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Dream About Fast Food meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this PAINFUL dream mean?

What does this painful dream mean?
I had a dream, super vivid and painful -physically painful, like vividly painful i felt it... i was being burned. I got pushed into a fryer thingy - like 2 huge fryer plates, i was stuck in between 2. A guy i work with and like, pushed me into them, i couldn't move and was being BURNED! Felt the head and excruciating pain, and could not move, like paraylized! felt the burn all over my body and skin, felt soo real its scary... i woke up after.

What do you think this means...?

It means you had a bad dream. What else could it mean? You were sleeping, and your unconscious mind creates images as you sleep, sometimes while you are aware and sometimes, you won't even know you're dreaming. Dreams are usually influenced by your surroundings and recent past. If you went to, or work for a restaurant/fast food, that would be a clear sign why you had this dream. No, I can't say I believe in premonitions, just go about your day as you normally would. Nothing is wrong. The more you worry, the more stress and pain you'll be putting on yourself.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok i had a dream about a dragon and she was my protector or some kind of good friend to me and she had a human child and felt the need to take care of it so i did. Then vampires told about her eyes and they some kind of power or something and they wanted me to betray her. For some reason i could not control my own body anymore and i found a long sharp thing like a spear or something and i jumped over her head as high as i could possibly go and stabbed her through the neck. She fell fast to the ground and when i went for her eyes they stopped glowing their beautiful color and sank back into her head and were gone. When i gained back control of myself i looked around and the vampires were gone. I ran over to the baby lying on the ground and picked up and sat down with my legs crossed and her in my lap. I could feel her dieing. i thought it had something to do with her mother the dragon dieing. Soon she died and her body turned into a stick and head became a dolls head. What could this mean i cant stop thinking about it.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I was sleeping then I heard nosies...I woke up looked out the window and I saw 5 guys coming in my house.I was home alone.I don't know why I took the phone and tried to dail 911 but the guys disconected the phone.so I ran in my closet to hide.Then they found me their and told me to go downstairs.I when I sat down.and one of the guys asked me what is my pride.I didn't say anything and he was like thats what i though you have none.I was crying.They where eating bananas and drinking this red drink that my dad makes all the time..Right now we have bananas in our house and the red drink.so I said can I go get napkin they were like yes.I got up closed my eyes and said how did yall get into my house,How did yall get the password to the alarm system.One of the guys screamed my name and I woke up from the dream.I don't know why but when I woke up from it my heart was beating really fast and am shaking.I don't know why.What does it mean

Andd yes my dreams are stupid

Example: What does dream mean?

My dream in short was that i was in a room and i was in my king size bed but i have a small one and i was like play hugging with this girl which i don't talk to to but i was sooo happy like you have no idea.. she is super omega hot... and then all of a sudden this other girl that goes to my high school just walked in and she saw us and smiled and idk why but i asked for a kiss and she gave it to me and i fell in love with her i just started hugging her and kissing her so much it was so hot and romantic i didn't want to let her out of my sight it was wonderful... and then all of a sudden she left with some friends and she was in a fast food restaurant then i met up with her and kissed her and etc i woke up... what would this mean idk i like her so much in real life but i dont know her and we have made eye contact a few times but like idk when i woke up i felt like my heart was broken now that dream was over it was sooooo good what does it mean lol..(by the way im trying to make the dream short i cut some details like we all of a sudden in a casino and we were partyiing and drinking and then she left with her friends

Example: What could this dream mean (shark dream)?

This dream was *extremely* real for me.

I was in this old lighthouse out in an ocean, and the bottom was flooding. I was being attacked by a big white shark that was very violent (it was not a normal shark, acted more human and 'supernatural') - I managed to get on some wooden stairs (the whole wood staircase was old and weak) and as I was struggling to survive and climb up, the white shark was about to devour me (I knew I was going to die at that point) - when suddenly this giant dark 'fish monster' came and devoured the white shark. The ' dark fish monster' (I can't describe it well, it was bigger than the shark) then swam off, and gave me this evil look as it did (like "I am coming back - later"). I was able to climb up the rest of the staircase, and I ran up the stairs like hell to get away from the water. After two flights up, I saw my grandfather sitting at a small table eating a small plate of food, and he did not even notice me, and I kept going up (I admit I ran past him) - I did not reach the top as I suddenly woke up (when it ended, I was still going up as fast as I could).

