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Dream About Facade meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: ..What does my dream mean?..?

I was with a friend,I forget whom but it was a guy friend. And we were sitting in the finished basement looking in a year book from the school I'm now going into. Everyone in the book were wearing masks and they all dressed and had the same mask on. When i looked up my friend had the same mask on and sat there not talking and staring at me. When i got up and backed away i fell backwards into what seemed like a whole and before I hit the bottom i woke up to my father asking if i wanted breakfast.


Masks are notorious of falsities. You have seen the theatrical mask with happy face and sad face? Well mask have a purpose to either put on the deception of something that they are not or the hiding of what they truly are. To me when I look into a crowd of people I see their insecurities and their falsities. Usually people who are insecure can't look into your eyes and those that deceive can look easily into your eyes with a false confidence. Masks also help by preventing injury to lungs and from burns and also from impact. But in your dream it looks as though this was not being used as a tool but as an affront (facade or fake person) to preventing you to see their weakness, insecurities, chip in their armor, deceiving nature and so forth.

It sounds like you are going into a new school, not knowing most of the people there. I would also suggest that this dream tells me that you are the kind of person that exposes the real you. You tend to show your insecurities even at the expense of others laughing at you. You try not to be false yourself.

These new people you will meet will marvel at you and will be attracted to you by your innocence. This can be good and bad. Just be careful not to be too trusting and when you have this sensation in your heart that something they say is not true just ask a bunch of questions that will expose the darkness in their life into the light. The darkness found in others is really easy to expose with the tiniest of lights. In your dark basement can you not see the tiniest of light when a crack is formed for light to enter? People are no different. If there is deception or darkness in someones life it can easily be exposed. I think this dream has a lot of similarities and if you are masterful at picking these areas of grey out of someones life without condemning them can be to them as a beacon of light and hope to your friends. This is what I see in your dream.

The falling into a hole is supported by the fact that if you are not careful will find yourself falling into a darkness too so always be truthful and unafraid to be abnormal. What is the abnormal today in this world we live in? It is abnormal to remain pure as a child, to tell the truth, to remain a virgin until marriage, to simply say no.

You are embarking on a new journey so take a flashlight with you and let your light shine.

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean? ?

This dream was about 2 years ago but I still remember it dry clearly.

Dream: I don't know where this dream took place but it was really dark and my step grandma,my brother,& I were in a car driving to who knows where. Just then,we stopped and parked outside of what liked like an abandoned motel. About 100 meters away we saw a huge building which had lots of lights on. We entered the building and inside were lots of Nikes (I was really into Nikes back then)hanging on the wall. They were very weirdly colored and some appeared to be made of human skin. Just then, we noticed that there was a huge trash can was filled with meat, possibly human meat. We heard a maniacal laugh and tried to hide. Out of no where a creapy fat clown with a chainsaw walked around the corner. We all ran out but when I turned, my brother wasn't with us anymore. My grandma and I kept running toward the car and the clown was still chasing us. We reached the car but couldn't manage to open the door for some reason. The clown was chasing us around the car. I didn't get to dream the rest because I was awaken.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in my old house's [i move a ton!] backyard on the porch, but that porch was finished in my dream and never got finished in real life. I dreamed that my old dog Gabby [we gave her away] was jumping on me but just because she was excited but she was hurting me in the process. Do you know what that means?

Example: What do my dreams mean..?

My dreams have never ever made sense but for the past month or two all my dreams have been all about blood,gore,violence, and killing. In one of my dreams I was in my grandmas porch and then this person come and brutely murders my family..severed heads,arms and legs...then I'm standing in a puddle of blood drenched in it...then I woke up...
In another dream I killed my mother... It was me and this group of people and we tied her up to a chair and I choked her to death ...and I just stood there with a smirk on my face...the dream fastfowards to me at home and then I got this old voicemail from my mom and just hearing made me feel so relieved and I played it over and over then I had a halluincation of her and I broke down crying regretting what I did ...and then the dream was over and I woke up crying...that has never ever happened to be before...that dream bothered me...
Some of my friends think it's repressed emotions...I do tend to keep them to myself

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok, im a competitive cheerleader. and i had this dream that im searching for a different gym. and this time it was me and my friend lexi. we were on top of a hotel searching for a different cheer gym. while searching we did ballet and gymnastics on the roof.
i just want to know what this means..
any answers could help!(:

Example: Have turtles in my dream means?

