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Dream About Faint meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: (Not for the Faint Hearted!) Disturbing Dream: What does this mean? Or is this just a crap dream?

My first time ever having a dream like this.

I was stressed out from work. And didn't know anybody in this dream.

I was driving through the good ol' countryside under 50 km/h speed limit.

All of a sudden, a car went over the center line from behind me and smashed onto an oncoming vehicle. I cackled at the idiot driver.

After driving for a few more sceneries... things started to get bloody. Real gory.

I could no longer spot cars coming from either end, but see bloodstains all over the road.

It first led me to a headless man's body, then its head, then to a headless woman's body, then to its head...

That's when I woke up.

I feel that what's going on at your workplace is giving you some 'psychic distress', that means that whatever pressure you're under at work, is spilling from your subconscious into dreams with symbolisms to represent the stress.

From your dream, it sounds like you're doing everything right yourself at work. You're doing according to your own conscience (driving through the pleasant country at 50kms). But there could be something going at your workplace that's causing consternation with you, and if you can align your laughing in the dream to, in your waking life, to someone that you are judging at your workplace (and this person would be a person not doing the right thing there, maybe even something of a reckless nature) then you might be able to pinpoint exactly the thing that's troubling you and why your subconscious mind may be suggesting to you that there's an inevitability that "heads will roll" over that situation.

That's the best I can offer really, except for some encouragement that sometimes pimples can rise in any given situation where people are involved. And sometimes the bad thing needs to come to head before it can start to get better. :)

Example: What does it mean to dream of fainting?I'm so worry :(?

What does it mean to dream of fainting?I'm so worry :(?
In my dream there was a friend of mine who was crying .. and passed out while no one was worried about me.

Example: I dreamt that I was in an elevator and fainted, then the elevator stopped between floors. What does this mean?

i dreamt that i went onto an elevator at school and suddenly felt really dizzy and the elevator seemed like it was spinning. i collapsed but got back up, and it stopped midway between two floors so i pushed the red button for help but the lady on the intercom was mad at me, and did not believe that the elevator was stopped. turns out she was right, the elevator was fine, just really slow. what the heck does this dream mean?

Example: A fainting church dream tell me wat this means?

I had this dream that it was coffee hour at my church and everybody on my church basketball team was in a row of chairs and we were reading the choir readings for some reason. I felt horribly sick and out of nowhere i fainted off my seat. Nobody did anything but feel bad for me. My friend this other girl and i decided to walk home with me after i got up from fainting. I felt horribly sick and cold while we were walking home. We decided to take a short cut through another church but this church was a lutheran church. The church had a ton of water fountains and the water fountains were huge and they had a water label on them that was big and it said Natravia on the water fountains. I decided to take a drink of water and then i felt a little better. When i woke up today i felt extremely sick and i had a speech to do at my church in a contest. I lost but everybody said that i did way better than everybody else i honestly thought the same thing. ppl also told me that the judges were stupid

Example: Omg i had a very strange and faint dream. What does it mean?

It probably doesnt mean anything but i was a model and i was doing the catwalk and I was just stood there with my hands in my pockets waiting to go on but i never did LOL its pretty strange :L

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fainting and everythin is dizzy?

like my dream was about me cutting myself on my wrists and i could see the blood coming down and i fainted . when i woke up in the dream i felt dizzy and confused . when i actually woke up i felt like i couldn"t move and i felt so sacred .

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you faint?

ok well in my dream i fainted and fell and my mate came over and helped me up and i was seeing double and he said my head was bleeding. i didnt see any blood but when he said that i pictured blood.

Example: To Dream that you fainted..?

What does it mean. I want details please. I keep on having dreams/nightmares that im fainting since like the past two weeks :/

Example: What is the meaning of fainting in your dream?

I dreamed i was with my boyfriend and my daughter shopping in tijuana mx.. he was holding the baby and i left them.in the store , and when i tried to call him a guy comes and takes my phone away and runs..i was shocked and.i.fainted ...

Example: Scary dream! What does it mean when you faint in dream?

I dreamed that I was in a store and when I walked out I fainted. It felt SO real. I've never fainted before so in real life I don't know what it feels like but I'm pretty sure is what I felt in my dream. I started feeling really light headed, started to see black spots everywhere, then I turned around it felt like I was super slow and fainted. Then I remember that within my dream I was telling myself to get check to see if I'm pregnant... Kind of freaked out. I've also had a dream I was in a store and someone coming up to me telling me that I had to tell my family that I was pregnant? Does that mean I should check or does it just mean that I really want to be pregnant? Please help!

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