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Dream About Finger meanings

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Example: What does it mean when dreaming about extra fingers?

i had a dream that on my right hand i grew and second ring finger and on the left hand i grew two little fingers out of my ring finger? can someone please tell me what each means! thanks!

After much research of this exact subject in my free time, I have undoubtedly concluded that it means you are in the beginning stages of faggotry. The extra fingers are obviously there for you to insert into your anus, via your subconscious dreams. It is an expression of your innermost fantasies.

Example: What does it mean to lose my finger and arm in a dream?

The other night i had a dream that i surprisingly still retained these past few days. In the dream i was with a large group of friends just hanging out doing the usual just talking and chatting about stuff and such, when I noticed in the group of friends there were a few people I was not able to recognize as people i knew but i felt comfortable being around them and i wasn't curious to who they were or where they were from...and then one of the people in the group randomly pulled out an ax which lead me in to willingly letting a stranger sever my limbs. In the dream i casually tried putting my arm back into a whole but the weird thing was that it didn't even phase me i felt no worry or concern of my arm being this way, i was more looking forward to not having to attend work due to my arm being hacked off. there was no pain nor panic from me or anyone. in the dream we continued the usual and hung out and partied all night and occasionally i would look down to keep my arm together because it kept coming "loose" is the best way to describe it. so yea that was my dream and it was strange and i wanted to know if anyone knew if it ment anything or if im just a weird dreamer aha.

Example: What does this dream mean? Fingers?

Hey, well this isn't about me... but my best friend, who i've known all my life.. she had this really random dream the other day about me..

Okay, well in the dream I randomly asked her "What finger do you use?" and she said "This one!" then I held out my middle finger and it had a golden ring on it, and I said "Sweet, I use this one!"

And that was the dream.. it's pretty short, but she was wondering what it meant...

Thanks, Cam.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream of having hairy fingers?

I keep having this dream for two days already that my pinky and my middle finger are hairy like pubic hairy like soo bad of pubic hair you cant see the skin just a bush of hair and when i shave it its supposed to get more thicker and act like real hair even though it was hair in a can that you can spray and make yourself look like you have body hair but its permanent. What does this mean?

& btw i have not seen anything / and think about werwolf's. I HATE WERWOLF'S btw, i love VAMPIRES so don't give me that c*** that its werwolf's.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of two fingers pointing down?

I had this dream awhile ago thoe.

It looked like hands I recognized.

I remember how i felt just not enough since it was a long time ago.

If it had to do with doubt i would think that passed because I'm decently not living with doubt right now…. i think… i just lost a boyfriend who was the love of my life but I'm trying to get him back. I think my dream was about finding love.

Example: What does it mean to dream of yourself pulling out a fingernail from your brothers finger?

What does it mean if you dream of pulling out a single finger nail of your brothers hand? The fingernail was clean and wasn't very long. Was just wondering because I thought it was kinda strange? :)

Example: What does it mean when you dream you have an extra finger?

I had a dream that I had an extra finger on my right hand, making a total of 11 fingers. This was accompanied with me also realizing i had three eyes across my head. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks!

Example: DREAM - ring finger was cut off, what does it mean?

hey, my boyfriend had a dream that his ring finger on his left hand was cut off from the knuckle what could it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about green plants growing on my fingers?

Example: Whats it mean if you dreamed of a lady bug bitting my finger?

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