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Dream About Fan meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? (MJ fans)? =D?

Well I didn't want to explain my dream on my other question lol. I wanted it to be more focused on YOUR dreams with him. =)
Okay so here's how my dream went with Michael:
(It was fairly short actually). The ground was snowy white for some reason, but it wasn't cold. I was wearing like a sweater I think, the zip-kinded one, with jeans and shoes. He was wearing his bright-red shirt (the exact same one that he was wearing during that "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary), and black jeans, and his dancing shoes. (maybe it was that same day where they were finishing the documentary? I don't know. Probably not. lol. But he did look the exact same during that time!)
We were walking together, to my 90's truck (my truck is like bright green lol). So verry easy to spot. (We may have talked alot before this, at his neverland house? not sure) There were a couple of guys there surrounding us too. The truck was pretty far away, so it took a bit of a while. We were holding hands, my right hand to his left. I said, "Why are my hands always so COLD?" I said to him. (in real life they are always cold, and I hate that!) He just looked at me for a quick second, then looked away and smiled. (still holding hands) We have reached the old truck. He opened the passenger door for me, then just looked at me with those gentle eyes, then kissed me on the cheek, close to my lips (gosh why didn't he just kiss me there!? haha). I was so surprised by this that I didn't even have the time to kiss him back, so I immediately kissed him, before it was too late, that same area, close to his lips, very gently. So, after that wonderful moment, we then hugged, pretty tightly. We were standing there, just holding each other for like 15 seconds. I even felt his heart beat, pretty darn rapidly, faster than normal for sure. Mine was pounding! haha. I'm pretty sure he felt mine too, because we were hugging tightly. (sorry for so much detail). Later, after those 15 seconds, we then said our byes. "Bye, Michael." I said, while smiling, He looked at me, laughing, in a low-tone voice, and smiled. "Bye."
And that was that. So what does this mean of him lol?
And what does this mean of me? =D
I loved your dreams too! (to those that answered) (the good dreams at least lol)
Thanks you guys! You're family to me by the way! =)

awww <3 thats such an amazing dreamm!
and I don't think I can answer this better then other ppl did but I think that the snow and it being cold outside was because your sad about him passing
and when he kissed you and said goodbye that was because he can see up in heaven how much you love him and miss him and he came down into your dream to let you know hes ok and to finally say goodbye
haha sorry if tht sounds kinda crazy but it kinda makes sense..

RIP michael i love u

Example: MJ Fan: What was my dream meant to mean?

I ask this question earlier, but it got delete for no reason...
So I'm going to ask again...

It was about, I wasn't a fan (In my dream) and I was sitting in my room, my mother came in, said that we was going to MJ concert and then we left to go, when I got there, it was really weird. I saw MJ calling my name through the weird window, (He was under the stage) and I went to see him, he closed the door and started to sob, saying he was going to died, He then kissed me and I left after he kiss him (WHICH I WISH I DIDN'T) and he was waving outside the weird window. I wave back then I went to my mother, some man said on the stage that MJ has just died, that he was found leaning on the window, I went to check on him, and when I saw him, he came back alive and started kissing... Can't remember the rest...

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this weird dream that i was fighting with avril lavigne, may favorite singer in a coliseum. are weapons are only guitars; as in we use them like swords or clubs to hit each other. I then knock her down unconscious. the crowd cheers but I feel guilty for doing that to her.

what does that mean? is it because that she's coming to our country to do a concert and that I will not like it(according to my brother's interpretation)?

Example: I dreamt I stuck my head in a fan, and lime jello poured out of my head. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Complete with flying pencils and fan-heads.?

The dream starts out with me and Katrina, a girl that's in a couple of my classes. I don't like her very much; she always has a way of getting what I want.

Anyway, Katrina and I are sitting in the band room. We write on each others hands, read the message, and then rub the ink off and write on the other person's hand. We wrote mostly about gym. I don't remember much until I see Alex (the guy I like) in the background.

Alex was with two other guys. One was John (his friend), but I don't remember who the other one was. Anyway, Alex was pulling on a jersey over his head. Not a real jersey, but a jersey the give us to wear in gym.

