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Dream About Falcon meanings

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Example: What is a dream's true meaning?

I have many different dreams, some prophetic, some that make absolutely no since and others that feel to real to be true, ones that your half asleep and can physically feel but cannot move.

But this dream I can't find a solution to, it pelages my mind. I remember I was helping my mother and what she did was call to send a message by bird, why I have no clue. But the bird as it drew near kept changing form, first from a hawk to a falcon, and then a bird with a long neck like a vulture but it still had all its feathers. I remember grabbing its so my mom could put the message on the leg, it did struggle a bit I facing its wrath, but really didn't hurt, but after she was done I was to let it go but it started to rain and when I looked at it, it had a fur like body stood of 4 bird like legs and still had the long neck with wings upon its back. Soon after it took a human form since it was unable to fly in the rain. What does it mean? That I don't know. But I want to know more about it.

Wow...a powerful dream. If I had to say, this is what your dream means. The birds that you mentioned are all birds of prey in some sense. They are also associated with bad news or a message which if received by the right person, it will cause harm to that person. The reason the bird keeps changing is because each bird is specific to a certain type of prey or listener and is adaptable to different people. All of these birds according to their terrain prefer a certain type of prey. Grabbing the bird represents that you are a participant in this situation and you are helping initiate and help steady this project. But fur body and 4 legs. Fur body represents this animal is able to adapt to unfavorable conditions. 4 legs represents this thing has twice the power to grab hold of it's prey or the listener. It is very powerful. The reason it took a human form is because it means this bird represents a person by which this message will come through who has all the attributes of those birds you mentioned. The man sounds like someone you and your mother are working on or encourageing to speak or say something to people.

Example: Who can name these movie quotes 2?

1.You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am

2.Love means never having to say you're sorry.

3.The stuff that dreams are made of

4.Sawyer, you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star

5.Yo, Adrian!

6.No wire hangers, ever!

7.Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

8.Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape.

9.Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

10.You can't handle the truth!

Example: Need help with explaining a dream I had about birds devouring snakes.?

What I can remember... My dream was about two small birds (on the ground – they never looked up and I never saw something like this ever before) that were covered in glowing armadillo like shielded skin that was devouring I think two or three snakes. The snakes were blue purple and had a type of fish skin, I did not notice it immediately, but another bird (falcon) dropped a snake from the sky. As soon as I saw this I tried helping one of the snakes, but I just couldn’t get near it. It was moving too fast for me.

While approaching one of these snakes, I noticed one was in pieces, but still sailing away from me and living. While this was happening, the small shielded ground birds kept picking holes in the snakes. They were running like mad on the ground, devouring all the snakes, but the snakes kept going even when they should be dead? I realized I couldn’t help, and left them.

Then suddenly, while leaving the area, I saw a group of: 2 small black baby owls with white head feathers, some ants, and the two maybe three blue purple shielded (Armadillo like skin) birds circling the snakes. All of them were now literally ripping the snakes apart. I can’t remember if they were eaten, but it was brutal. I think one of the owls looked straight at me, I felt hopeless but yet I surrendered to the chaos and felt peaceful as I was watching this going on.

Before all this happened, I also saw two full grown ‘Black Widow’ spiders in one nest. They literally were against each other, were friendly and huge like the palm of my hand... My attention as I remember kept focusing on the spiders.

This dream felt so intense, it’s hard to explain. I never bother about dreams, but the two birds and the snakes were inner felt (whatever that means). I can’t stop thinking about it…
I will appreciate if someone can tell me what this means, if it means something anyway or not.

Example: What's Your Spirit Animal?

mine are the
wolf, (shy, yet very sociable, strong rules of behavior, the "teacher", when alone, freedom but when part of a pack, community,)
the eagle (courage, vision, strength and endurance.)
the Fox ( cunning, slyness, stealth, observation, and wisdom)
and the cat(patient, clever, understanding and tolerance).

what's your spirit animal, list it and i will tell you what it means.

Example: What does dreaming of wingless birds mean?

I had this dream last night.
I start in a house, not my house_ it seems like it is an old friends house(whom i am not in good terms with at the moment) I give her a hug and ask her to forgive me and she does and she is caring and understanding eventhough it was my fault we were mad.
I then go outside to the garage, but it is a warehouse. It is filthy, full of dust and there are dead animals on the floor, small mice corpses, there is a small fox(or it looks like one) and a dead lizzard. this dead Lizzard is what caught my attention the most (I remember it clearly). I start to sweap the dirt and the animals away, trying to clean the mess, but I dont finish, I am intrigued by what is happening outside and go to take a look.
I come out of this warehouse in to what looks like an animal park. Behind a fence there are 3 birds, big birds, there is a falcon, a black bird, and an owl. They are separated by fences from one another...these birds do not have wings. They are climbling the fences with their beeks and feet trying to get out and they struggle a lot, but one by one they clim up the fence and down the other side into freedom...
They seem happy and achieved, but they can't fly...as they stand there I fear for their life, because they have no wings and this is my exact thhought: "but you have no wings, what are you going to do now?... you were safer in the cage"
...then I woke up

Example: The falcon and fox dream?

I’ve had this dream a lot, it starts with me alone in the forest with a falcon, then a friend (he’s my roommate) comes out and looks at me then turns away, he says something I cant hear then the ground turns to red and black butterflies and I fall into the ocean, I’m drowning and he is standing on the water and he gives me his hand, I tell him I love him then he lets me go and turns away looking at a fox and the falcon on the land, I drown and die I wake up and cant breath... why?

i have read my journal and i find that every dream with him in it has the falcon and the fox, what does that mean?

Example: Can any one inturpret this dream?

i was walking in a roadway and jugding by the red tapastry i saw on a wooden board while i was and the kinds of trees i was probley somewhere in asia but any way when i walked by the red tapastry i say about 15 golden scarabs come out of nowhere they started to circle me faster and faster building energy (at least judging be the sound) as they went and lifting me up a few feet off the ground i couldent move anypart of my body and when the noise got too loud for me to bear i woke up with a huge BOOM
anything whould be usefull to me about this thank you.

Example: Great music suggestions?

What are some really good bands and songs? I want to expand my horizons :)

It can be any genre.

Example: Do You Think The Atlanta Falcons Will Go To The SB?

Simple question.

I think they might have a shot if they get home field advantage. They are almost unbeatable at home under Matt Ryan/Mike Smith. I hope they do, but it'll be hard. I think they have a shot though. My dream Super Bowl mathup: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots.

Example: What are symbolic meanings for a bird tattoos? real answers please.?

I am searching for a bird, real or mythological as a tattoo.

I want it to represent:
family / motherhood
new beginnings.

I know the phoenix represents new beginnings but it mainly represents resurrection.. ( not really what i'm after)

i like the crane but i can't seem to find a lot of information on it other than japanese crane, bird of happiness.

thank you for ur help!

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