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Dream About Ferret meanings

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Example: How does my book look I'm only 14?

Two brothers Tobias and Matthew who parents recently died in a car crash get separated and as Tobias tries in vain to find his older brother Matthew tries to erase the fact that he ever had a younger bother that was born and nearly succeeds except for dreams. Dreams of a young boy with eyes like his hiding pain. A boy different as a dog is from a whale yet so similar.

Tobias hit the ground hard nearly blacking out and for a moment thought he tasted blood in his mouth. He quickly got a hold of his senses when another fist came towards. All around him he heard people yelling, but all he heard was gibberish. He didn't care about about what they were yelling though because another fist came his way.
“Stupid brat I should turn you into dog food” an infuriated restaurant owner screamed.
Another fist came Tobias's way and connected with his cheek knocking him down. As another round of attacks came his way he rolled into the large group of people and a couple of grunts as he stood up and advanced to attack the owner.
“You stupid son of a ***** you think you can walk out with out paying. If you did you have another think coming!” the brick red owner shouted.
“Well up to this point I kind of did” Tobias dodged another attack. “See your rich I'm poor I steal from you and give to myself while you-” He jumped as a kick came towards him. “As I was saying while you try to kill me.”
“Get out of my place or I really will murder you” the owners breath was wasted because by the time the rant was over Tobias was already gone.

When he walked outside it was night. There was a foot of snow on the ground. The street lamps shining against the snow made it look like gold, but that's what Tobias thought. He shook some snow out of his obsidian black hair. He shivered, but he didn't notice the cold didn't bother him he never wore a jacket even in the worst of winter conditions. Just a T-shirt and jeans for him any weather. He looked at his worn out jeans and tennis shoes then looked up when he heard someone running towards him. It was his only family left, Matthew or Matt for short. Matt was taller, more muscular, and in his opinion better looking too. Matt had lighter hair almost blonde grey to blue eyes, but wasn't like Tobias at all Tobias had the same colored eyes but they didn't seem like they had seen everything and more. Tobias had eyes filled with joy, but behind it sorrow ever since their parents death. Tobias broke out of thought when Matt started talking.
“Toby where have you been I've been worried sick. Also how did you get the bruise on your cheek it looks fresh, here let me look at it” Matthew said while approaching him.
“Hey I've told you to call me by my name which is Tobias and I've been around and I got into a small feud” Tobias answered.
“ A small feud! What have I told you about fighting.”
“That if I want to stay with you and our adoptive parents I have to keep my nose clean by not getting into fights and having good grades.” Tobias said with a smirk.
Matt rolled his eyes and returned the smirk with an angry glare. “I told you that because its true. Getting into fights and having bad grades might get you sent to a different family.” Matt yelled.
“Hey don't yell at me I do what I can.”
“Know what see if I care when you get sent away”
Tears came into Tobias's eyes then he turned and ran towards home. Matt quickly caught up with him and started talking. “I'm sorry I didn't mean. And don't worry I'll come up with a story to cover up your fight okay”
As he wiped tears from his eyes Tobias answered “Yeah... okay that will work thanks big bro.”

Nice draft, but still needs quite a lot of work. The first copy is always a rough draft that will need many corrections before you have the final copy. That's before an editor reads it and notes corrections needed or desired. And then the publisher may not accept it. Always proofread and correct mistakes. When using spellcheck, remember you still need to check the word in question. I.e., bother vs. brother. Bother is a word that your spellcheck will accept, won't tell you that it's "brother" misspelled.
Punctuation needs work.

Two brothers, Tobias and Matthew, whose parents recently died in a car crash get separated. Tobias tries in vain to find his older brother Matthew, who is trying to forget that he ever had a younger brother. Matthew nearly succeeds, except in his dreams; dreams of a young boy with eyes, like his, hiding pain (or ..."with eyes like his, hiding pain"). A boy as different as a collie is from a wolf, yet so similar. (Difference between a dog and a whale is too great. You can use different canine species, but base on what "types" the boys are. I.e., coyote, fox, jackal, dog breeds, etc. Other animals can also be used, like: lynx and tiger, dolphin and whale, turkey and eagle, ferret and weasel, etc.)

