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Dream About Fairness meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Please tell me what this dream means?

I was sitting down in my dream and became aware that something was biting my right hand. I looked down and it was a ferret but then I realized that the ferret was not biting my hand it was the poisonous snake underneath the ferret.

A snake bite to the right hand means that you are conflicted about taking action or making the right choice in your life; it could suggest that you are preoccupied with acting in fairness or maintaining a healthy transparency in a relationship whether it is intimate or related to work.

Example: What did this dream mean? A window/hole on my forehead exposing the front of my brain?

I had a dream last night where i had rocks growing under the skin of my forehead, forming a neat circle of irregularly shaped large bumps at my hairline, and when I picked at them, they fell off easily into my hand as hard stony nuggets the color of my skin. when I picked off a particularly large one, it came off with a part of my skull and left a hole the size of my palm and about an inch thick in the middle of my forehead, and I can clearly see my brain inside still enveloped by a layer of membrane. I tried to put the chunk of skin+skull cap back on the hole but it started to squish around the edges and won't stay anymore, so I had to walk around with the front of my brain exposed. Strangely, having my brain thus visible did not hurt at all, but fearing that I might get meningitis, I tried to pull down the hoodie of my jacket over my forehead to cover my brain but that did not help either. I had a sudden sick impulse to tear away the rest of my fleshy skull and make this window/hole on my forehead even bigger so my entire brain is exposed but I chickened out because I thought doing so would hurt like hell. What does this dream mean?

Example: What did my Dream mean?

Last night I has a dream that I was walking through a doctors office with my purse and another bag and the security system went off. There was a security officer there, and when the alarm when off I walked toward him for him to check my bags. When I got to him, he rushed me off to a room at the top of the building telling me that I needed to be strip searched. When I got to the other room, the security officer was there and so was my doctor. They put vaseline like product on my eyes to take off my makeup and told me to strip down to nothing. When I got back wearing the paper gowns that they give you for a physical, I noticed that both the officer and my doctor were naked. Although I don't remember anything happening, I do remember sending a text message to my husband to tell him was happened. I then went and found out where he was and went and just got a hug from him.

This is the strangest dream I have had...what do you think it means?

Example: Anyone know what dreams mean?

my dream started off with my husband and I going to a fair and at the ticket gates, I ran into a male co-worker of mine. From there I remember the co-worker slipping this arm around me and us two walking away, I protested by saying "he(meaning my husband)can still see us", The co-worker said "so were going to tell him anyways" Then the co-worker and I started having sex right there by the ticket booths.
what does all this mean? I have no real physical attraction to my co-worker and I'm in love with my husband.

Example: What does it mean to dream that a Supreme court Judge is going to prison?

Example: My Dream meaning...?

I was at the fair with my uncle and aunt and we were driving through the fair in a car, and they said i couldnt go because i was in trouble so they parked the car at a 7 eleven (convience store) and this yellow wall came up from the ground surrounding the store and my aunt and uncle left me and then i was home, it was night and i walked outside and their trees they put christmas lights in(they actually do in real life) just shut off...so it was dark outside in the backyard so i went in the house and my aunt and uncle where in the living room and my uncle said The lights are? Lets turn them on! and he plugged two plugs together inside.
and then a commercial came on for Inuyasha Feudal Combat (its a video game which i have in real life) but the commercial showed an entirely different thing the same characters in the game but doing different things

What does this mean?

Example: Meaning of this dream?

Dreamt a guy came and offered to take me and another off the company's hands as the company was reshuffling employees.the guy a business man.he promised we would be treated fairly.so me and a gal whom I Dont get along with signed.when the guy came to show us around where he works I was nervous.at his premises I decided that this job wasn't for me although I had signed for it.I left.as I was walking home.mind you ,the area was the area of my childhood.where I grew up.I saw the guy pass me with the gal in the car and another I couldn't make out.I ran after them cause I now regretted my decision not to take the job.fortunately I managed to catch up with them as they had stopped to drop off one passenger.when I got to them I realised the passenger was my mother.I haven't spoken to my mother in a long time we dont get along.anyway they told me or I heard her say that she is not surprised I ran away from the job.I am a coward.the guy says he gave me a second chance because of her.anyway I'm curious as to what this may mean.I then later on ended at home with my mother which is strange because she disowned me and kicked me out

Example: What does it mean if there are twin boys in your dream?

(If it matters, I've been trying to lucid dream for the past 2 days)
Well in my 1st dream, I was on a cruise ship with my friend and I saw this sweet, homeless looking little boy about the age of 7-9. He told me he had a twin and that his parents liked his brother better than him. He explained that he was neglected by them. Then he asked me for fabric because I looked "rich". What does it mean?

In my second dream, the same little boy (he had a very different personality so it might have been the other twin) and I were at a space station or something. It was all metal inside. He led me to a tube that sucked us up to a very large greenhouse. It looked like a mini jungle inside a glass case. Well, he was riding a motorcycle and there was this foot and a half glass plank that led to the other side of the greenhouse. All of the sudden my parents appeared at the bottom below him and warned him not to go across it but he did anyways. Apparently the motorcycle and him were too heavy so the plank broke and it came crashing down with him. The boy was totally fine, but my mom had a huge piece of glass stuck in her leg! (This is the very first time I was able to be lucid in a dream.) With my mind I made it disappear and healed my mom's wound. The little boy tried riding off, but I made myself a motorcycle and caught him.

So do you know if this means anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Anyone have any ideas what this is about? I had a dream last night where, I was in a group of people i believed to be military since im in it, but we would all play a game of volleyball and if we messed up 15 times we would be strapped down and killed, and a girl before me messed up and while they were stapping her up no one seemed to care and she was even joking around, but then i mess up and when it comes to me i accept it but am trying to talk them out of it being as polite as possible, and i think it was my TI from boot camp who was killing me. I was scared as hell.

Example: What does the phrase "American Dream" mean to you?

During the elections, we often hear about the "American Dream." It's a standart point of rhetoric in politics, but I wonder if we hear and use it so often that we don't really consider its meaning. I realize that it will mean different things to different people; that's ok. What I want to know is:

What does it mean to you?
What kind of phrases or images immediately come to mind at this expression?
Is the "American Dream" accessable to all Americans?
If not, what barriers prevent it?


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