As he passes I get completely distracted. Instead of taking my hand from Katrina, I leave it in the air, and she starts writing on my right hand. She's holding up my left hand.

I look ahead of me and Alex is there, just standing and staring. He cocks his head to his right and gives me this look that, even now, makes my heart go all funny, even if it is a dream. "Is that why it takes so long to do your laundry?" he asks.

I know that, earlier in the dream, we had talked about how long it takes me to do my laundry. "Yeah. It is," I say, and after I say it, I realize how cold it sounded.

He just smiles and turns toward the door. When he gets there, a pencil goes flying past his nose. It was so close to piercing his skin and I was worried. The next thing I know he's on the ground, doing this weird dance-type move. As he gets up, another pencil soars past his left ear. He picks up the two pencils.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a fan head fly off the fan. Unlike all fans, though, there's no protective metal around the blades, and they're going full-speed. I watch as the blades come closer and closer to Alex, and misses his foot by an inch.

"Alex!" I yell, and I look at the girl next to me. It's not Katrina anymore, but Sadi. We both look at each other in awe.

He had done so well throughout the whole thing, that it was so funny that, as he walks out the door, he tosses the pencils for the trashcan. And misses.

Sadi and I look at each other again, and I start laughing. I hear something about "A Live Studio Audience", but think that that doesn't make sense. Then I wake up.

Example: ADVENTURE TIME FANS! What do you think Finn's dream means?

In the episode "Frost & Fire", Finn has these weird dreams that he wants to experience over again.
I personally thought the dream was a symbolic, but obvious way of Finn going through puberty. That's just my theory. What do you guys think and explain why. The more you explain your answer, the better chance you have of receiving 10 POINTS!

Example: Mj fans: have u ever dream about mj and what was it about?

Example: What does this dream mean? (Naruto fans only)?

When I was 6 and I saw Naruto air on cartoon network I immediately became addicted to it. When I was 6 I had this dream that Hinata was my sister and we were playing and having fun. And in this dream I felt a deep bond like she was my own sister. I then started loving her and she became my favorite character. Do you think that dream means anything? Was it just a dream because I was watching so much Naruto or did it mean something more than that?

Example: What in the world does my dream mean? (jonas brothers fans)?

okay well if your have seen the jonas brothers 3D concert experience movie thing i sort of had a dream about it. okay well this is what happened in my dream. i was watching the concert when demi lovato was singing then all of sudden the jonas brothers come on stage and joe says, "im pretty sure you all know by now that my brother, kevin is dating demi. i think there going to get married soon." and after that they said Kevin's name is really raheem... its weird... lol and then they started singing again lol.

btw im a big jonas brothers fan but this dream is confusing

and i had another dream. okay well i was walking out of the movie theater and the jonas brothers were right next to me walking and nick is like really close to me but he was walking like he was on a mission or something lol and i say,"hey nick! whats up... hey! why aren't you talking to me?!" lol then i went to talk to joe and kevin and they ignored me. so i went home but they followed me and they were in my room with me but they still ignored me. after that i went into the other room to help my dad with something and i come back in and they weren't there but they left autographs in my poster on my wall and i started freaking out because they left autographs and then after that i was playing with a candle and kept getting burnt.

if you dont have anything nice to say about them or not tell me what my dreams mean then just click on the back button. okay? and dont answer this saying "wth are you asking us this? there f**king jew bagels!" or something like that.

Example: What could my dream mean? (10 points) (JB fans welcome)?

I'm a huge Jonas Brothers (LOVE KEVIN) fan and I wanted to know what my dreams mean..I'm kinda lost.
Dream 1: I was walking in this parking lot with my sister and then we see the Jonas Brothers. Next I'm on the floor in front of a car and Kevin comes out of no where and he's carrying me. I'm standing in a room with Kevin and I glance out the window and see the rest of the Jonas family walking to their house next door.

That one was kinda weird...

Dream 2:
I'm standing in a white room while wearing a white dress holding Kevin's hand. We're looking outside towards the balcony

Could someone tell me what they mean? Thanks to all who answer

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