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Dream About Female Sheep meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a black angry goat chasing you?

black -The color black has different meanings to different individuals and cultures. Although black clothing suggests mourning in Western Culture, it is also considered elegant, stylish and versatile, as in "the little black dress." In other cultures, black is the color of joy, while white represents mourning. Beyond clothing, black has many different meanings as well. In art, black is the perfect background which emphasizes the brilliance of other colors. So the significance of the color black in any particular dream depends on other factors in the dream as well as the person having the dream.Black is a color the contains all colores. You will be blessed with aboubence, love, health,wealth, and a long life!

angry- To dream that you are feeling much anger forewarns that you will be involved in a terrible and tense situation. Your loved ones will let your down and disappoint you. It also forewarns that once solid ties will be broken. Being angry in your dream may have been carried over from your waking life. In your dream, you may have a safe outlet to express such emotions. You may have some suppressed anger and aggression that you have not consciously acknowledged.

To dream that others are angry with you. signifies your struggle to regain their lasting favor and friendships.

goat-Rutting masculine sexuality, or if a female goat the fertility and procreative power; ability to climb, personally or socially; tough ability to survive difficulties; sometimes connected with repressed natural drives which become reversed or evil/live when symbolising the devil – or the animal drives or instinctive and pooled consciousness prior to ego development if connected with Pan.

It can also depict somebody butting into your life, or conflict with someone if the goat is attacking. Also sure-footedness or meeting difficulties with ease.

If you have kept goats it may well represent responsibility or caring. If you have bred them you might use the goat to depict your own reproductive urges.

In the Bible the goat represents the bad guys in the phrase ’separating the sheep from the goats’.

As an astrological sign the goat is the sign of Capricorn. For Capricornians the goat may represent their basic character. Capricorn is a “Cardinal” “Earth” sign. It is the sign of hard, long struggle, and finally, high attainment. This suggests a slow starter, somebody who makes it late in life. It’s symbol is a compound creature, half goat, half fish. The front portion has the head and front legs of a goat, the hind portion a fish’s body and tail. The “Goat,” with only his front legs, is patiently and perseveringly struggling to climb a mountain, but is handicapped and hindered all the time by having to drag with him his Piscean after-part. This represents a stage in human evolution during which humans were developing personal identity, but their instinctive drive were still powerful and difficult to deal with. It still depicts this in a person’s life today. The Capricornian is said to be ambitious with definite aims and purposes. They are patient and perseverance in overcoming difficulties. Thus they finally succeed in the attainment of their Zodiacal goal.

Example: I dreamt I was in a large room sitting near one wall. In front of me was a nanny goat, pregnant with very large teats. The goat asked me, or I knew that she needed, milking, because there was too much pressure of milk in her udder. I started to do this and noticed the goat was very squat, powerful and with tremendous physical stability. That is, its shape made it difficult to unbalance. I seemed to know how to milk the goat. A backwards and forwards motion was necessary, and no squeezing needed. It was like masturbation. As I did this I watched the milk flow on the floor, and thought what a waste it was, but felt soon her baby could feed. Then I watched her give birth. It was a very quick and easy thing, but I believe it was a human child, not a goat. I don’t know if the goat was then a woman, but a woman also gave birth, and I realised while still dreaming that I had dreamt twice about giving birth and this was because a birth process was at work in my unconscious. Paul.

This dream shows the many associations we have with the goat, everything from the procreation of motherhood to sex and masturbation. In fact Paul says of his dream, “As I remembered the dream I realised what some of it meant. The goats milk pressure is the pressure that builds up making it necessary for me to masturbate. That it is milk means it is my self-giving, my flow of love to others, wastes on the floor. The dream suggests this will soon change, and something is being born. Also the fact it is a breast yet it is being masturbated, means childhood needs for the breast are developing into real genital needs.

Idioms: Get my goat; an old goat, meaning an ageing man still lusting after women.

Useful questions are:

What can I understand from how the goat is po

Example: What could this dream mean?

