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Dream About False Teeth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does pulling out your own teeth in a dream mean?

In my dream I am walking. With my tongue I feel that my front two teeth are lose. I use my hand to take them out and they come out easily. Not wanting to have a gap in my mouth. I want to put them back in my mouth. Geoff [an ex friend who I've had a bad falling out with and haven't spoken to in over 5 years] is walking next to me telling not to put them back in. I try anyway, and they don't fit and I hear a crack. I'm confused that they don't fit. I look down at the teeth. My two teeth came out fused together and the roots of the teeth are long, arched and fang like. They are natural looking in color, and the fangs are pretty long, and very sharp. I look at one of the fangs and there is a crack - I put pressure on the crack and it breaks. Geoff shake his head as if to say - I told you not to put them back in your head. I use my tougue to feel the hole in my mouth and figure out why I can not put my teeth back in. There are two new teeth coming in their place.

Anyone have any idea what it means?

Teeth dreams are extremely common, especially in adults. Usually teeth dreams boil down to a fear of getting old and loosing your beauty or looks.
For most teeth dreams “pulling” is not the most common but still plays a strong role in the dream world. When you get a dream about having your teeth pulled it means that your worried about being made fun of or you're embarrassed. When you are pulling your own teeth it means that you might be pulling yourself too hard in life and need to slow down.
To dream that you have rotten or decaying teeth forewarns that your health and/or business is in jeopardy. You may have uttered some false or foul words and those words are coming back to haunt you.

Are you worried you're getting older and you and your friend Geoff still haven't made up? Maybe it's time to swallow your pride instead of worrying about being worried or embarrassed and pick up the phone...
Happy dreaming :-)

Example: What do dreams about teeth mean?

I always dream about me losing teeth and it scares me. I believe dreams have meanings in weird ways. The other night I dreamed that a lot of my back teeth just started crumbling out in HUGE chunks. I have had numerous dreams about me losing teeth that I can't even think of them all. Another one I can think of off the top of my head is I had a dream that I lost all of my bottom teeth but they came out really weird. They were my real teeth but fell out like dentures.

Any dream interpreters that can explain dreams about losing teeth and meaning to them. My teeth are in decent condition, I brush them like I should. I could floss more and they could use a cleaning but I don't think that has anything to do with my dreams. I think it is something more mythological meaning but that has a meaning, ya know.

Example: What do decaying teeth in a dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when u dream that a tooth false off?

Example: Falling teeth dreams meaning?

Example: A rotten teeth dream, meaning?

It often begins with a black build up of something foul on the back of my teeth and i try hide it from my parents (mainly my mum), my teeth start falling out from the back of my mouth, then in the end i'm pulling the rest of my teeth out one by one infront of a mirror. Meaning?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about teeth falling out?

I know most of the time there is an "old saying" that interprets the meaning of your dreams. So what does this dream mean usually?

Example: What does my dream mean? teeth falling out?

i have had the same dream for two nights now
in both my teeth fell out. either by crumbling or they sort of just came loose and eventually most of them had gone.
Both times i was with a few people, my parents were there as well
it was like i was crying for help but everyone was just staring even my mum and dad. Nobody was helping me. in the dream i was very upset, worried because of what was happening but upset because i was just being looked at and nobody was helping me.
after the dream each night i suddenly woke up, i actually thought it was really happening.

what does this mean?
thanks x

Example: Dream meaning: teeth falling out?

Last night i had a dream that my teeth where falling out, not all my teeth just odd teeth and my front teeth where wobbling really bad, so a dentist pulled the wobbly ones out and began putting teeth back in where the gaps where.

What does this mean :S ive read about normal teeth falling out dreams, but what does it mean with the dentist putting them back in :S

Example: Teeth Dream?

I had a dream that my teeth were falling out. I only had the front two which were only half teeth. I went to the dentist because I was gettting false teeth. I then spit out all my teeth (in that thing where you spit into). My boss was with me at the dentist and I told her I would be back to work when I was all done and she was very understanding. I kept covering my mouth cause I didn't want anyone to see. Does anyone know what the dream means? I have had dreams before about my teeth falling out. It was so real, I woke up and felt my teeth to make sure they were still there! :(

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