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Dream About Field Trip meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

i had the weirdest dream the other night i dreampt i was on a school field trip (im 14 a girl going into high school this coming school year) and we were walking around by the river and i was pregnant (im not pregnant ive never had sex) and all the sudden i was at the hospital and i had a C-section and then i never saw the baby and i went right back to the field trip and i had stitches in my stomach for the C-section and my sister kept picking me up and i was afraid the stitches would rip and then the doctor called me and told me to take the stitches out and i lifted my shirt up to take the stitches out and it was like a rope with Vaseline all over it holding my stomach together so i took it out and i had a C-section scar and it hurt and then i woke up what does this dream mean?

Dreams are (At least, in my experience and belief) just a manifestation of the subconscious. What that mean is that usually there is something in your life that is causing you to be worried (At least, subconsciously) about pregnancy. The other possibility is that you ate a food that did not quite agree with you. (Did you know, spicy foods right before bed can cause an increase in nightmares?)

Try to remember everything that happened to you yesterday and the day before yesterday. Think of anything weird or new that stick out in your mind. Oftentimes, strange dreams can be caused by strange new circumstances.

Good luck :D (And no, you weren't seeing the future, dreams rarely do this.)

Example: What does my dreams mean?

Okay, I have two dreams that I don't understand. The first one is: We r on a class field trip at this lake or swamp. Something happened to the teacher. I dont know what but he/she was not in my dream. The class split up and they all went into the water and swam through the forest since that was the only way to go. I had a choice to either go in the car that will slowly sink to the bottom and we'll open the doors and swim deep underwater. The other choice was to go with a group of ppl I know and swim through the forest like the rest of the class. I choose the car, but as we were sinking, I chickened out and opened the door and left. I ran back and I saw that the group I could have gone with left! I sat at the dock and cried yelling if someone can help me. Then the guy I use to like and have no feelings for him at all, yelled "Over here". I ignored him and pretended I couldn't see him. Then my friend came and she pushed me in the lake just to be funny. It was hard for me to swim but I'm usually a great swimmer; just that in the dream I was struggling and I had the life jacket on! I swam to the guy and we just stayed there and waited. Just the three of us in the dark swamp or whatever u want to call it. What does this dream mean? To have your class leave you behind, chicken out, a guy u dont like at all help u, and u, ur friend, and a guy u use to like just wait. What does it mean?

The next dream is pretty simple. I was some stranger. Not me, but some person I didn't even know and all the people I hated or were mean just died one after another. They all died the same way though but at diffferent periods. They all got ran over by a train. What does it mean to have random people you don't know all die at a different time but have the same cause of death?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a happy field trip w/ your classmates?

it's so happy and memeorable, but it's only just a dream...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having dreams about a teacher I have a crush on. They almost feel real but they aren't. Like one was he was sitting in my room waiting for me to wake up or something, it felt so real but it wasn't. Another being that we were on a field trip or something, on the bus going somewhere and I fell asleep on his lap and he softly told me he loved me. what do they mean please help.

Example: Pig dream - meaning?

I had an extremely disturbing dream last night where we were taken into a factory and had to watch pigs be slaughtered like as part of a school trip? Think of a cotton candy machine, but with 4 blades, and they would stick the pig in it and it would get shredded up, and in the dream I had a strong feeling of it being my fault? And like being embarrassed that this what I was making my field trip watch? Also the factory ended up leading into the basement of my house, where they kept a bunch of worms to also shred up? I woke up feeling really unsettled, any idea what the dream meant? I have literally no rhyme or reason as to why I dreamt it

Example: Dream meaning? field trip to hell?

I went on a fieldtrip with classmates my bff was the only one i knew to hell and i was sitting and they couldnt get me to leave so they left me there and i was enjoying myself... honestly one of the best dreams ive had ha

Example: Dream Meaning? Crazy dream about a Teacher!?

I had a dream that I was on this field trip. Then saw this teacher I extremely dislike and he was acting all energetic and I was smiling. Then I started dancin with him.

Example: Ned help with dream meaning?

Okay i dreamnt that i was in a classroom and this asian guy started to talk to me i was annoyed but didnt told him then this girl comes also asian and starts talking i pay no attention to either of them...thats how i remember

then another dream

i was outside the school and i felt like peeing but didnt i talk to this classmate 1 (someone i know in real life) i decide to walk with him across some field but then i end up in a counselors room with another "classmate 2" of mine( the 1st classmate dissapears i realize later) the current classmate talks to the counselor about a class and instead the counselor asked me something and i look away and dont answer then we (me and classmate 2) walk outside and from there the dream ends

what do both dreams mean I dreamt both on the same night
also i dont talk to classmate 1 but i talk to classmate 2 thanks for answers

Example: Please tell me what my dream means?

Ok so my class is on a field trip to a giant dome. I don't really know what else is in it but what I saw. So there's a long hall with bedrooms on either side, and it's an overnight field trip, so our teacher says "First come, first serve." So we run to get a good bedroom, and as I run down the hallways, I realize that the rooms start off good and get worse and worse, and at the end of the hall, there's a giant cement room, and outside of it, in the hallway, there are rooled up tents that you can pitch in the cement room. The bad part is, I always wind up sleeping in the cement room because all the nicer rooms are taken. I've had this dream,like, six times! Tell me what it means, if anything. PLEASE!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt of my twin-6th grade classates saying they will be strudying in my school. Then the scene changed to a field trip in a factory with on of my classmate and churchmate then i saw my shoe sole was already beginning to come off. the heel was ready to come off anytime.

so what does this mean?

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