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Dream About Family Support meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

What is the meaning of my dream?
I had a dream that I liked this guy in my class who i'v never even talked too. The relationship was not supported by family.He was pretty rich, we never said we liked each other but just talked by looking at each other. Later on I saw myself talking to that guy in this weird college in Rhode Island. We were talking about how he was unsuccessful and he was broke.

In my dream last night I had a bear trying to chew on me...I had a single shot shotgun, but it was in 2 pieces, my girlfriend was in the dream too, and I kept telling her to give me some shotgun shells so I could shoot the bear.. about the time that I got the gun together and loaded it up and pointed it point blank at the bear, He lost interest and wandered off..That's when I woke up...my GF got out of bed and was heading out to the front room, I asked her if she was coming back and she said she would sleep on the couch as my nightmare had woke her up...I don't put much stock into dreams
I just gave an old single shot to a friend...Bears do live on this Island...she told me I screamed like a girl 2 times..lol!...your dream is pretty mundane...but very logical,...and quite sane, Sounds like you are looking for a good mate and don't want to be dissapointed...

Example: What does my dreams mean?

Last night I had a dream that it was me and a bunch of family members in this old building, running away from a HUGE animal, it looked like King Kong, and I had my little sister in my arms packing her and a couple of times she got away from me, but she always came back to let me protect her. But I wasn't afraid of the monster, I just kept her in my arms and kept running from it to protect her. Then I had a dream that it was me, my Pastor and my best friend (a guy) at this little town getting something to eat, we were leaving and I saw this amusement park, I got scared and the next thing i know is we were riding a roller coaster, i kept closing my eyes to see where we were going then once we got off of the roller coaster, I wasn't afraid anymore. Then I had a dream that kept coming in through those other 2 dreams. The dream was, it was me and this boy, im assuming he was my boyfriend, we where sitting in a trailblazer at night parked on the side of the road, i was crying because he was trying to get me to do "it" with him and i didn't want to, then he raped me. That is all i can remember. What did those dreams mean?

Example: What do you think my dream means?

First I was attacked by a goat and my family was watching so they gave me a straw to defend myself but they didn't help me
Then a lion attacked me

Haha what do you think it means?

Example: DREAM meaning ? 10pts?


I had this dream about these guys in a white van who were bad people and when in the dream they had been following me for 2 months. And I had to do whatever they said or else something bad was gonna happen ( don't remember what ).i would see them everywhere I went in their van I remember seeing that there were four of them. And one of the guys would talk to me from this chip in my ear and tell me to go places and I would have to sneak away in order to go there because no one knew that I was behind stalked. In the dream the two places they followed me was in my neighrhood and my family neighborhood.also in my dream I told my mom about this going on and she didn't believed me and I started to cry because of that. Then I woke up. Why did I have this dream ? Any meaning ?also I had some other dreams with the same people and they were stalking me everywhere in those dreams too

Example: What does reoccuring dreams of family/friends dying mean?

I am having reoccuring dreams of close friends and family dying. Alot of people are attending the funeral but I can't seem to get close,I am extremely upset about the death but noone is offering their support.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I had a dream last night and it won't get off my mind ...

Anyways it started with me and my boyfriend (guy in my pic for my avatar) we were at his house and we were outside laughing and talking and i don't know who but they shot or stabbed him im not sure but all i remember is that he felled down and he was bleeding and i was holding him saying to calm down that hes going go to the hospital soon and everything will be alright and i started crying really hard.

then it fast fowarded to the hospital scene kinda like a movie...
he was in a room and he was on life support they said he went into a coma he lost a lot of blood and not sure if hes going to make it.
So his mom and dad were there as long as his brothers and me,his mom and dad decided to take him off of life support and i said no i said i know hes alive still hes going to get better ...but they decided to take him off of life support anyway.

His mom and dad and brothers said goodbye to him first then I was the last one...

When i went to say goodbye to him ..I was saying that he cant do this to me he cant leave me when i need him...i was hugging him and holding him as much as i could...as always i caressed his face with tears falling down... i said if you dont want to leave me if you want to stay with me please give me a sign touch my hand or open your eyes please.

And he touched my hand..as always he caresses my hand with his...
And then I woke up cryingg so hard that it felt like it was real...

I don't know what it is supposed to mean?

I know I really love him so much more than anything in the world.

And what does it mean on his part?

Example: Is life really worth following your dreams even if it means your family will disown u?

i want to be a writer and an artist, maybe a graphic designer or animator, and eventually i want to be a producer and writer. im 16, but my parents will basically disown me if i do beacuse i have straight A's and they think i should sit in a cubicle and rot. i see people who are famous and think "wow. they made it" so should i follow my dreams and risk being poor or be miserable and live in the stupid suburbs like a mediocre character.
oh, and if it helps, my parents are poor. and also, i think i have a good chance of following my dreams beacuse im GOOD at what i do.

Example: Whats Dreams of my family members dieing mean?

I had a dream that i took my dads truck with my dog Tank to the next town and ran out of gas undr a bridge and had to leave the truck to walk to my house ( i left my dog tank in there and idk why i did that!) and when i came back the truck and dog were gone. I started crying and ran to a female police officer who looked like a prostitute( seriously), told her what happend she asked what kind of car i drove and i told her and all she said in a sexy kind of voice was " oh thats a cute car" and started singing REALLY loud. I just started crying even harder and then i woke up.

I'm always scared somthing is going to happen to one of my four dogsso i figure my worries maybe made me dream that.

I also had a dream my male cousin (whom i'm not close to) died and i was very upset. Can't remember the dream real good though.

I also had a dream my brother (whom i'm not close with) died in a fire in his new apartment with his roomies.. and i walked around my town sulking and crying for hours. (in my dream)

why m i having these dreams? what do they mean? and why those people? Does anyone know? thanks.

Example: I had a dream i was on life support, what does it mean?

In my dream.
I was at the hospital, i could see everything and hear everything. But i don't think my family and nurses don't know that, so i was givin a ventilator to help me breathe i think, then i heard the nurses and my family talking about "it has spread" like it was cancer or sumthing, then i heard them saying that im dying. It felt so real, and thats when i wolke up. What could this mean?

Example: My family doesn''t support my dreams and ambitions?

So I'm off to college in a few months and I'm majoring in something that is not in the medical or science field. I actually want to study something that interests me and will help me fulfill my ambitions. Whenever I tell them about my college plans, they are incredulous of my potential to achieve and I find it more than a little discouraging. I'm still obstinate on following through with my plans, but it just disheartens me to know that the people who are supposed to support me, do not. I understand that not everyone will have faith in me, but I thought family was that one exception.

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