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Dream About Fall meanings

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Example: What do falling dreams mean?

Their dreams about you falling

I heard it meant it ws your life was falling apart but im not sure

if u r running from something or someone it means ur running or trying to get out of the way of something
if YOU are chasing something or someone it means ur trying to find something, trying to get what u want, or u want somthing but u just cant get it.
if ur falling it depends, if off a cliff it means u dont want some thing to happen to you, or ur hiding and avoiding something if into water [i've had sooo many dreams of falling in water and i never sank and i could breath] it may mean u r finding something deep down under [not water] under in ur soul/heart
once i had a dream of climbing then i fell back down to ware i started. that means u are trying to achieve something but u need more practice. u just cant reach it.
Dreams can be very strange sometimes but there are so many reasons for each
sometimes its u whos controlling ur brain during sleep and sometimes its just some memory that comes back.

Example: What does it mean y dream about falling forks,spoons and knives, on the floor?

all i dreamt about was falling forks,spoons and knives..it was really loud. that's basically it.

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

I fall from high place land on my feet feel wierd and feel ok what does that mean?

Example: Dream meaning- Falling?

I had a dream that i was falling forever, what does it mean?

Example: What is meaning of dream ?- falling?

Please dont think this is another falling dream question.

I googled about it but the dreams I found were like sombody pushing you, or falling from a cloud, dying etc. but my dream is a bit different.
In this dream I fall I dont see/remember from where I fall. Before falling on ground I wake up. When I'm awake my heart beats are increased. I can feel it.
This does not happen everyday. It happens sometimes. I think this maybe because of stress or because of certain things in my life I dont have any control.
Please share your opinion. thanks

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

What does it mean when you dream that you're falling, and you hit the ground, but, you feel dead? Like, in the dream, you know you're dead?

Example: What does it mean to dream of falling in love with a female demon?

Also in the dream there were these "sacred" books I was in possession of that she was after. After giving her the books, we ended up falling in love.

Example: What does this falling dream mean?

I had a terrible dream that my 4 yr old and I were somehow on the edge of a tall building and my son fell off-I was paralyzed with fear I couldnt scream for help and could barly make it down the building-once I finally climbed down I search every where in a panic and I found him unharmed but I woke up with the sickest most frightened feeling that stuck in my mind all day. Any clues

Example: What does my falling dream mean?

I'm very into dream interpretation so serious answers only please.

In my dream it was nice out and i was walking through the grass with an unknown person and i kept falling in the grass (wasn't a hard fall) either i would stumble into a ditch or trip and fall and he would help me up. through out the entire dream i kept falling into the small ditches but my dream remained pleasant and the scenery was nice out.

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

I used to have them almost every night. Sometimes it would be an intended suicide or for some reason I would walk backwards off a cliff, not knowing there was a cliff there. I've never hit the ground. I wake up right before hitting the ground in my dream but in mid-air in reality and land on my bed; panting and sweating. I guess I would say I'm slightly depressed but does the suicide dreams mean something more severe?

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