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Dream About Fair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Whats this dream mean?

the boys mom called and said that the boy i liked was in love with me and i was like OK and she said welcome to the family i was at the fair with the boy i like and (our fair is in town for a week)he asked me to go i said yes and it was just me and him we rode on the Farris wheel a few times he kissed me and then we went to play games thats when i woke up i need help on what it means and it seemed so real

it means you like a boy, it is a topic high in the priorities of your waking or conscience mind, you went to sleep and your waking or conscience mind influenced your sleeping or unconscious mind with topics high on your priorities list of your daily waking or conscience mind. in which case you should probably try to shake this boy down from your high priority list to somewhere in the neighborhood of mid -level priority your friends your parents you yourself hell even your dream boy will all thank you for this in their own way and all of their appreciation will be a welcome change to you and your waking or conscience life because i imagine as it stands now they all even you could stand a change in your preoccupation with this boy... if you aren't gonna do something about the relationship as it stands with this boy, ie. making the first g-rated move, or letting him in on your interest, better to let it go at least for the time being, you'll be amazed at how much more attractive you become to those around you, but more importantly how much more attractive you become to yourself, hence the reason why you'll attract more admirers

Example: Do u think dreams mean anything?

Well my cousin had a dream about me and my ex getting back together. Well me n my ex have been talking more and becoming closer than before. And i have been gaining feelings for him again a year after we were together. Do u think that the dream means anything? or do u think that there's a chance that the dream will come true?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I keep having the same dream, been having it for at least 6 months. Can anybody tell me what it means?

I dream that i'm going to a fair, the people I am with in my dream vary, but it's always people I know well, my mum, my partner, my friends etc. Anyway we're all really looking forward to this fair and we have to walk miles to get there, along this path next to a river and the path goes all the way around the bottom of a massive (tall and wide) hill. When we get to the fair we have to queue uip ages for this rollercoaster, and i start to get a bit panicky in the queue (in my day to day life I love big rollercoasters and never get scared by them). Anyway we all get on the roller coaster and it's not a scary ride after all, it's just going down this track with the odd slight dip in it And it’s just going in a straight line, out of the fair and keeps going. It’s like I don’t know where it’s going but it’s going somewhere scary and everyone on the rollercoaster (including me) is

Example: What do dreams mean? :))?

i know that whatever happens in the dream doesnt necesserelly happens to you, but rather it means something. My ex gf had a dream about me getting shot 6 times in the head. Shes had several dreams about me gettin shot or jacked. I was wondering if any one knows what dreams mean & can explain that one to me.

serious answers only

Example: What does this quote mean.. "the human heart always dreams of a fairer heart than one it knows."?

"the human heart always dreams of a fairer heart than one it knows."

i thought it meant that people are always trying to be optimistic and kindhearted in all situations but, someone said it meant that we cant have everything. can someone help me?

Example: Anyone know what dreams mean?

my dream started off with my husband and I going to a fair and at the ticket gates, I ran into a male co-worker of mine. From there I remember the co-worker slipping this arm around me and us two walking away, I protested by saying "he(meaning my husband)can still see us", The co-worker said "so were going to tell him anyways" Then the co-worker and I started having sex right there by the ticket booths.
what does all this mean? I have no real physical attraction to my co-worker and I'm in love with my husband.

Example: Dream meaning?

ok don't laugh, this is a weird bit of the dream I had last night (that I remember). I had baked a pink cake and it was so good a huge chunk soared into the sky and God ate it I didn't see it happen but I knew he did. it was nighttime and for a few minutes the sky lit up like day as if he was pleased.. lol. okay what the heck does that mean? I am religious but not fanatic by any means and have never dreamt about God (literally) before.

Example: What Symbolism does this mean in dreams?

what does it mean when i have dreams of white fair tents in random places where you usually wouldnt see one? and sitting underneath them is someone that i need to meet. like one day i will meet her and she is always sitting under them. also i have dreams of carnivals with the same woman at them. what does this mean in dreams? thanks so much!

Example: What does my dreams mean?

This is like the 3rd dream that I keeping having about my boyfriend...its not serious but I keep seeing him and this girl w/curly hair, tall, and fair skinned together. They are either together or going somewhere. When I come into the picture he is getting upset. What in the world does this mean? we have been together for four years and i trust him but i dont know why i keep having these dreams?

Example: My Dream meaning...?

I was at the fair with my uncle and aunt and we were driving through the fair in a car, and they said i couldnt go because i was in trouble so they parked the car at a 7 eleven (convience store) and this yellow wall came up from the ground surrounding the store and my aunt and uncle left me and then i was home, it was night and i walked outside and their trees they put christmas lights in(they actually do in real life) just shut off...so it was dark outside in the backyard so i went in the house and my aunt and uncle where in the living room and my uncle said The lights are? Lets turn them on! and he plugged two plugs together inside.
and then a commercial came on for Inuyasha Feudal Combat (its a video game which i have in real life) but the commercial showed an entirely different thing the same characters in the game but doing different things

What does this mean?

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