi came back around, but only swam around me and returned to the deep.

Then, I woke up.

Example: Scary Dream!?

Okay, so there is this guy, and I 'liked' him a while ago, when this dream happened. About a week later, we got into a huge fight. We haven't really spoken since. Also, I have been given one good answer, but I like several opinions. Bare with me, I'm 14.
I remember this dream in extreme clarity. Here is what happened:
I was about 30, with kids, a husband, a dog, a cat, fish, etc.
I went out shopping to the grocery store, and I came back home. I open the door to find this guy(the one I said I liked) standing in the hall with a butcher knife that was covered in blood, just like he was. Next to him was a pile of body parts of all of my animals, my husband and my kids. He even poisoned my FISH! He simply stood there and said,"I hate you". I pulled a gun from my purse and shot him dead. Then the dream ended.
Any ideas on what this means?

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