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Dream About Falcons meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is a dream's true meaning?

I have many different dreams, some prophetic, some that make absolutely no since and others that feel to real to be true, ones that your half asleep and can physically feel but cannot move.

But this dream I can't find a solution to, it pelages my mind. I remember I was helping my mother and what she did was call to send a message by bird, why I have no clue. But the bird as it drew near kept changing form, first from a hawk to a falcon, and then a bird with a long neck like a vulture but it still had all its feathers. I remember grabbing its so my mom could put the message on the leg, it did struggle a bit I facing its wrath, but really didn't hurt, but after she was done I was to let it go but it started to rain and when I looked at it, it had a fur like body stood of 4 bird like legs and still had the long neck with wings upon its back. Soon after it took a human form since it was unable to fly in the rain. What does it mean? That I don't know. But I want to know more about it.

Wow...a powerful dream. If I had to say, this is what your dream means. The birds that you mentioned are all birds of prey in some sense. They are also associated with bad news or a message which if received by the right person, it will cause harm to that person. The reason the bird keeps changing is because each bird is specific to a certain type of prey or listener and is adaptable to different people. All of these birds according to their terrain prefer a certain type of prey. Grabbing the bird represents that you are a participant in this situation and you are helping initiate and help steady this project. But fur body and 4 legs. Fur body represents this animal is able to adapt to unfavorable conditions. 4 legs represents this thing has twice the power to grab hold of it's prey or the listener. It is very powerful. The reason it took a human form is because it means this bird represents a person by which this message will come through who has all the attributes of those birds you mentioned. The man sounds like someone you and your mother are working on or encourageing to speak or say something to people.

Example: What does dreaming of wingless birds mean?

I had this dream last night.
I start in a house, not my house_ it seems like it is an old friends house(whom i am not in good terms with at the moment) I give her a hug and ask her to forgive me and she does and she is caring and understanding eventhough it was my fault we were mad.
I then go outside to the garage, but it is a warehouse. It is filthy, full of dust and there are dead animals on the floor, small mice corpses, there is a small fox(or it looks like one) and a dead lizzard. this dead Lizzard is what caught my attention the most (I remember it clearly). I start to sweap the dirt and the animals away, trying to clean the mess, but I dont finish, I am intrigued by what is happening outside and go to take a look.
I come out of this warehouse in to what looks like an animal park. Behind a fence there are 3 birds, big birds, there is a falcon, a black bird, and an owl. They are separated by fences from one another...these birds do not have wings. They are climbling the fences with their beeks and feet trying to get out and they struggle a lot, but one by one they clim up the fence and down the other side into freedom...
They seem happy and achieved, but they can't fly...as they stand there I fear for their life, because they have no wings and this is my exact thhought: "but you have no wings, what are you going to do now?... you were safer in the cage"
...then I woke up

Example: The falcon and fox dream?

I’ve had this dream a lot, it starts with me alone in the forest with a falcon, then a friend (he’s my roommate) comes out and looks at me then turns away, he says something I cant hear then the ground turns to red and black butterflies and I fall into the ocean, I’m drowning and he is standing on the water and he gives me his hand, I tell him I love him then he lets me go and turns away looking at a fox and the falcon on the land, I drown and die I wake up and cant breath... why?

i have read my journal and i find that every dream with him in it has the falcon and the fox, what does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was running through a thin but long piece of land surrounded by trees, it was sort of like a path. And I was running with someone else, I didn't know who it was, but I felt like I trusted them, like they were a friend. And there were two ghostly animals we were following, they looked sort of like patronuses from the Harry Potter movies. One was a big glowing green bird, like an eagle, hawk, falcon, or something. The other was a glowing orangish-red lion. We were both following them but, we each felt a certain attraction to different ones, I think I was especially following the lion. Suddenly, the other guy I was running with jumped up and started flying with the bird, then the lion started flying too. So I started jumping and tried really hard to fly, and I finally started flying with them, I was soaring above the land. And then I woke up

What does it mean?

Example: Can someone please tell me what this dream means?

