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Dream About Fish Eye meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fish?

Okay well I went to a pet shop and I wanted to buy a dog or a cat and I heard animals and dogs barking like in a regular pet shop but when I tried looking for a cat or a dog but I kept seeing fish everywhere, in fish tanks, and then this one fish caught my eye, it was in a cage. It was in a regular cage with no water (like a cage you would put a hamster in) and it was just floating around as if it was swimming in water and at one point it stopped and slowly fell to the bottom of the cage and laid on its side and I thought it was dead and then it came back to life and started to swim again. It was a really weird dream and I don't really know what it was supposed to mean.

Fish can indicate a fear of water. But water signifies cleansing and renewal or rebirth, and because the fish seems to die then come back to life, i think this is the emphasis of the dream. Coincidence that your name is ariel? Lol.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a dead fish?

I had a dream that a dead fish was wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil and it wasn't alive because it had suffocated to death.

Example: I had a dream about a fish. Could you please tell what it means?

I saw a very beautiful fish. Shiny silvery or golden but then I saw that someone had started to dissect it and i was also forced to dissect it. When i cut it open, there was nothing nasty but ... there were many layers of white and yellow coloured muscle inside that fish.

It confused me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a fish but the fish is in your eye then weeks later your wife dreams of fish?

Example: Dream about my pet fish? what does it mean?

i dreamed that my pet fish died. last few moments before it was going to die, it was gasping for air but it wasnt floating like how normal fishes are wehn they die. and my pet fish after gasping for air several times, then it slowly closes its eye and died peacefully.
what does this means?
a few days back i was dreaming bout goldfish appearing in the sky and it turn really golden at the end. are they related?

Example: Dreaming about fish ? what does it mean ?

I keep having weird dreams lately.

I have had dreams about fish twice this week and would like to know what does it mean?
Some back ground before I tell my dreams I am into reef aquariums so all the fish are saltwater fish that I can name. I have a few tanks in my apt that are empty, I really never dream about fish so this is odd to me.

First Dream I was cleaning my aquarium it’s a 29 gallon biocube. I took my two fish out a pair of true percula clowns. well whatever I was doing to my tank I was ready to put my fish back in the tank. I picked up a bucket and poured it into my aquarium 2 clowns came out like I suspected.

Then I grab another bucket to fill up this 8 gallon tank I have. ( have no idea why I was doing this) I picked up bucket to pour in tank and 2 more clown fish came out ?!?! These where true perculas also but the Onyx type. I was like wtf in my own dream ? I looked at them and was trying to figure out where they came from. I looked in all the buckest I had on the floor and then I looked at my biocube tank and I see a flame hawk fish ( I had a flame hawkfish but he went carpet surfing so he passed away a few months back)
I was so confused it caused me to make up.

Second dream

I was just looking at my aquarium , and I think I put new live rock in there or something so this is why I was looking in my aquarium. 2 clowns there and hawkfish ( back from the dead lol) But then in the back of my aquarium I see a little read fish moving around fast then it stopped moving and it was a young long nose hawkfish ….. I was again like wtf where did it come from? Then another fish appeared a young butterfly fish ( not sure what species) , then a midas blenny appeared ! I then woke up !

Any thoughts ? Or am I just crazy ?

Example: Dream meaning? In my dream I see a pair of eyes beautiful white bright eyes floating in front of me. Then...?

Well I am not sure about the deception thing at all. How can white eyes signify desire and dark deception? Wouldnt one normally associate white with goodness? Seems that its not such a good dream after all! It was a very vivid one though and in real life that person called as well altho not me but they did make a contact about 3 days later. What does that mean - is that my subconscious dream dr?

Example: What does my dream mean? guns/friends face rotting/fish/job?

ill make it short
In my dream last night i was sitting at a restaruant w/ my best friend face to face
i suddenly look up to see her face melting/rotting off
the most intense was seeing her eyes droop and seem to melt away i got up n ran out

also further in the dream a guy was chasing me w/ a gun shooting when he got a chance
a bullet grazed my arm, i then took out my gun and shot at him, but never got a hit
he chased me through out the dream

3 small tilapia fish came to me (dont know/cant remember how)
i didnt want to put them in my regular tank in fear they would kill my other fish
so i put them in a little box of water barely big enough to fit them in
and threw them in my closet...later one jumped out, i put it back
the others were not found

also i went to my old job and talked to my manager in hopes of getting re hired (i was let go)
he said he was going to give me another chance, so i got the job but never went to work in the dream

**everything was in order
what could this meannn?

Example: When you dream of fish, does that really mean some one is pregnate?

it's one of those sayings that have been in my family for years. Usually someone does end up pregnate, but if this type of dream really linked to pregnacies.

Example: Dream: what do fish using their fins to walk on a wet sidewalk mean?

I had a dream I was walking up a wet sidewalk and saw like a school of fish flipping on it in front of me, some were flipping as high as eye level, flinging water everywhere. Then I noticed all that were not flip flopping were actually walking/ waddling with their fins dragging their tails heads up mouths open. They were very developed fins like they were made for walking. I accidentally stepped on one of the fish with my heel.

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