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Dream About Fetus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Bloody fetus nightmare meaning?

I literally just woke up from this extremely disturbing nightmare.

My mom was in the backseat of the car, but she wasn't totally 'there' because I could tell she wasn't in her body. She was pregnant and giving birth to what should have been a full term baby, but instead was a hand-sized, bloody fetus. I had no idea what to do with it (seeing as I'm 17) and I was trying to tell the driver (my mom's boyfriend) to pull over, but he was completely oblivious to the situation.

So I took the fetus/baby in my hands and cut the umbilical cord with my fingernails and threw it out the window. I was scared to though because I thought the police might track the DNA on the blood of the cord and find my mom for some reason. I put the fetus into a plastic bag sitting on the car floor, and then strangely, I called my mom. She was at her house, not in the back of the car.

The entire time, I was so scared to tell her what happened because I thought she was going to be so mad at me for possibly killing her baby but I only did what I knew to do. I told her that she was having a baby and it came out like a fetus all bloody and I had to cut the umbilical cord with my fingernails and her boyfriend didn't even help me or care at all. All she said on the phone was "Whatever, then." and "Sure, yeah right." when I would try and apologize.

I don't get it! I don't understand why I even had this dream. I'm not even close to my mom and I never dream of babies or children, because I hate them. Why did I have this dream, please let me know?

Whenever u see blood in ur dream/nightmare means the dream is spoiled and has no meaning at all,relax.

Example: What does it mean to dream of giving birth to twin fetus , one was a stillborn, the other lived and grew.?

In my dream, I didnt know I was pregnant and I gave birth to fetus twins. I dropped the other fetus and died while the other fetus has its heart beating. The fetus although very small, has lived and grew into a healthy baby boy. The guy I'm currently seeing was in my dream and assumed it was his son.

Example: What do you think it means when a fetus is concieved in an engine in your dream?

Example: Whats does this abortion dream mean?

So this dream went like this ...I saw a stomach the saline injection, and then i felt a burning but then I came out saw some blurry faces then with three other fetuses thrown into this sewer type thing, then after a pile of really small baby's were dumped on top of us, I herd a flushing noise then, we were carried by a water current just into a stream out side the city then I still as a baby looked over and saw me (as the 16 year old i am) and a random white guy picking up still alive baby's from the abortion clinic, blindfolding them then holding them till they died and I held myself till the baby I was died, then i switched to being 16 year old me again and cried till i woke up in tears thinking my mom killed me as a baby. so I was me and the baby at the same time

Example: What does it mean if i have dreams about eating fetuses?

In my dream, a tree was split open and let out several fetuses-at all different stages of age. This man kept trying to force me to eat them and I refused so he turned into a tree and began to chase me. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Example: What does my dream mean?(running away with fetus around)?

i am 28 years old and still single and i was dreaming of these for 3 times .im in a hurry and running away in the street, but there's a lot of fetus in the side lying in the sand

what does my dream mean? i am single and not committed.

please help.thank you

Example: What does it mean if you dream about your dead fetus?

I have a friend that informed me she has had some nightmares about her deceased fetus. She had her child early at 22 weeks and the baby did not survive at all. She has had dreams of the baby layin next to her and saying i love you mommy please dont go, and then the dream has turned into a nightmare where the baby is layin in a coffin next to her and the baby is in pieces... what could this mean

Example: What is the meaning of eating boiled chihuahua fetuses in a dream?

They looked like brains, but they were supposedly chihuahua fetuses

Example: What did this dream mean (dead fetus) It's really disgusting?

It's really gross just to warn you!

I had this dream a while ago but I'll never forget it because it was so scary and disgusting. In the dream I was making out with this guy I used to have a crush on. He pulled my pants and wanted to finger me, but then a dead fetus and blood fell out, and he was like, "Omg you had an abortion." And I was like, "How did you know?" And he was like, "Because they killed it but they never took it out." And then I felt so embarrassed and I cried.

I've had an abortion a couple years ago but I don't regret it or anything, so I'm not sure why I had a dream about it. A while after I had it I didn't want to have sex anymore or anything like that, but it's been so long and I'm definitely ready again, even though I haven't since.


Example: What does my dream mean? Dead fetus?

I had a dream that my stomach was torn open and I reached in side and pulled out a really skinny, see through baby fetus and I'm pretty sure it was dead. Lately I've been having dreams that I have a baby. Or being pregnant. I'm not sexually active so I don't know what it means..


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