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Dream About Facial Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was with this girl that I was friends with for 12 years (I'm 16 now if that matters) but we're not friends anymore and I haven't talked to her in about a year. In the dream we were talking again so I went on vacation with her and her family. On our way we stopped at a store and then we walked to this park type thing that had a big fake horse, a couple of big fake men (I think one was silver and one was black.), and something else. On our way walking to the big statue things we saw a man that was kind of unattractive and we were talking but I don't know what the conversation was about because I was looking to see if he had a wedding band on and he didn't. He saw me looking and followed me in his white truck which got bigger from the one he had when we were talking earlier (Not that I noticed the other truck. I just new it got bigger) and he had bleached his facial hair and the hair on his head. He said, ''I know it looks bleached now, but it doesn't in person and I said, ''I know.'' So he left and my friend and I continued walking to the statues. I was sitting on the saddle on the horse and it fell over, almost knocking the net statue down (i think it was a frog) but the fall didn't hurt. She helped me up and asked if she could feel one of my boobs. I said, ''Yeah.'' I was uncomfortable but I let her do it anyways so she asked if she could feel one without clothes on. I was saying no but she kept asking till we were interrupted. We got back to my house where I grabbed my phone, a towel, phone charger, headphones and a pair of shorts. We got in the car and that's it.

Do you have any insight on any part? Does this just mean nothing? I was wondering because to me it's kind of weird and I've had a dream in the same park setting. Thank you in advance! (:

This dream is about sexual desire, development and the complex choices and circumstances that that brings up. The strange, disguised man pursuing you in a truck (phallic symbol) that gets bigger as he approaches you, represents a desire for, curiosity about or fear of sexual thoughts feelings and actions relating to men/guys in general, or to a specific guy in your life whom you have not admitted that you have feelings for. Riding a horse and falling painlessly on to a frog just means you want to have sex. I don't think I can legally go into enough detail here to explain why it means that if you don't already know. That's the easy part.

There are a lot of different things that could be going on with your former friend. It could be that since she was your friend for most of your life that she is simply a symbol friends, friendship or emotional closeness with another person. (She could be a symbol for whatever negative feeling or circumstances caused you to stop being friends, but since you are still friends in the dream, that seems less likely) It could be that she symbolizes an interest in or curiosity about female sexuality, although it is pretty clear that you are rejecting that in the dream.

It's possible that this dream is about the desire to have a boyfriend who can be your best friend at the same time, perhaps because approaching the question of sex and eventually marriage would be less scary if you were with someone you could really trust and open up with the way you do your female friends.

Example: Meaning of dream with facial hair?

My sister in a dream, was examining herself in a mirror and saw a line of thin facial hair across her cheek. She thought to herself that she should get rid of it later on. What does this mean or signify?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming that you were growing facial hair ?

Im a girl and anywho I had a dream that I was growing a beard , I heard that certain dreams have meanings to them .

Example: What does it mean to dream that your facial hair is gone?

for the last 3 nights in a row, I've been having dreams where my facial hair is thin again, like its still growing or whatever. I have a chin strap beard. In my dream I realize that I had a beard, but then I look in the mirror and its gone...

What does this mean? :|

Example: What's it mean when you dream of having facial hair like Wolverine?

No claws ... all sideburns.

Example: What does it mean when a chick dreams about having facial hair?

I have 2-3 dreams a week about having facial hair. During the dream I always think to myself, "Hey, I look pretty nifty in this goatee... wait, isn't there something not quite right about this?" or something along those lines.

Example: Meaning of a dream about my recent ex with no facial or head hair?

I just recently was broken up with by my ex and a few nights ago I had a dream about him I was walking in his house and i found him in the upstairs bathroom cleaning the shower...when he came around so I could see him he had no facial or head hair...this was strange to me and I commented on how i never thought i would see his chin and then we kissed and went about our normal affections as we did in our relationship...I woke up smiling until i remembered the pain i feel from our break up and then quickly went back to sleep

Example: I dreamed of facial hair? Im a guy?

Well I dreamed that i had lots of facial hair and that the hair on my head was long! Not really long but it had grown to about 2-3 inches inches long! What does that mean?

Example: Dream symbols?

Does anyone know what it means to dream that you are kissing someone and their facial hair feels scratchy? I have this dream fairly often... it's always someone different and always a stranger.

Example: Dream about facial hair on me?

I'm female by the way and I dreamt I had a lot of facial hair under the left side of my neck. I was in the bathroom of a nightclub and a girl I know shaved if off saying 'i always wanted to do that. This girl is just an acquaintence. Could you tell me what it means?

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