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Dream About Fingers meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean!?

Okay I had a dream that I was pregnant (I'm 14 and actually not pregnant in real life) and my watert broke, but the baby came out of my mouth(you might think I'm really crazy right now but that's ny dream for you) but everyone acted like it was normal I didn't even realize it wasn't until I woke up and thought about it. So I was in my room and my mom kept saying "The maid just came"(because obviously I was going to make a mess, oh and we have no maid) and so my mom was pulling my baby from my mouth and when she got it out parts of its fingers and um private part (I'm not even trying to be gross right now, that's what happened and it was a boy) and the parts were in my mouth(again, NOT trying to be gross). Then my mom looked at my dad and said "Do you still change your mind?" And I was like gagging and he said "No." Then I woke up. What could this mean I heard all dreams mean something I'm so scared?

I am going to try and help you. First though, I'd like to try to help you, to help yourself.
Dreams come from the subconsciousness, the part of the mind in which you think things, but don't realize you are thinking them. So everything in your dream you have been thinking about in some way, but you just haven't realized it. Let me explain. The "Baby" is your alter ego. It's the part of you that thinks subconsciously. Now, you may be thinking "Wtf? I a'int no baby. I didnt come out my mums mouth!" Okay, well that may be true, but think about the baby's life. First off he is male. He came from out of your mouth, and your dad has a problem with him. The baby comes from out of you so he can disguise himself as someone else, not you, and confuse you. And you are there as a sort of template. But that baby is you. Think about how he may be feeling in his emotions. He emerges from a mouth but not all of his body comes out. This is a sign of regret. He doesn't want to, or is struggling to, come out of your mouth, so the only way for him to actually come out is to sacrifice a part of himself. Now lets put you in that position. Think about your average life. You want to do something, but are afraid you cannot. You are scared that if you do it, some people may not like you for it. But you want to do it, and yet you are scared of what they may think of you. The only way to get want you want is to tell them first, but that wont work. So you must lie. You must sacrifice the truth and let them down. In your real case, your sacrifice is the trust of your parents. Get it? The baby wants to do something (Escape from your mouth) but is afraid he cannot without sacrificing something (parts of his body). Then there is you. You want to do something (I am not sure what this is. But you are a teenager it cannot be that bad. Maybe it involves a boy. Love. I don't know.) But you are afraid you cannot without sacrificing something (The trust of your parents.) Think about every situation you are in right now. Its down to you. Something is happening in your lives that cannot go on without your parents knowing about it. See, in your dream your mother tries to take out the parts of the baby that still remain in your mouth (The fingers and his penis), or you could say she is trying to help you (the baby) by taking back those sacrifices. So in real life you imagine you cannot go through with your current situation without your parents finding out and if they do find out they will try to do anything they can to forgive you but in the end they will not. Sound familiar? Trying to forgive you and failing? "Do you still change your mind?" "No". In your dream, the sacrifices are fingers and the baby's penis. In reality the sacrifice is your parents trust. These, believe it or not, link. Fingers are used to obtain. To grab. To take. To clutch. To fiddle. And what is a penis used for? Well I don't need to go into any of this right now do I? I think you are getting the message...? Look, your 14. Your a teenager, as am I, and I know what you are going through. It's called being sexually frustrated. You crave sex. Not actual sexual intercourse, but the idea of it. The idea that if you can do it you can be like anyone else. You need sex. A boyfriend (Or maybe you have one). It doesn't matter. What I am saying is that you are going through puberty. Taking a sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Becoming curious. Growing up. Learning. Loving. We all go through it. And now you are. This is the thing you don't want your parents to know. That you are growing up. Because you know they won't be able to take it. And they will not be able to forgive you for growing up because it is an act of nature. You can't help how you feel about your sexuality anymore. And neither can they. So what have you been doing? You've been hiding it. You want my best advice? Tell them. Admit it. Admit what you have done. You want to know why the baby is coming out of your mouth? You cant get the words out of your mouth. Its like its blocking the truth from coming out. The real source, you think, is your mouth. Because with your mouth is the only way to talk about it. To admit it. So if you ask me, I say... Just admit it.

