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Dream About Famous meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone famous?

Last night I had a dream about One Direction coming to my house. Everyone was being goofy, laughing, talking, and fooling around except Niall. Then Niall left and Liam told me he liked me. Then Niall came back and he looked into my eyes then turned away. Then I hugged him an he kissed my head. After that I just ran to my room and locked the door. Then I heard them sing "Your math skills are terrible.

I ran back and sat between Hary and Niall. All of a sudden Louis started dancing and so did Liam and Harry. Niall just kept hugging me. He stood up, took my hand and led me to my backyard. He told me a secret and promised not to tell anyone then kissed me.

What does that mean? The dream felt so real I woke feeling it happened yesterday. Please help me figure out what it means.

But sometimes dreams mean something; once a serious of similar dreams are followed by specific life events/incidents, one can build up his/her own dictionary or coding system. Sometimes dreams by certain individuals are predictions of what will happen in the future (e.g., the collapse of a building, purchasing a car, marriage, etc.)

Example: What means a dream about very famous man making pizza from scratch for me.?

He was very happy to make that pizza for me from scratch and bake in the oven. He also invited 2 of his unfamiliar to me friends.

Example: Famous man in dream means what?

This is embarrassing but i will say it anyway. I dreamt that Ty penington and I got closed. i felt loved by him and safe with him.
I've never had a good relationship in real life and now i dreamt what it feels like, i feel sad because I've never experienced it before.

I know there's a meaning...Everytime i dream of a man and me it always means someone i know gets a new boyfriend. I feel it's quite cruel really.

Do u think there's another meaning to it?

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone famous?

I've been having odd dreams about this kind of famous singer, that I barely even like as a singer, Stephen Jerzak. I've just been wondering why I've been dreaming of him?

1) I was dancing with one of my friends and he was sitting on a bench watching in envy. He then got up and pushed the fellow I was dancing with down and left the dance? (I thought that dream was funny, haha)

2) He and I were in a car driving down an old country road fighting about something and then he ran into a tree and we had to walk miles down this road when we saw a bear and he started freaking out and I said something like "Wow, you're pathetic, just make a-lot of noise and look bigger than you are." and the bear ran away and he hugged me for along time.

3) I was at one of his concerts and only about 30 people where there. He pulled me up on stage and I started hanging out with his groupies. Then he got a phone call from his girlfriend and they broke up and then he instantly fell inlove with me. And we were laying on the stage after the show and he was like "Look out to the horizon, everything in it, belongs to me." and I got up and started handing these girls his autographed posters. Then it ended with him kissing me beside my lips.

4) He and I were at a ballroom dance thing and he came up to me and started dancing with me. He said something extremely sweet (Which I can't quite remember) and kissed me.

I don't understand why I've been dreaming of him if I hardly even like him?

Example: What do my dreams about meeting famous people mean?

Okay,Im like a HUGE fan of Justin Bieber I've had like 3 dreams of him before and just last night I had a dream about him that i met him at my school and we hung out Okay what does it meen if i dream of him?

Example: What does it mean to meet famous people in dream?

I mean I sometime dream walking and chating with these famous people despite the fact that I never wanted to meet them.

Example: What does dreaming about famous people mean?

One part of my dream last night was that me and a friend sat down to lunch in a restaurant, when an Elton John song came on the speakers. It was then I noticed Elton John himself and his partner having lunch at the next table. The only thing I remember saying to him was, "Does it ever feel strange, hearing yourself on the radio?" He replied, "It did at first, but you get used to it."

What might this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a famous celebrity?

This happened Saturday night. Kenny Chesney was the famous celebrity. I was a survivor of a hit-and-run and then car accident with broken bones and had a nasty whiplash. I was also attacked in the hospital for a week with a coma, after I woke up. This taxi drove me over to Kenny Chesney's house in Nashville, (assuming he has one), and dropped me over in a hurry. I'm a fan of Kenny's music too. He's back from his world tour and when I explained to him the situation, he brought me in his house and protected me from someone who tried to kill me three times. Later on in the dream, fast forward, a couple of weeks, we fall in love in US Virgin Islands. (Strangely, it's been confirmed he's dating a Columbian supermodel, and is 9 years my senior.) What does this mean? (If this is in the wrong category for dream interpretation and analysis, let me know, and what one?)

Example: What does it mean if you dream about famous people?

i've had alot of taylor lautner lately, and i really wanna know if it means anything.

Example: What does it mean to dream with someone famous?

Last night I dreamt with demi lovato (my favorite singer/actress) my rolemodel and she came to my house to see me but it was a surprise and she was like my friend and noone in my family wanted to believe a famous person was in my house and they asked her why with the wonderful surprise and she said oh nothing just comming by to see my best friend. and then we kissed.
please people no negative coments it was a dream. and like none of you dreamed of kissing a famous person that you like.

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