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Dream About False Testimony meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean..biblical dreams...?

Since I was young , I have had the same dreams.. always one right after another..The first was I was in a store and I looked out the window and saw rocks covered with fire,hitting the ground, I look at the cooler and notice All the drinks turn to blood..Then I look around and notice that the children were gone and some people were gone..I wake up..Then a hour later I would go to bed and another dream follows, this time
I found myself running in the woods hiding from people..
Who want to inprison me for not getting the number of man..
Dogs chasing me, I am hungry,tired and afraid, then I wake up, i go back to sleep and yet again another dream follows..They have me tied ..walking walking to my death as I see people getting their heads cut off..voices cry out in the back ground
" God, forgive me, Please Save me.." I am put in a dirty cell waiting to die.. then I wake

sounds like they could be pertaining to end time events. one of the plagues are water turning to blood and those who worship the beast and the number of his name (666 which is the number of the popes name in roman numerals) will have that for drink, while the saints who remain unspotted from the world will not be affected by the plagues. at the end of time Gods people will be persecuted for keeping the biblical sabbath (7th day saturday, not sunday) for they have not defiled themselves with pagan teachings and satan seeks to imprison and kill those who he cannot force to worship on this counterfeit day of worship that shortly the catholic church and america will enforce for man to obey, followed by the whole world. It is very close to happen now, and has been in planning for centuries. it sounds to me that God is calling u out of babylon (false system of religious worship) and into his true fold, (the 7th day adventist church. those that revelation speak of who "keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus). please email me for more details.

Example: I am mute in every dream!?

I've noticed that in every dream I've ever had, I've never spoken. I THINK about what I am saying in my head but my mouth (even in my little virtual dream thingy) never moves and I never speak. I can only think of what I'm saying. Everyone else in my dream speaks normally like they would in real life but I don't... Is that freakishly weird or like a brain malfunction haha does this happen to anyone else?

Example: I had a dream about Men In Black. What does it mean?

So uhm last night I had a dream about me working for the Men In Black, my mission was to protect Miley Cyrus, ohh geez don't ask.. xD

Ok heres the whole dream!


I was wearing black track pants, black sneaks, and a black tank top. I had no weapon on hand.

I was back stage at a Miley Cyrus concert. I was supposed to protect her from someone/something; she was up singing, when I heard something from a distance.

I knew something wasn’t right, so I ran up to save Miley, when I heard the gun shot, and I put my Left hand covering her forehead. The bullet went into my hand, and stopped it. I had saved her, so what a relief everyone thought!

The show ended, and then Miley came up to me and wanted to know who I was. She didn’t even know I was back stage. But guards came out of no where, and took her and ran off, they knew the person who tried to kill her, was still loose. I was quite puzzled!

A few minutes later, I looked at my hand and saw blood, and the bullet inside. I tried to take it out, but I was in too much pain, then I had almost had it out, until my finger slipped, and then it went back in, but further, and then my skin slowly closed up.

Then I fainted, and woke up somewhere in downtown Toronto, on a side walk. Minutes later men in black came to pick me up in a black limousine, they rushed me in the car, and drove off.

Then I woke up, feeling Dizzy.

Me: Ok I pay very close attention to my dreams, and usually they always mean something, and they represent something about myself. BUT I've never had a dream about the Men In Black, o_O and I can't find anything online that can help me. =( So can you peoples please help? =D

Example: Why does it seem like people believe "any" prophecy without testing the spirit?

Jesus warned us of "many" false prophets. Are people that gullible? I do not mean to sound judgmental. They have dreams and visions on the hour about Jesus returning any minute. Meeting Angels and given a tour of the other side. I heard these in 2006 about the Tribluation starting in 2006 and it was bumped up to the next year my "people of God" after much praying and fasting. It did not come to pass. I am not scoffing. I am just observing people doing what I used to do for a season. Yes, we must be ready at all times. But after a failed prophecy people still follow these people or defend them. Is it that people want to leave this world so bad at any fake prophecy to calm the nerves?

Example: Is it not false testimony to say You have a personal relationsship with jesus, If you have never seen Him?

can you pick Jesus out of a line up! even i cant do that! and i did see Jesus. i have seen a cartoon like dream of ONE that had a brown beard but i still dont have PROOF that it was jesus whom i saw.

Example: Why cant exmormons keep their testimony?

I just dont understand. I have such a strong testimony, because God told me that my church is true, he told me in my heart and I cant deny it. I wont believe all those horrible lies about my churches history. Those crazy fake doctrines doctrines those nasty exmormons say my church claimed as revelations from my super human god whom with his wife in their physical bodies really did concieve trillions of babies because we are the litteral offspring of god, dontcha know. I just dont see how those exmormons lost their testimony. I mean, even if god commanded my church to kill all the atheist babies of the world, I'd still beleive, even though I dont know my religion very well, but God told me it was true.

Example: Do Muslims believe we are close to end times, and what prophecies do they believe are happening now?

Please be specific.

Example: I need a little legal advise, mean neighbor...?

my husband has been accepted into the police accademy here in california, it starts in july, and now our neighbor whom we have had probloms with since we lived here ( 1 and 1/2 years) is filing a restraining order against him, for false accusations. i need to know who do we go to to get the order lifted, and what kind of documentations do we need. he is saying we filed false claims against him with cps, (wich we did call them, because he was filming our son running around naked in our house), we called the sherrifs office first and they never came out to talk to him. and he is also saying we filed a false report with animal control even though we brought the animal control evidence that his dog was in fact in our yard many times, and we have witnesses. what can i do so my husband doesn't have to throw away his dreams of being a cop?

Example: The Scripture talks about the love of the greater number cooling off.?

Here is the Question are there other religions other then Christian that talk about the people of the world becoming less and less loving as the love of the greater number cools off?

Example: If there is no god does that mean there is no reason behind anything?

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