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Dream About Fairy meanings

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Example: Martin Luther King Jr's dream was a fairy tale, is that what Bill Clinton meant?

Until President L. Johnson signed and made his dream into reality...

Is that what Bill Clinton meant?

I'm not sure, but I do believe that's what he meant.

Bill ain't right.

Vote Obama 2008.

Example: What does it mean when you are a fairy in your dreams?

I have been having absolutely strange dreams lately. There was a traveling carnival with games, clowns, mimes and rides. The carnival was at the river's edge. Everyone who went to the carnival and everyone who worked there had a fairy who lived in their closet. I was a fairy in my dream. My soon to be ex-husband's fairy. Everyone was dressed in costume. The dream was silent and I followed him through out the carnival. We stopped at the game where you take the hammer and hit the thing to make the bell ring. And the only sound i heard was the bell. The dream was really wierd...What do you think it means?

Example: Fairy dream meaning ?

ok so i had a dream i was at my boyfriends mums, he went out the bedroom to get something, and something crawled on me ,.. it was a solid metal type tiny horse with wings :/.. so i got a glass and captures it with paper underneath put it down, and when my boyfriend got back.. left inside the glass was a lady fairy.. i said look look its a fairy, her face went sad as she knew she had been captured.. i lifted the glass up a little bit and said i will let u go but i want my 3 wishes , what i laughed when i got up i wished i had longer legs best set of dd's and a super hot body.. which in reality that doesn't bother me lol.. anyway,.so she turned into human form i was asking all this.. but she had a sketchy look on her face, kinda devious, any one know what that might symbolize ?

Example: What does it mean to dream of fairies?

Example: What does it mean dreaming about tornado and fairies?

I was in my grandparents back yard and i was enjoying what was around me and then i saw two fairies on the electricity wire waving at me but i couldn't see there faces because there light wouldn't let me,they were waving hi to me, then out of no were they was a black cloud that came and it was a tornado. I ran to the house and the whole house was shaking for 3min. Then it went away, my bf and his sister and his four nieces came and we were trying to fix the roof and next thing you know the Tornado came back and we went in side and we were trying to hold on on something but end up being okay.

Can someone tell me what it means?

Example: What does my fairy tale dream mean?

Last night I had a dream, an old friend an I were walking along and it was snowing, we were mucking around throwing snow and we passed this sort of castle with a clock tower, a huge sort of wrecking ball with decorative swirls on it and this tower in the middle of it. My friend told me that the ball was to knock down the old tower and who ever did would be the new princess of the town we lived in, there hadn't been one for years. So I had a go and somehow moved the ball to knock down the tower, this merlin type character appeared and said I was now the new princess and how he could tell I'd be good at it and lead everyone well (tbh I couldn't handle a dog n a lead...much less rule somewhere, but a dreams a dream) anyway they built me a new tower where I was to be crowned and I was to go up there. I had a dress and was getting ready to go up when a young man, I think it was a love interest, gave me a red rose and said congratulations and he would see me later. When I got up to my tower, there was an evil witch who wanted to kill me and destroy the tower so she could rule, so the merlin character put me to sleep so she couldn't hurt me and turned my tower to a sort of indestructible glass, and I lay there with my red rose, fast asleep. And then I woke up and can't remember if the young man saved me or not but I remember he was trying to...So I guess I'll have too see how that ends. Any interpretations would be good please :) (I actually really enjoyed this dream! sort of my own fairy tale :P )

Example: What does it mean to dream of finding fairys?

Example: What could be the meaning behind dreaming of a fairy stuck in a spider web?

last night i had a dream, i was in a situation where i was running away and i was really scared. as i ran i found a giant hill, i ran down the hill and approached a forest. when i went into the forest i noticed i fairy flying, and beside her was another fairy but it was in this giant spider web i was asking her to help me but she would respond... without even thinking if the fairy was alright i kept going ... for some reason i cant get this image of this fairy out of my mind. now that i think about it she needed help... and i was so stuck within my own problems that i didnt even stop to think if she was okay. i dont know what fairies symbolize, or if this dream means anything important.

Example: I was a fairy.. But got murdered, Dream meaning?

So this is kinda long.. So if you do read it all and answer Thank you soo much

I was a fairy but a man owned me, like he must of bought me from a market or something and we lived in an enchanted forest and I was like a water fairy so I had my own little enchanted pool it was sparkly and the water was pink blue & purple and nice & warm then a guy came along and was really lovely to me & he gave me a gorgeous heart necklace but then I heard my owner coming towards us so I told him to go away because im not allowed to be talking to anyone then my owner came & I threw away the necklace but he found it some how, so when we got home we were arguing about It so I walked away into another room as I was walking in I noticed he had a big knife with him so I closed the door but he kicked it down and came at me and he was attacking me and for some reason I didn't know what fear & pain was so I kept saying, I don't know what's happening? What is this? The he stabbed me repetitively in the stomach and hip area then I was out of my body watching it happen then next thing I know I was holding my dog and it was her with all the stab wombs and the knife in her & I didnt know what to do
It was pretty crazy, I woke up scared 
Soo any ideas what this could all mean 
Thank you 

Example: What does it mean to be a fairy in a dream?

lmao jacquie.

i just see loads of interpretations of seeing a fairy but not being one.

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