Last night I dream seeing turtles in my house. I do take care two little turtles, but they're more than two and their type's different. I guess I see one albadra turtle if i'm not mistaken.
Anw, turtle is the thing I remember clearly last night. What does it mean?

Example: Bees in my dream... What does it mean?

In my dream, I was going to a campground. We drove in a little white car (I wasn't driving, two adults were that I don't know), and stopped in this lush green clearing. All around were huge giant trees. Some guy started talking to this big group of people. I got bored and started throwing rocks at a tree. After a couple of minutes the tree branch fell, exposing a HUGE beehive. It was massive. Then the guy that was talking yelled that the bees in this area were killer, and one sting could kill you. Everyone started running, but the adults and I got into the car and covered the vents. I watched as people got stung and fell over dead, twitching... I saw up at the tree that there was a car there, and it wasn't my fault. So I don't really understand this dream and if someone could help explain it I would appreciate it. (:

Example: Weird gross dream... What does it mean?

I have some vague ideas about the meaning but I'd like some other opinions on it.
First thing to mention: i'm a 21 year old female.

"People were traveling in a desert with caravans, until they reached a beach, where some sort of city was built. It was but one great complex building with windows, hallways, an interior empty yard. And several entrances... There was one dark entrance where you could find stairs.
People were afraid of this segment, since they said strange and bad things happen there. Nothing happened actually, but they still feared it. This made them start searching the walls of the building for the "facade".
They talked to me about the "facade" being a dangerous part of this building and that they had to remove it in order to feel secure. I was observing as they were searching and they found three mechanical eyes in the walls. They looked at anyone who came closer but nothing else. The people felt threatened by those strange objects and started a riot, wanting to tear them down.
Then I started to demand them to stop, since I thought it terrible and useless. They ignored me completely, no matter how much I tried to convince them otherwise.
The mechanical eyes started shooting lasers, trying to defend themselves. Some people were killed, but in the end, one by one, the mechanical eyes were torn down. I didn't feel sorry for the deaths of those people, but I was horrified that they ruined those contraptions. I thought of them as being alive and harmless, thus a good thing.
The moment the last eye was destroyed I realized I had a penis. I was incontinent. I felt I had an erection and couldn't stop the flow of urine. Panicked, I started running towards the sea, peeing all the way until there. My erection turned into a semi-erection and when I entered the water I stopped peeing and felt better and relieved."

Penis - I dreamt of it because I sometimes feel inferior, or unappreciated, or pushed aside. I sometimes wish I were a man in order to be appreciated objectively.But I'm mostly ok with it. Women are free in my country but there are mostly social conflicts regarding gender.

Urine - trying to let go of something. Not sure what though.

People and their attitude - my frustration with my society in real life. They do thoughtless acts and ignore any reasoning.
I'd like some thoughts on the more symbolic parts of the dream though...
What's the building? The mechanical eyes? The darkness? The facade? The journey? What is the sea and why did it make me feel relieved?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I dreamed that I was in a world where everyone wore nothing but towels, while I was wearing my normal clothes, and I was arrested for "indecent exposure" because clothes were outlawed.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, so it starts off with my boyfriend and I having a fight at school, and he walks off to the beach. I follow him, and get attacked by a heap of scary clowns (i have a phobia of clowns). My best friend then gets murdered, and I walk down to to the beach and try to talk to my boyfriend, but he gets murdered by the clowns. It gets really gory and then they kill me too.

The dream has repeated four times, it's started to creep me out. Please help.

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