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

okay, soo i had a really weird dream last night, and im sure theres something more to it
to start with i was in new york, and there was this man who could change the people that were around, so suddenly there were dinosaurs everywhere, and i was bring chased by a t-rex, whilst running i found a baby, like a 5 month old, and it looked as though it has been abandoned, so i took it with me, it turns out this baby is telling the t-rex where were hiding, so someone decides to stab the baby, and it turns into a ferret. [weird i know right] then my mind went blank, and suddenly i was still in new york and i was having to fight a giant marshmallow man that all got sorted, then i woke up, well i thought i did, i honestly thought i was awake, being told the my mum, stepdad, 2 sisters and step nan and granddad were in new zealand with a life threatening virus, so i called all of my friends, some didnt answer, others said they were busy, but one friend (i guy ive kinda been really close with over the last few years), well a girl answers his phone, and tells me that hes busy, im explain that its an emergency but she hangs up right before i actually wake up my phone starts ringing but i never got to answer or see who was ringing me

HELP it must mean something i usually have extremely normal dreams

Example: Weird dream what does it mean?

So me and my friend and a very proper donkey that speaks in an english accent are in the mystery machine (the car from scooby doo) eating fried sloth meat with honey mustard and outside of the car the ferret from kim possible bust through the window and eats the donkey but instead of blood a new donkey comes out and speaks in the accent of hitler what does it mean

Example: What does it mean if I dream of my ferret giving birth?

Last night I dreamt my male ferret was pregnant or atleast looked it. Next thing I know, my ferret had given birth to four ferrets, one was the size of a regular baby ferret and the other two were adults, upside down, hanging on the wires of the cage like monkeys. What does it mean?


Last night I had the scariest dream i've ever had. I was holding my ferret and then my mom came in the room. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back at Sunshine (my ferret) she looked paralyzed. Her eyes were as big as quarters (seriously im not exaggerating) and she was breathing super fast! I let go of her then she made a screaming noise and then rolled over on her back and all her meat just seamed to vanish so she was just skin and bones.
Then this is the super scary part. Her heart just fell right out and dropped to the floor! Then she shrieked again and died right in front of me!
Someone please help me! Is this some kind of warning and this will really happen to her? This was freaking scary. When I woke up I was sweating all over and then I ran to my ferret's cage and hugged her and just cried for about 20 minutes then I let her sleep with me.
What the heck does this mean? Someone please help. :'(

Example: Dreaming about ferret cat and a hamster?

I had a wierd dream but can't quite figure it out. I dreamed about a cat in a travel cage but then I was in a brightly colored room with a painters cloth on the floor and a ferret was in the cage. The cat was playing with a hamster-not trying to hurt it. They were playing sort of like small children would play. They ran around chasing each other except the cat would occasionally catch the hamster with it's paws not in it's mouth. Any ideas on the meaning?

Example: What does this dream mean ? HELP?

I've had the same dream for a few months now. It starts out like any normal dream, nothing too scary or out of the ordinary and then theres a girl or some sort of ghost. And when a person into a room, she follows them, They die. It's starting to scare me and I want to know by experts if there is a meaning or sign from this dream. Please only helpful answers. Thank you.

Example: Dreaming about my ferrets getting hurt?

I've had about six dreams now over the course of the past year where I dream something really painful happens to one of my three pet ferrets...something like a disease or an injury or other types of suffering. Any idea what this might mean? My ferrets are my life, so obviously I hate these dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I had a really strange dream about my ferret dying in our office room in the house, which is right next to my bedroom. I leave my room and go in there, and find him laying on the floor in the office room dying. Then all of a sudden he has a hole in his neck and water just starts shooting out of his neck and he sorta spazzes out a little like a robot would if water got on it. The water floods my whole upstairs but it stops after it reaches about a foot high. What does this mean?

Example: Interesting dream about protecting a ferret?

This may be long but to me this is real interesting. My dream was that I was in this I think hotel and I was walking with this girl. I guess we didn't like each other because she kept tripping me on purpose so I could fall on my face. But whenever I tried to trip her she would always be one step ahead of me and step over my feet making me look stupid.

The scene changed and I was talking to this man in a room. He had a necklace with a black feather that looked like it was moving or wiggling. Then the feature turned into a ferret that was either white or black and white. I took the ferret and ran because somehow I knew I had to protect it.

The scene changed and I was inside my school, with the ferret in one hand and a firetruck hose in the other hand. I was running out of my school while I was spraying the whole inside of the school and everyone in it with the water from the hose, but no one seemed to mind. When I went outside I just kept cradling the ferret in my arm trying to hide it.
Then I woke up.

Any clue on what it means?

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