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Dream About Finding Something meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does my dream mean something?

ok so i only asks this because i had a really weird dream about my friend. what happened was that i started i was at school and my friend thought i was acting different since he got a gf the whole school went camping l me my other friend him and his gf were cabin mates he came up to me told me he didn't want to loose me as a friend started crying and saying he didn't want to loose me as a friend i gave him a hug he said i love you (IKD if it was the real way or friend way) i said i love you ( ik the friend way hes like a brother to me) his gf got mad pulled him away and i woke up
would that have any meaning at all i thought it was really weird because he told me last thursday that he had gottin a new girlfriend. he kept saying "if i can get a gf then you can get a bf" i keep saying no CUX for me its not really possible (im curvy not to pretty and fairly odd) he then started acting weird after he told me bout his gf... we are both socially awkward high schoolers as it is but he just acted weirder. but getting off track would my dream have any meaning or was it just a big blob of blah? no mean answers please

All dreams mean something if you write out the whole of it properly. They are life-supporting help provided by analogy or concept with many plays on words within them.

You would be well advised to keep up the friendship, and be ready when he finds the current relationship doesn't work. He hasn't yet matured enough to know what is best for him (and doesn't listen to the advice his dreams are providing).

Example: Can dreams mean something?

This may sound a little wierd but I read that what you dream about can actuall mean something in real life. Just the other night I had a dream that my boyfriend of 3 years was lieing to me an sneaking off to hang out with other girls ect. The just yesterday I discovered pictures he uploaded into his email of other girls naked and flashing the camara. I dont know how to approach this subject either. If i did he would probably get mad at me and break up with me. Or at least that is the most likely thing to happen. I love him but this really upset me. Please Help.

Example: Do you personally think that dreams mean something?

I keep having dreams about a boy that I liked last year, and even though we don't talk that much I still kind of like him this year.

I know a lot of people say that if someone's on your mind they're supposed to be there, so do you think its true?

The dream I remember most was me hugging him in the hallway at school by his locker and resting my head on his chest/shoulder, and I remember he smelled really good.. like axe or tag but not like he bathed in it like most guys do.

What does this mean?
And what should I do to try to talk to him more?

Example: Does this dream mean something?

Well if you read my last question I didn't make it clear. My friend would trip and he would find his close friends names on tomb stones does this mean anything?

Example: Do dreams mean something?

I had a bream where I was an ivestigater and when I was close to finding the answer I woke up but my question is can dreams mean something?

Example: Does my dream mean something?


I have this dream last night where I was in a prison camp escaping with my mum and the dog, (seriously lol) and I accidentally fell over on a spike. Then after I got up I saw a road in front of me, this driver stopped and picked me up and took me to a motel where I hid in a secret cupboard. After that we found the cupboard had an openable floor so we went down, and there was a bunker underneath that you can get into and hide. Then I drempt that there was a bomb set off and everyone on the world died and the world was infested with animals and stuff so we had to stay in the bunker but then the animals found a way to get in and we had to shut down parts of the bunker as they were attacked. When we had got to the last room and the animals were attacking the door for a while and then they got through this metal door, and started to jump towards me and i woke up.

My question is, does it mean anything? Does the prison camp mean my brain doesn't feel free? Do I need to escape or something?

Example: Do dreams mean something?

my friend had a dream last year about me and this boy that i've known for along time now, and her dream was about me and him in her basement talking. and i was sitting on his lap complimenting his sweater and him complimentin my jacket. and she said during her dream she walked downstairs and saw this, and ran upstairs n got mad..!

2nd dream which was yesterday>> she had a dream that me and him were outside infront of her house privately talking, and suddenly started making out...! and how she saw this, and then pulled me away to her backyard. Then he came and budded in the conversation, and she got mad and started crying.

Now she's telling me, saying what if me and him start dating in the furture in real life. I mean i dont understand why she keeps having these love dreams about me and him! what does this mean?

Example: What's it mean to dream you found something you had lost in your waken life?

As a kid I had a gameboy advanced and it got lost somehow.. I would always loose it but i'd always find it. The last time I lost it it was never found til this day. In my dream, my mom had found it in one of her pouches somewhere, what does this mean? ..to dream you find something you lost.

Example: Dreams help find the meaning?

I had a dream that I enter a resturant and I sat in this round table. I was sitting of the person.I am deeply in love with and that person seem to be looking for someone. I was trying to do actions to get their attention but it seem as they didnt see me. I got sad and then I got up and left, I was heart broke does it mean something besides me getting heart broken.

Example: Do dreams mean something?

My husband and i are currently seperated. We both used to be devoted Christans but shortly before we seperated we both stopped going to church we started smoking drinking (etc) amyways he is about 45 minutes away from me, last night i had a dream that his cousin got shot in his head and died, i woke up went back to sleep and the same dream continued. My husband called me early this morning and before i could get a chance to tell him my dream he went on to tell me the same dream But instead of it being his cousin it was him who was shot but all the details are the same. My heart feels really troubled, what could this all mean?

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