If you want to talk to me about this you can contact me on yahoo :)

- Kieran.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream a few nights ago and its kinda weird so sorry
so i was at a club and i was drinking something i dont know what and put it down and someone poisened it and i drank it without knowing it. then i went on the dancefloor and my friends older sister started seducing me but i wasnt drunk i just pretended i was and i went along with it and then she fingered me? i know its weird sorry hahha so anyways after the poison started acting on me and i got a rash and i couldnt breath and i screamed but nothing came out but then it just llike went away. i know its weird but its been bothering me so if you could please interpret it for me?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i used to get this dream alot. but its so weird.
it takes place at my nana's old house on the back porch.
but i see a beautiful red headed woman who seems to be a queen. dressed in a long gown sitting on a thrown. and i realize its me...i dont have red hair at all and i looked nothing like that woman. but i kept zooming into the woman and it goes black. finally im looking out from the back porch and i am the woman now. im looking out at the lake and all of the grass is sharp thorns. there was people walking around in the thorns with ragged clothes and bleeding from all the thorns. then out of no where i stand up and start to fly over the people and looking down at all of them moaning and reaching for my hand. then i decided to try n touch one of the thorns. i touch it so slightly that in normal life it wouldnt do anything but then as soon as i touch it i start to bleed out of my finger. and so i fly so fast back towards my thrown i feel like im falling but im only flying in my dream. and as soon as i sit back down on the thrown my finger stops bleeding. i dont remember more than that, i think i woke up. but it still confuses me. any help on what this might mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream of the guy I liked for a year and half now also one of my close friends, where he told me to follow him and he bought me to this place where it was just me and him and I can't remember what he said but he held my hands and bought me close and kissed my forehead, and he cuddled me for a little then I don't remember too much what happened after. But he tends to pop in my dreams sometimes. But lately I noticed he's showing feelings towards me in my dreams and showing up more often. one dream I had before this one was I was walking in a parking lot and he came up to me and I started laughing and smiling he asked what I was laughing at and I looked down our fingers were together like holding hands.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I've had this dream multiple times in different variations. It's basically me just getting mad at people and telling people how I feel about how they act.

The first dream is my mom yelling at me and I just tell her to shut the f**k up. Im cursing and and screaming and then I slap her then run out if the house. I never swear in front of my parents and never swear at people so I don't know why I would do it.

The second dream is when I'm at lunch and my best friend says something and I get up and curse at her and say that she so conceited and I tell everyone in the cafeteria what I felt about them that i Wouldn't tell anyone face to face.

Today I was in class and for a while now my teacher will send the same kid out in the hallway and not come back. Then I thought in my head that I told her that she is f**ked up and I gave her the middle finger and walked out of the room.
I don't know if suddenly I'm going to start swearing to my teachers, family, and friends but I'm concerned on what this means. I'm a really nice person and i don't want to turn into a bully. Please help

Example: Dream Meaning.. Help?

I dreamed I was bitten by a brown recluse. I had seen the spider and was trying to protect someone from it. I was pinching it with my fingers to kill it and it bit my finger. My finger started to bubble up, and I started hallucinating, but I knew it was from the spider bite. I was on my way to the hospital when I woke up. Can anyone help with a dream meaning?

Example: Last night I had a dream of a X girlfriend she had her ring on her index finger,whats that mean?

It was a girl that I used to date in collage really nice person just dint do it for me, but a great friend such a strange dream...the girl just got married. So I had this dream and I seen her all she did was hold her hand up and the ring was on her index finger whats that mean? She dint say anything she just showed me the hand with the finger on the index thats all and moved on...help? Whats this mean?

Example: Tiger meaning in a dream?

I keep on having this reoccurring dream of tigers following me. They are not necessarily attacking me, just following me but it's pretty scary to be followed by a predatory animal not know if it's benevolent or malign.

I'm applying to grad schools and I was at a university and I was there by myself. I leave a university building and there is a tiger outside which alarms me and head straight back inside. Wouldn't you know it, the cat finds a way in the building as well. I stumble and navigate to some room that had shotguns and I barricade and lock the door. I keep waiting for that thing to come get me and my finger is on the trigger. I feel safe with the arms.

The strange thing is it looked so peaceful, like I just wanted to befriend it but it may have cost me my life.

Personally I think it could represent a government; A caring and potentially powerful ally or nemesis. The university and shotguns may have represented clout.

What do you think? Am I missing something?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Anyone else have that dream where you lick caramel off Daisy Duck's fingers? What do you think it could mean? I've heard Donald is prone to jealousy. Should I start looking over my shoulder?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I was in a garden with my family, and Abraham Lincoln was walking around looking really creepy. There was an Abraham Lincoln monument with a sign that said "Do not disturb". My dad disturbed it, and Abraham threw a full-sized flaming carousel at him. He then proceeded to throw flaming carousels at all of us. Then, I pointed my finger at a door and the door turned black and crumbled. I turned into a marble and went bowling, with me being the ball. I felt lonely, cause I was so small and had no contact with the outside world. What does this mean?

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