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Dream About Fight meanings

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Example: What does fighting in dream mean?

Ok so I have been having similar dreams lately. I am always getting into fist fights in my dreams and I will continue to hit my opponent but nothing will happen. He wont take any damage and it seems as if i am doing nothing. Like I will see my fist make contact and nothing it juts continues as if i did nothing. It is really bothering me. Anyone have any idea on what this means?

I'll try my best in interpret you dream.

Fighting in dreams may represent an overwhelming fear of the loss of your sense of power and control. If you are the one being violent, this could represent a struggle for self-assertion, or be an expression of a deep rooted anger and resentment against some unwanted aspects of life.

If the experience strangely leaves you feeling strangly neutural, as can sometimes happen in this kind of dream, physical violence could be a metaphor for another kind of conflict, maybe of opinions or ideas.

Good Luck with your dreams!

P.S. I also have those kinds of dreams, but where my punches go in slow motion, and doesn't affect the person being hit.

Example: What does it mean if u dream about animals fighting?

They were 2 lions and to elephant's fighting each other like in Africa or somewhere what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of fighting a dragon?

when im dreaming when im fighting in dragon i will defeat him by using my agility,flexibility and my magic sword...hahaha

Example: What does my fighting dream mean?

I had this dream where I was fighting this guy from my english class because he was going to rape my girlfriend. He started taking steps toward her in my driveway then grabbed her inappropriately so I ran out and punched him in the face. He slugged me back in the chest and i lost my air. when i got my air back i fought against him using karate (which makes sense because i'm in karate, it would be my nature to use that style), and we swapped blows back and forth and then he grabbed me around the middle from behind and tried to throw me, so i jabbed his ribs with my elbow and ran backwards into a street light post and he hit his head on it and let go of me. I punched him in the head and he fell to the ground, dizzy and done fighting but not knocked out. I went back to my girlfriend and hugged her and said everything would be okay, but she was dull and lifeless, like she was soulless. I shouldn't have won that fight, he's shorter but a LOT stronger than me. what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting Black Widow to protect Iron Man?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fighting demons?

I have had a dream that keeps building on itself each night about my fighting demons. Its very realistic and I am trying to wake myself up in my dream to make it stop. I use crosses, the name of Jesus, (though I don't believe that Jesus is god) and I get very anxious. I am trying to clear my house of demons, devils that may be hurting my family. Its quite disturbing.

Example: What does it mean to dream of fighting a wolf?

I was in the woods enjoying the view at cabin in the mountains when a white colored wolf with dark grey spots on its back and neck began to approach me pretty fast as it got closer it started to snarl and show his teeth at me in a very aggressive way, I was spooked for a moment when I had spotted the wolf out but I began to stay calm during the situation and I cautiously stepped back and thought to myself what should I do? I looked around and I found a blade on the ground nearby, it started getting closer and began to snap at me trying to bite me, I didnt want to get bitten so I was being very cautious when suddenly somebody comes running from behind the wolf from a distance and subdues it by grabbing it or something he was standing right behind the wolf, I took the blade I had in my hand and slashed its throat and the next moment i find myself laying in a bed in my dream and then i woke up and felt very intrigued can anyone please help tell me what the meaning of this dream is?

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting a white figure?

I had a dream last night where I was holding my nearly two year old son and there was this white guy literally white all over that kept pacing around a window and then tried taking my baby. I fought it off but it was a horrible feeling.

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting?

In the dream I had I was at my friends baby shower and then my exfriend (that is a guy and used to have a strong relationship with horrible ending) arrives and I feel that he is taking her away from me. We get in a heated fight and I then wake up? WTH does that mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fighting?

okay so the past 2 nights I've had dreams that I was fighting. 2 nights ago i dreamed that this girl that I'm not too fond of (that wanted to fight me & i would've fought her) sent one of her friend to fight me and we got a few good punches on each other but i kept going when she was tired (I'm really persistent) and got a few more punches & kicks than she did so...i think i won? but i felt as though my punches weren't that effective? i have a pretty good punch but it wasn't doing too much ha..then last night i had a dream that my family & my boyfriends family drove to myrtle beach & had a really nice lunch then they left & we left but my boyfriend came with us. we went to a shop & these (not to be racist) black guys on motorcycles appeared to have a problem with me/my boy? my family don't know so we just drove home like nothing was wrong & when we got to my neighborhood my family decided they wanted to go out for a while & they decided to leave me & my boy at home so they told us to just walk to our house from the top of the neighborhood & we started to do so. well, little did we know the black guys followed us & they were after my boyfriend so i told him to run & id be fine because they didn't want anything to do with me. so he did & as they came riding up, about to pass me, i threw a duffle bag that i had on my shoulder at them and that really pissed them off. so the biggest guy on the 1st motorcycle got off & came at me while the other 2 guys went after my boyfriend. he had me in the position where you can break someones arm by just hitting it so i wouldnt do anything but i kept fighting & screaming & my boy was trying to get into my house to get something to make them go away (he's a REALLY good fighter though?) and he looked at me all pinned by the big guy & he was trying to get into my house but like he stopped, stopped everything? i don't know if it's because he couldn't choose between saving me at that moment and/or beating 2 guys or what, but he stopped & i felt hopeless because im clearly not nearly as big as any of them but i kept on fighting, hitting him "where the sun don't shine" and what not..
then i woke up.
so...what's that mean?
please help! Thanks!

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