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Dream About Firefly meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can you tell me what my dream means. I cant find my book. and im not good at putting things together anway?

Me and my best friend (who im in love with, but we cant be together right now) were laying in a graveyard at night and I had my head rested on his chest and we were catching fireflies. And he whispered "keep breathing my dark angel , if you go down I go with you."

please help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks bunches.


He believes in the devil maybe and considered you his dark angel?
Freaky dream usually firefly's mean a new path is being lit for you and you will go down it
Maybe you friend is trying to turn you evil or you are scared of graveyards and your friend's chest ^^

Example: What is the meaning of the song fireflies?

i have read the lyrics before but i still don`t get it, what does it mean?

Example: What does this song mean?

the song fireflies. what does it mean

Example: What's the meaning in the song Fireflies by Owl City?

it's cute.
but i don't get the message.
keeps them in a jar?
he'll know where they are if his dreams get bizzare cause he kept them in a jar?
idk, u tell me.
i'm lost.

Example: What is the real meaning of the song Fireflies by Owl City?

Okay, I dont want to hear nonesense about this song being about bugs and dancing, or that this guy was just singing random stuff. I know there's gotta be a meaning behind the lyrics, but could anybody tell me just what that is? And please dont be insulting either, I actually really like this song, and will take offense :) thanks!

Example: What does the song Fireflies mean?

Its so weird and I just dont get it. A foxtrot above my head? WTF?

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