My dream was that i was with my best friend and she could turn into a falcon, and there were some other people with us. We were in a rocky area outside by a mountain and a stream. I told my friend i wanted to be an eagle but she said i have to be zombified?Ahah yeah i dont know.. So she took a big pine tree branch and beat me over the head with it knocking me out... then i woke up in my dream and she said i could be an eagle anytime i wantt... so she started flying around as a falcon... and i turned into an eagle and flew up but i couldnt move forward to the area where she was flying around...like an invisible wall was blocking me but she came and helped me so i could... then me, her, and the people went into the forest..

Okay this is where things start to get more interesting...
Then the sky turned blood red, and it started pouring rain and thunder. Everyone was screaming, and crying, and running trying to get through the forest as quick as possible. I was fleeing too, but i turned around to see my friend falling from the sky in human form hitting the ground hard. No one else helped her, so i picked her up in my talons and flew through the forest...there was then these
two gates, i flew over first to second one, where there was this man standing in front of it, he said the gate was closed cause there was going to be monsters soon. but i gave him my friend, and he took her through the gate saying he could heal her..its kind of strange how he didnt mind talking to an eagle that spoke english and could somehow lift a person... but yeah, then i was scared, i wanted to flee, but i flew back to check if everyone else was okay, and randomly my feathers turned orange and the ones on my head yellow...then i saw everyone at the first gate and the guy let them through...so i turned around and started flying back to second gate to check on my friend but i woke up.

Can someone please tell me what it means?

Example: Dream meaning: white butterflies, 2cats, and falcon/hawk?

I was walking in a park towards a very green field with a big lake and a kitten was walking in the grass and from behind a bush a bigger cat came out then a lot of white butterflies were flying around to the left of me then a falcon/hawk landed on me and i was shaking and wiggling trying to get it off and it wouldn't then it finally fell on the ground and was just standing there.. Why all these creatures ? What does this mean ?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a white falcon?

I dreamnt last night that I was walking up a mountain with my mother not far behind me. I got to the top and could see many beautiful mountains it was awe inspiring. Then I saw a ledge on top of the mountain I was on and walked over to it. I looked down and saw how far up I was and the darkness down below and was filled with fear of what I was seeing.

I felt compelled to sit on the ledge and was mesmerized by the utter darkness I saw. I was so scared and yet I felt drawn to fall into it. I sat there for some time. As a note there were people on top of this mountain observing me but I did not know who they were.

While sitting there I heard the people make a commotion and I looked up into the blue sky and saw a white falcon fly down gracefully from the sky and land right next to me. I could hear the people in shock of seeing that this falcon landed next to me.

The falcon looked at me and nudged my hand with his head and so I pet him. His fur oat was soft to touch. Occasionally he would nip at me with his mouth/beek. But not to hurt me as though he was pulling me away. I was hesitant because I was afraid he was going to bite me but he never did and persisted that I pet him. He eventually drew me away from the ledge and back to a safe place on top of the mountain.

Any idea what this means?

Example: What does the quote "The stuff that dreams are made of" from The Maltese Falcon mean?

does it mean, like "we could only dream of the real thing"? or something like "the real thing is so valuable, we could only dream of it"?

Example: What does it mean if in a dream an ex boss shows hands over a falcon 2 u & gives u a white horse?

Have had this drean 3 times almost the same...as far as i can remember a bit wierd, am not putting much thought to it, saw this forum decided to check it out.

Example: I had this dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was standing in this wood, looking out across a not-very wide lake with a spraying waterfall, and I saw a peregrine falcon in a tree across it. I was trying to call my brother because I thought he would like to see it, but I couldn't reach for my phone in my pocket, I just felt like I was frozen. The bird went to the waterfall (and it looked massive, probably as big as me) and after hovering for a while pulled a brown fish the size of itself out of the waterfall.
After that, I drempt I saw two huge rabbits, about 3 feet long, with flat ears, one was brown and the other white and brown, in my old house's backyard, and I thought I could snare one, so I went inside to get a rope and when I came back out I saw my uncle with my dad and my uncle had snared the brown one, who told me I was too late, and the white rabbit was running into the neighbor's yard, with a dog running after it, the owner chasing after the dog and apologizing to us.

About a year or two ago I moved to another country and it was pretty hard on me. I've been wondering a lot where I actually would live if I had a choice, and have been a little depressed and lethargic lately. I'm not really sure if I belong anywhere. If anyone could please help me figure out what this means, that would be really helpful.

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