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Dream About Facial meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had many many many dreams where someone is killing, chasing, or fighting me and when i try to scream nothing comes out. It's like I lost my voice. What does this mean?

I'm not a believer in the meaning of dreams.after all who actually 'knows' what a dream means?

However, it seems to my commonsense mind that you are finding it difficult to speak up in real life even when you are being (verbally) attacked.and this suppression manifests itself in your dreams as life threatening situations and even then you find you are unable to help yourself.

Imagine some-one 'dissing' you and practice responding forcefully to this (maybe even use a mirror so that you use the correct facial expressions).then put what you've learned into practice.maybe the dreams will fade away.

BUT this is advice given by an untrained person - I'm not a counselor or anything like that

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was with this girl that I was friends with for 12 years (I'm 16 now if that matters) but we're not friends anymore and I haven't talked to her in about a year. In the dream we were talking again so I went on vacation with her and her family. On our way we stopped at a store and then we walked to this park type thing that had a big fake horse, a couple of big fake men (I think one was silver and one was black.), and something else. On our way walking to the big statue things we saw a man that was kind of unattractive and we were talking but I don't know what the conversation was about because I was looking to see if he had a wedding band on and he didn't. He saw me looking and followed me in his white truck which got bigger from the one he had when we were talking earlier (Not that I noticed the other truck. I just new it got bigger) and he had bleached his facial hair and the hair on his head. He said, ''I know it looks bleached now, but it doesn't in person and I said, ''I know.'' So he left and my friend and I continued walking to the statues. I was sitting on the saddle on the horse and it fell over, almost knocking the net statue down (i think it was a frog) but the fall didn't hurt. She helped me up and asked if she could feel one of my boobs. I said, ''Yeah.'' I was uncomfortable but I let her do it anyways so she asked if she could feel one without clothes on. I was saying no but she kept asking till we were interrupted. We got back to my house where I grabbed my phone, a towel, phone charger, headphones and a pair of shorts. We got in the car and that's it.

Do you have any insight on any part? Does this just mean nothing? I was wondering because to me it's kind of weird and I've had a dream in the same park setting. Thank you in advance! (:

Example: What does my does my dream mean?

Me and my boyfriend broke up about 9 months ago (long time i know) (and also we broke up over some girls that were very jealous of me and told him nasty rumors just flat out lies an it eventual got to him .)Ive been with other guys since but he hods a special place in my heart.Anyways I had a dream that we were sitting outside nice day at a circle table and he was much older an i was telling him "I hope you know that all what they said where lies" an he said nothing but his facial expression was he didn't believe me kinda like psh yeah right then i woke up for a brief moment feel asleep an then i was dreaming of him kissing me what does my dream mean?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I keep having the same dream, been having it for at least 6 months. Can anybody tell me what it means?

I dream that i'm going to a fair, the people I am with in my dream vary, but it's always people I know well, my mum, my partner, my friends etc. Anyway we're all really looking forward to this fair and we have to walk miles to get there, along this path next to a river and the path goes all the way around the bottom of a massive (tall and wide) hill. When we get to the fair we have to queue uip ages for this rollercoaster, and i start to get a bit panicky in the queue (in my day to day life I love big rollercoasters and never get scared by them). Anyway we all get on the roller coaster and it's not a scary ride after all, it's just going down this track with the odd slight dip in it And it’s just going in a straight line, out of the fair and keeps going. It’s like I don’t know where it’s going but it’s going somewhere scary and everyone on the rollercoaster (including me) is

Example: Dream meaning, seeing my friend's facial reflection in orange juice.?

Example: Meaning of dream with facial hair?

My sister in a dream, was examining herself in a mirror and saw a line of thin facial hair across her cheek. She thought to herself that she should get rid of it later on. What does this mean or signify?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming that you were growing facial hair ?

Im a girl and anywho I had a dream that I was growing a beard , I heard that certain dreams have meanings to them .

Example: What does it mean to dream about a facial distortion?

I had a dream that my face was extremely distorted. It was almost as if some one cursed me because no one else seen my face the way I seen it. However when my face finally started to heal (as if the curse was lifted) during the healing process my face was extremely swollen and damage. (Especially the right side of my face) Although no one recognized my face when it was distorted EVERY ONE recognized the brutal healing process.

*side note* I am not vain

Example: What does it mean to dream that your facial hair is gone?

for the last 3 nights in a row, I've been having dreams where my facial hair is thin again, like its still growing or whatever. I have a chin strap beard. In my dream I realize that I had a beard, but then I look in the mirror and its gone...

What does this mean? :|

Example: What's it mean when you dream of having facial hair like Wolverine?

No claws ... all sideburns.

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