OKAY! So last night I had the craziest dream, that I can still remember.
For some reason last night I had a dream I was in my house, only on a different street, and I was asleep in my dream, laying next to this girl and for some reason Frankie Muniz (when he was like 15) was standing in the doorway. He said something and I got up and so did the girl, and we went in the kitchen and everything was casual then there was like this voice from the back of the house that was very gruff and was like - "I'm coming to get you: 1, 2, 3!"
Then this man walked into the kitchen with the neck of my guitar in one hand and a hufe knife in the other, I don't remember the face but I was like: "WTF!" I subconsciously told myself I was dreaming, because I am one of those people who wakes themselves up when things get too much. And I was like, "This is a dream! This is a dream!" and that usually gets me up, but it wouldn't work. So I was like, "Jesus is my Shepard! Jesus is my Shepard, I am a humble sheep! God will protect me!" and then my eyes actually flashed open and I was still tired, I laid awake for a minute then fell back asleep, and woke up in my bed in the same scene with the girl next to me and Frankie Muniz in the doorway. And I was like **** it's going to happen again! So I thought I'd alter the dream so I was like, "Guys lets go on a walk quick!" and we went into the kitchen and I told Frankie to get my coat, but he was taking too long with the buttons and the guy was like, "I'm coming 1-2-3!" and the guy came back and I repeated Jesus was my Shepard, and that it was a dream and I couldn't wake up and Frankie and the girl kept telling me it wasn't working and that I couldn't get out and I kept chanting, and the guy chased me around my dining room and I kept chanting. And I told the guy who was trying to kill me how I knew he was trying to make me think I woke up and I would be unaware and that I wasn't scared because I would walk through the valley of death and have no fear because God would be with me. I was also debating letting myself get stabbed because I knew I would wake up anyways, but I was still scared. I thought my chanting it wasn't going to work then I woke up for real.
I don't know why Frankie Muniz was in my dream, maybe because I love Malcolm in the Middle. I don't know who the random blonde chick was ... but yeah. :P
I'm fifteen btw & female. So any interpretations on my dream?

Example: What does it mean when there is an argument between people in your dream?

I had a dream that my female cousin was talking about being engaged and her boyfriend joked around about not asking her to get married and she got really mad and started chasing him all over the place...My whole family was there and all the ladies were helping her chase him around and i found him but didn't tell anyone about it.It was a sorta crazy dream with a random appearance of sheep,tiger,and flying bears. What does it mean?

Example: How Australian are you?

1. 'Don't come the raw prawn with me, mate!'. If an Aussie said this to you, what does he mean?

'Put more fuel on the barbecue.'
'Stop staring at me!'
'Don't steal my fishing bait!'
'You can't fool me, pal!'

2. To get a hot tip, for example, to be told the winner of the next horse race, is to get the _____?

toast of the town
green bean
red paint
good oil

3. If I was to 'chuck a u-ey in my ute', what am I doing?

stealing a female sheep
selecting a Christmas tree
throwing a boomerang
turning my car to head in the opposite direction

4. Which of the following is NOT a meaning for the word 'blue'?

a mistake
a fight
a river
a redheaded man

5. What are 'salties' and 'freshies'?

table condiments

6. What is the most popular sport held on Christmas Day down-under?

snow skiing
horse racing
Rugby League
backyard cricket

7. Bundy and Coke is an alcoholic drink that is quite popular in Australia, but what specific type of spirit is 'Bundy'?


8. What are croweaters, sandgropers and banana benders?

native animals
species of sharks
fruit pickers
nicknames for residents of various states

9. What activity do these words all relate to? Pot, Handle, Schooner, Pony?

a game of marbles
umpiring Australian Rules football
beer drinking
outback cooking

10. 'The relo's have lobbed'. What has happened?

you have just won a point in a game of tennis
your cooking has attracted a cloud of insects
you have just moved house
your family has just arrived

Example: Christians, I keep having this dream, what do you think it means?

I keep dreaming of a child sitting next to a building . I know nothing about him only that he is cold and tired hungry and alone and is crying .
In the dream the virgin appeared to me in the clouds and said, dearest daughter, listen to my son.
Jesus tells me, my sheep are starving, feed them.
And that is the end of the dream.

I keep having it every now and then and its nagging at me. All my life I feel like the kind of person who is so gifted at helping others in need...
I feel called to do something for others who dont have as much as I do.
Im not sure though, is the dream clearly about helping the hungry? the alone?
or simply bringing others to Christ?

Thank you.

And if you don't believe what I'm discussing or in my religion, please be respectful and don't comment.

Example: What did my wolf dream mean?

I always have vivid dreams which I can easily remember, and recently one of my most pressing dreams has been that I was a female silver wolf, in a pack with a black female- the mother figure of the pack- and her aurburn cub. There was also a white male wolf who was my mate. The white wolf killed and ate a sheep from its flock, and some people noticed and tried to harm the wolves. I noticed he was missing and tried to find him, but the black wolf stopped me. I escaped and found the white male, who had made peace with the humans and we returned to the pack.
Then, a black male from a different pack found me when the white wolf had went out to hunt. He wanted me for him and his pack as they had no females and forced me to come with him. The white wolf returned and they fought, then the black wolf stayed with the pack, but to wait till I was on my own again so he could steal me away. That was how the dream ended, what does it mean?!

Example: Compare and contras...please HELP?

compare and contrast the depiction of female characters in th novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and movie, Blade Runners.

Example: Christians! Years ago i had a spiritual dream...?

