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Dream About Fish Hooks meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean (Fishing)?

I had a dream last night where i was fishing with my dad and then I remember we went to a different spot to fish where we had to follow steps to fish. Making a small platform of rocks for me to stand on just off the shore. And then I asked my dad to put the crab on the hook because I hate the thought of them. He left and I guess I fell and hit my head on a rock and some guy came and laughed at me and I was yelling at him. then my dad came back and said it was my own fault i fell and was mocking me. So I flipped him off and yelled fcuk you, then for some reason i was in shallow water and he was pissed and about to throw the crab at me and i was terrified, but what he threw at me was more like cooked shrimp. thats all i remember, Does it mean anything.

It means you are trying to resolve your feelings about your dad, about people in general.

Fishing is like looking for work...you can do everythign right and still get nothing...are you about to go out into the world and get a job or start a new school soon?

fear of falling is about fear of failure...when adults fall, they perceive it as being back in childhood where we fall all the time

ridicule refers to real ridicule where if you fail, some will not be supportive...you seem very concerned you will not succeed

it means you are normal (worried about succeeding in you new endeavors)

Example: What does it mean when you dream about alot of fish?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fish hooks?

What does it mean when the fish hooks are all over your body ( in a dream )

Example: What does it mean to dream about fishing with my dad?

I had a dream last night that me and my father went fishing. It started off with me and him getting our fishing poles from some lady who was selling/renting them out to us. She then handed me a giant fish, maybe 6 feet long, and 4 feet wide. She was holding it by the corner of its mouth. I went to grab it by it's body and she said "No, you have to hold it by the corner of it's" mouth, so I did. Me and my father then walked through a door attached to a cement wall. On the other side was a small grassy area that sloped down at a very steep incline to the lake below. The next thing I know the fish is already on the hook and I've got the pole. I get closer to the edge to try and cast the line and start to slide down the hill towards the water. I catch myself about half way down. I remember feeling like I was hanging on by a thread, like at any moment I was about to lose it and fall to the bottom. I spoke very quietly and calmly to my father asking for help. I spoke softly as if talking any other way would tip me over the edge and I would be gone. My father reached down with one hand and pulled me out effortlessly. We laughed and hugged and he asked me if I need help casting the line. It's blurry what happened after that but I know neither of us successfully went fishing. At some point I remember a line tangled in the water with no bait on it, but I don't know if it was mine or his.

Example: Fish hook dream meaning?

I had a dream about 3 days ago about having 1 giant fish hook stuck through the tips of my first 3 fingers in my right hand. I haven't been able to forget it and I just want to understand what it means. Help?

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about fishing?

last night I had a dream that i was fishing on a boardwalk and i hooked what seemed to be a HUGE fish but both time where i tried reeling it in,it got away..I never saw how big the fish was,it just felt massive.Does this dream mean anything? The only reason I ask is because i just recently read that dreams are indeed symbolic so i'm just wondering what my dream "symbolized"

Example: When you dream of fish does it mean someone is pregnant?

Example: What my fish dream meant?

I was on a lake in a boat with some people. I had this big fish who bit the line but then he let go.
I could see him near the line then I finally made it move where he hooked himself. I proceeded to reel him which was alittle hard but I got him into the boat. When I pulled the line up and got the fish by me I woke up

Example: Dream meaning: Goldfish coming out of my vagina?

I had a dream, that my husband and i were arguing about his sperm not fertilizing my egg, and i asked him to prove his fertility. I put something on my vagina and his sperm fertilized what ever i put there.
Then a gold fish started coming out and flopping around..
This is very strange.. can someone relate to this? or had a similar dream?

Example: What do these dreams mean. flood in my city, brother getting divorced, and my dad dying and ressesetating as a fish?

This is all weird. I just woke up in a dream where the city was beginning to flood however my apartment was on a high rise of land or area of the city which was not yet affected.

Later in this dream I ended up chasing a man with a crossbow who was trying to kill my dad, with a crossbow, quite small too. I ran as fast as I could to save him but I was too late, (as bad as this sounds) I killed the mab in anger. I then turned to look at my father who was now a fish.. in a plate. A gold fish, his head there, and his heart and tail.. but his body was eaten up where it was only intact bones.

I attempted to keep him alive(for some reason i believed he could be alive) I contacted his heart surgeon and he would be available in the next 5 hours. I knew that would be too late. I was already devastated.

By the time the surgeon was ready I went in to see him where my vrother was suddenly present. He lives far from me and we barely speak. We told the doctor we would pay anything to save him and as ridiculous as it sounds, put him back in his human form. In that moment my brother told me he was divorced (which seems unrealistic , just married, has a baby girl) which was also a shock.further more he had lost everything else like business and a life long friend, all related.

the final stage of the dream was my dad was hooked up to a spray nozzle like the ones they use in a salon. There was blood which lead through the pipe into the nozzle head which was keeping my dads fish heart pumpd

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