It was a really psychotic dream, that is all I can say besides the desciption I gave.

Any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

Throughout the whole dream I was holding this cute white,fluffy and soft Shih Tzu, who couldnt stop licking me. My dream was quite an adventure I had to climb up this small mountain and it was raining so it was more slippery and I was holding onto branches in the mud to hold me up while I was trying to save this dog,too. Than my dream fast forwarded to me being in my old Highschool(im 22 btw ..no highschool student anymore haha)..The school was all changed around and I was completly lost.. There was for some reason a food court in the school and students that graduated with me were working in some of the fast food vendors. I was hiding from them when it was lunchtime rush hour, because I guess I was attending highschool there again.

Example: Is there any meaning to my dreams?

So, i've been having some really weird dreams lately. I've always had strange dreams, most often good, that gradually turn into nightmares, But i've started to get freaked out here, for example:
This one time, i was being chased by crazed monkeys on the trees in a forest (I could fly, sorta). And the forest was actually situated at an actual place downtown (no forest there).
Another time i was flying (again) and all my friends were walking, and they were SO slow, so i rushed ahead, flying by a Turkish fast food place and hit a van straight on.
Another dream i have, that has been repeating pretty frequently is of me in the mall with my friends. And there's escalators everywhere, so i get on one, but it starts twisting and suddenly it's going the wrong way and i'm just about to fall off.. when i fall on another one and it starts repeating (getting damn scary).
These dreams about stairs and escalators vary, actually, but in each one of them there's something wrong with the stairs - they always fall apart under my feet or become too small or there's a gap and i have to jump, so i do, and i fall...

I'm telling you, sometimes i wake up and realize what i just dreamt about and start laughing..;d

Do i need help or is this normal?

Example: What did my dream mean?!?

For the past 2 weeks i don't think i've went a day without having a dream. Last night, before I went to sleep I was watching College Hill: Virgin Islands && I thought that this guy up their named JT was really kute. So, when I went to sleep i had a dream about a guy that looked exactly like him && we were in the pool && he asks for my number and I was like all over him [laying on him blah blah] and my favorite cousin who is about to turn eighteen in november was kind of trying to block me from getting to know him. So then, i remember us standing up at a fast food resteraunt drive-thru[sonic] and we kissed and then the dream was over. I'm about to be fifteen on August 21, I'm about to go to the tenth grade && my last boyfriend was in the fifth grade. I wouldn't mind being in a relationship but it's not something that I really think I need at this moment. . . I'm a virgin but I have made-out with someone before. What could this dream possibly mean ?

Example: Is there somebody with good dream interpretation skills around here? What does this dreams meant? Thanks!?

I was at this fast food restaurant and i was so hungry i asked for what i was craving for but they had runned out of the ingredients to make it. The other dream was that i was going to swim at a canal, my cousin had already jumped in and was floating and i was scared to do that until i decided to try it out all of a sudden i realize i was safe and was floating. We kept swimming until we got to this part of the canal where there was a lot of water plants, we couldn't swim any further because of that and then there was a dog poop floating in the water.

Example: What could my dream mean?

I keep dreaming about 1 of my Yahoo contacts. In this dream I was at an airport waiting for my contact/fan to arrive, when I saw him walking toward me I waited to see if he would recognize me. Then when he came up, he greeted me and started conversation by saying that at first he wasn't sure that it was me because I looked older than I do in my photo, more like 27 than 23. My first impression of him was similar, although I thought he looked a bit younger than he did in his photo, he looked 22 almost.
Then we were driving in a car and stopped to get some dinner, we went through a drive-through and ordered Chinese food. We continued to drive, and at one point went up a shallow hill, and he asked me how fast I wanted the car to go. I told him 280 miles. Then the car seemed to soar, like a spaceship going through space.
Then we were back at the airport, I told him I wanted him to meet my dad, I thought my dad would really like to meet him. He said that he couldn't, that he had to return home. I felt very sad because I knew that I would never see him again.

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