I dont really believe any of the dreams Ive had in my lifetime mean anything more than subconious feelings and memories that i have throughout the day, since most dreams are exactly that, we think about things during the day, and whatever is in our subconious...we dream about.

however, just curious, i used to have alot of religious dreams. one was a lion trying to kill me, then hundreds of sheep appeared, 2 with horns, one female, one male, they both stopped the lion from killing me and it got run over by a train. the sheep saved my life.

another, and one of my first, was being at a picnic surrounded by people in a park, then saw a holy figure with a halo hovering above the sky, she was an angel at first, then turned into mother mary. she pointed at me, then i woke up.

i think these are just dreams, as back then i was very religious and often felt i was really specail and god wanted me to do something great. most likely a feeling due to the fact that as a kid, i was teased, and needed to feel "needed" by someone, and that someone was god. so i dont really believe they are anything but dreams. but im curious as to what you christians think about them. well?

Example: Weird Christian dream?

I was watching preachers on a really old TV that we used to have in the house I grew up in. Joyce Meyer was on one channel, and another preacher, some guy, was on another channel. I switched to the guy and I was shocked when he began swearing repeatedly. But it was like nobody else could hear him, or somehow they weren't noticing the swearing. He was then showing another male preacher on a massive screen behind the stage, and pretty much degrading and making fun of him. He had some crazy circus music playing, and was basically saying this preacher is crazy. But the weird thing is, is that HE started to pretty much preach the same kind of message as the guy he was making fun of and calling crazy. Then he started saying that people should bottle things up, because it's not healthy to share all of your emotions.

Then suddenly, I was actually there in the audience. I was sitting with an extremely well known and respected female preacher. I have no idea who she was meant to be, because her face kept changing, from one famous woman's face to another. I think she was the wife of the swearing preacher. I was sitting next to her, and I was also sitting next to Heath Ledger (actor who recently killed himself), who was my brother. I was talking to Heath, and he was just as confused as I was. We seemed to be the only 2 sane people in the place, who could actually hear what these crazy preachers were saying. Like me, he didn't have a strong faith, he was confused about God, but he was not an atheist and he wanted to know more about God and to try and understand his own spirituality. So he asked the woman a question about God, and she turned him down and said he shouldn't be questioning anything, because that's selfish, he should "just believe". She also said nothing good would ever happen for him if he didn't "just believe". I felt irritated that she was talking to my brother like that, and raised my own question. I asked, "If you have to already believe, and not feel confused about God at all, for your prayers to be answered by God... then what about all the people that pray for the first time? What about all the people that never believed in God before, but they pray, and God hears their prayers and helps them and changes their lives?" and the woman said, "Jennifer, God has never been happy with you. He will never be happy with you. Your thinking is warped". I said "Excuse me? You've never been confused? You've never had any problems before you became a Christian?", she just stared at me. I said "Aren't you human?" and she just stared. Then I got a feeling that these preachers were going to do something terrible. I wished that my brother and I could just leave the place, but we feared the preacher couple too much.

I have had a few biblical dreams before, that involved verses that I had never heard before. Though I would dream the verse as a series of pictures, not words. I also haven't had any kind of dream about God or the bible for ages, a year or more.

This dream had me feeling really weird when I woke up... I don't know what it means. What do you think?

Example: Was i abducted? help me im pretty shure this was more than a dream read though all of it please?

Ok so heres my story...
i was asleep then for no reson i get up in the middle of the night and i start moveing around and coughing its was as if my blankets were suffocateing me

i thought i was getting sick so i go to the kiten and i take a vitamin(i thought it woud help)

so i go back to bed prior, to falling asleep i was parilized i tryed screaming my *** of but it did not work

i cant remember this part was a blurr but i remember, i think i was playing with an alien in my room but she had female charicteristics she was like a grey alien but all feminin

she gave off a glow like a love, an atreaction and i think she tryed haveing sex with me but we were playing like tag or some thing she got realy close at times i mean REALY CLOSE

then she took me out side there was like this disc with lights

another alien came out i was scared so the alien huged me she said
“dont be scared go talk to him”

after wards she went in to the ship

i was just standing there so

i decited to walk up to this one i do and
(im not trying to make anything up im not kidding)
we started to run some were we hop a feince thats buy my house its like a wash on the other side

so were over there and we see a light, a police officer comes out and says whos there i was to buisy haveing fun with this alien so i say “your face! ha ha” the he spots my alien freind and the cop says “STOP!” and me and the alien hop the fence back to my yard and he says “lets run back to the ship” i get in and i see more pepole in there but this ship looked wierd he told me to take a seat so i did him and the female alien were sitting next to me so im just sitting there and they said “go! fast before that man gets us”

so i fell the most realistic thing the ship takes off and i can feel it mauvering

then the famale told me to sleep and she put some kind of sheet over my head and i woke up later in my bed...my balls hurt and im kinda confused
thanX for reading :]

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