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Dream About Falling In Deep Waters meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

o.k, so i have this reoccurring dream

and its about me going for the ride in a car or whatever vehicle...and we are driving on a road that is on the edge of a cliff...but the cliff isn't that far down but the water is deep, and we fall in and i wake up...

but the scary thing is, this is a real place and a real road that i live near, and my family might pass by there every so often, but every time we do i am so terrified because of those dreams...I've had this dream as young as say maybe 4 or 5, then when i was 6 and then like every year or 2, and now I'm 14 and i had the same dream like a year ago

so i am kind of scared and i don't know what this means, like should i stay away from that road that has the cliff or does it have an actual meaning behind it

thanks in advance!

Maybe this dream symbolizes how you feel about a particular situation. The fact that the cliff isn't that far down but the water is deep probably means sometimes you have no control over small situation(hence the cliff) but it's a big deal to you (hence the deep water). My advice: take control and realize there is more than one way to solve a problem and if you can solve it, put it on God's hands. Be blessed Hun ;)

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

Their dreams about you falling

I heard it meant it ws your life was falling apart but im not sure

Example: Dream of falling into water? (please read)?

I keep having these dreams of falling into water. Last night I had one also but these dreams is always of ditch water but its wide and deep. Well the dream goes I was just standing above on the ground looking down at the water then all of a sudden the ground that I am standing on caving in and coll-asp and I fall into the water and the water is a dark color.
Then when I fell into the water my dream changes to something else (before it was color, now its Black and white) I am in this abandoned town with a few small houses and its empty with no people. I am with 2 ppl but I don't recognize them from anywhere but In the dream I am acting as i know them and we are all hiding from this guy that wants to kill us but then he finds us and we start running somewhere else but then we finally lose him but some how I end up getting stuck in this big long wide gate under one of the towns roof with him. Then the people was back and he was friendly and color came back but then the people was gone and it turned (black and white again) and then he starts recovering that crazy side and I start screaming for someone to let me out and banging on the gates. Trying to climb. and the two people that I knew was outside watching in horror but I ended up tearing the gate and climbed and got out but the guy seemed like he couldn't follow but he threw his thick knife out the gate where we were and it ended up stabbing me in the eye then I woke up.

Does anyone know what that could mean?

I am really confused and scared at the same time can someone help me bcuz these type of dreams keep going on and on. It seems like this guy has been following me and trying to hurt me somehow and It seems these dreams are getting worse. Can someone pls help me?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

like 10 or more times now iv had dreams about orca whales in every one there are millions of them in deep blue water there are absolutely tons of them and i always end up falling in the water and i try to swim away but they always catch me and i think they eat me i don't feel pain but i feel something like tingling and i cant move iv had these dreams all my life and i only just told my best friend and she says that the whales have some kind of spiritual connection to me and im wondering what tat connection is can someone tell me please?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that my mammaw & I, was in deep muddy water and a snake covered in blood and surround by bloody water around it and was chasing us. I got out, but she was still in the water. Then my uncle came and pulled the snake out and it was huge.

What does this mean? I always heard muddy water means someone is going to die, and snakes meant evil or something like that. But what does the blood mean.

Example: Interpret my dream!? What does it mean?

I've been having this dream for quite sometime now... it's always the same but sometimes has different surroundings. I'm balancing on bridge rails. The road in between the rails is either broken/cracked or not there. There's always water beneath it. I don't know what's on the other side of the bridge. I don't even know why the heck I need to get to the other side in the first place. At the end of the dream I eventually end up falling- but never drown. I just fall in to the water and swim to come up for air. This dream will repeat itself about 2-3 times while I'm sleeping.

The only thing I can relate to this dream was about 5 years ago when I was walking across abandoned train tracks that had deep water below. I remember feeling scared that a train would come even though I knew it was abandoned. I never fell though. This was 5 years ago, so this can't relate to the dreams I'm having now can it?

Example: What does this dreamt means?

i had a dreamt last night, too many butterflies with different color staying in one tree(when i tried to touch them they won't go away). then after butterflies followed the very deep but very clear lake with two kids under the water trying to catch some fish, then after that followed the mountain ( i was trying to climb the mountain with very high current flow of falls besides my way. i don't know what this dreamt means, please need some explanation.thank's alot

Example: What does dreaming of a sea mean?

I dreamed I was standing looking at the sea.and then I was in a house and it was pouring rain.
What does rain mean?what does sea mean?please answer

Example: Songs With Deep Meaning?

need new songs that have deep meaning,
these are songs that i listen to all the time and i want more like them,
if you know any songs similar to these or know any i might like please list them :)
how to save a life - the fray
bother - corey taylor
numb - linkin park
never too late - three days grace
little house - the fray
because of you - kelly clarkson
beautiful - eminem
pain - three days grace
what hurts the most - rascal flatts
mad world - gary jules
black parade - my chemical romance
only hope - switchfoot
stan - eminem
hide and seek - imogen heap
just a dream - carrie underwood
wonderwall - oasis
the hand that feeds - nine inch nails
you're not alone - saosin
can't keep on loving you - elliot yamin
living on a prayer - bon jovi
bless the broken road - rascal flatts
help im alive - metric
unbelievable - craig david
the animal i have become - three days grace
everything - lifehouse
i hate everything about you - three days grace
addicted - kelly clarkson
black clouds - papa roach
iris - goo goo dolls
she will be loved - maroon 5
sleepless night - faber drive
stand still look pretty - the wreckers
my immortal - evanscence
ready to fall - rise against
secret - the pierces
keep holding on - avril lavigne
your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus
courage - superchick
hailie's - eminem
beautiful disaster - john mclaughlin
pain - jimmy eat world
21 guns - green day
freak on a leash - korn
don't worry be happy - bob marley
slipped away - avril lavigne
break - three days grace
vienna - the fray
don't jump - tokio hotel
nobody's home - avril lavigne
hold on - good charlotte
boulevard of broken dreams - green day
lose yourself - eminem
world so cold - three days grace
funhouse - pink
beauty from pain - superchick
girl next door - saving jane
everybody's fool - evanscence
apologize - one republic
running up that hill - placebo
bigger than love - my favorite highway
broken - evanscence
only hope - mandy moore
bridge over troubled water - simon & garfunkle
her diamonds - rob thomas
everybody hurts - r.e.m.
so small - carrie underwood
stand in the rain - superchick
second chance - shinedown
black roses red - alan grace
remembering sunday - all time low
breathe - anna nalick

Example: What does my dream mean? About deep water and waterfalls: please help!?

So this was my dream last night: I thought it was a good dream, but I don't think it is: I NEVER had this kind of dream before, and I keep thinking about it: This was it: " I was at this place, and as I was about to go in a store, there was DEEP DEEP water everywhere, and it was surrounding me everywhere: I was standing on these stones to get across: I didn't move cause I knew I would drown: on my left side, people were somehow getting across to the other side: On my right side, there was this BIGG like waterfall! Like Niagara Falls! No, that's exactly what it looked like: Then I had a another dream about violence: What do you think this dream means? 10points for BEST ANsWER!

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