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Dream About Fable meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, I want to get one thing clear, I am not trolling. I seriously had this dream last night. I just want to know if there is any real meaning behind it.

What I can remember is my boyfriend worked at Walmart. He had a Santa beard on. His boss was yelling at him. I ran into my boyfriend's arms and then we went outside. It was dark and we were trying to find his car. I was on his shoulders and there were a bunch of coyotes around. One coyote tried to jump up and attack him. I threw a rock at it and killed it. There was a Muslim guy driving an ice cream truck down the road. My boyfriend picked up the coyote and threw it at the truck to get him to stop. I turned around and the next thing I knew I was in a neighborhood that looked like the ones in Animal Crossing. The people that lived in the neighborhood looked like the citizens from Fable 2. My boyfriend and I turned into anime characters from the show Inuyasha. He was Inuyasha and I was Kagome. For some reason, I got stuck in a play house with a different character, Shippo. Then I woke up.

So, what do you think?

I love animal crossing, but wutz Fable 2? by the way, asome dream. did take forrever?

Example: Do your dreams actually have a meaning?

and what causes you to dream what you dream?
is it all really just something random?

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone you know with a scar on their face?

well i had a dream of seeing someone i dated but it was long distance as in a few states away so i never had the chance of seeing this person face to face but of course web chatting and pictures were sent to one another so we knew how we looked like but i had this dream while we were still together a couple years back and the dream was i finally got to see her but she had a big scar going from the bottom of her ear like by the tip of her ear lobe to about her chin but anyways i was just curious to what the dream and scar means

Example: What does a dream about a black unicorn mean?

I had a dream last night that I was at a horse racetrack, but I was one of the horses. It was from a first-person point of view, but I knew that I was a black horse. After I ran in the race, I could see that I had a horn between my eyes, and that I was a black unicorn. I actually felt like the unicorn that I was; not like a human at all. It was really cool, and I could run really fast. Is there any significance in a black unicorn? I thought it was strange, because unicorns are usually white.

Example: Weird dream. What does it mean?

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I knew this boy and he was living in the same house as me (which was also alot bigger in my dream) and I had a massive crush on him. He liked me back aswell. Then we were on his bed and we were talking and he kissed me. I can actually remember how the kiss felt aswell! But he pushed away and said I wasn't fast enough. So I went away but I came back in his room later and he was sitting with his friend (her name was Brenda in the dream and she was chinese or Japanese- can't remember which one) and he was sitting on the bed with his arm around her and I got jealous and asked him why they were sitting like that. They both had smirks on their faces and he told me he never liked me from the beginning. I remember crying alot (which is weird and I don't cry much) and vomitting also because I loved him.
And I tried talking to him later but he gave me a dirty look and went away.
What the hell is this supposed to mean? :o
also, in my dream- I didn't look the same as I am now and had a totally different

Example: What is the meaning a dream with zombies?

I had a very intricate dream last night. It starts out with me being constantly bombarded by monsters (somethings similar to werewolves and zombies) and defeating them in a setting similar to Darkwood from the video game Fable. I start running toward town to get a rest; the monster's ferocity and persistence is getting worse. Throughout the scenario, the sky is filled with black clouds. When I get close to town, I save this woman, but immediately another creature pops out and swipes her head off. I feel terrified as though there is no escape. The scene changes.
The second scene is in a sushi bar/Dave and Busters and I'm celebrating with people I've never seen before but are my friends in context with the dream. The second scenario ends after a group photo. The third scenario has me watching Over the Hedge in a movie theater and playing with my cellphone. The last scenario features my family.It seems to be after a round of trick-or-treating, but turns terrifying when one of the creatures from the beginning of the dream attacks my grandma's dog. I wake up after the dog had a large bite taken out of it.

Are any parts symbolic of something?

Example: What could these dreams possibly mean?

I don't get much sleep now days, maybe a 2/3 hours a night, and usually when I do, it's restless, and I have the most confusing dreams- some of which don't relate in the slightest to anything previously on my mind or I had done during the day. Anyway, there is this group of dreams which I have had from a very young age, from an age of minimum 4, maybe even as young as 1 or 2. I think the best way to describe these dreams would be like, T rated Fables. They can be somewhat dark, seem to have a moral/storyline/reason, and tend to be actually painful for me. In some of the dreams, I've realised that some of the characters I actually know, and it is set in places I only know now. Ordinarily I wouldn't believe in things like seeing things before they happen ect... but in this instance there are people/places in these dreams that I knew long before I had seen them through my eyes whilst awake. I have tried to understand what they mean, but I can't tell whether I have any understanding what so ever.

One of them is, I'm in a caravan. It's small, cramped, and all there is is a small bed and a cupboard, and the door. It isn't a box, there is a thinnish wall which separates the wall and bed. There are people in the caravan, sort of, built into the walls. There is a prince sitting on the bed. He has a crown, and a cape, and in his lap is this big book. He tells me that I have to learn the 7 rules. No matter how hard I try, I can't memorize them, and I tell him so.
Then there is this sort of caped figure, with a mask on, who comes through the door. He tells me I have to learn the 7 rules. (The phrase: You MUST learn the 7 rules, is repeated throughout the dream). He leaves, and I begin to panic. I run out, and I'm in some sort of caravan park. I can see a large, sort of decked out caravan, with rich people on (and Stephen Fry, I think? Or someone like him). I'm hiding behind a plant pot, and the guy appears again. He repeats the phrase, and then blows up the caravan (which also appears to have a pool ?). I run out, and then he sort of creates a time hole in another caravan, and I can see people through it. Ill people, and for some reason I can't help but think of the Buebonic Plaugue. Then the dream ends.
I think this is about my inability to remember even the simplest of things, in short, my memory sucks.
Another is where I am in a forest, or some sort of camp site. I walk around. (I have control in this dream, but the overall picture is always the same, just the details which change). I'm looking on at people walking around and doing various stuff, but I never talk to them. They never see me, even when I bump into them.

These are the only two where I can explain, and this is a brief explanation of them, believe it or not. There are others, but it's hard to explain, and it takes more time and space than I actually have.

Example: I can't exactly decide what this dream means?

Okay, first of all I just recently woke up from this weird freaky dream that made me sad because one of my closest friends that I feel like I've lost touch with and miss beyond all reason was in it. Also, the whole dream carried a heavy atmosphere of evil, so here it is:
Me and a bunch of other people were all serving some unknown god that lived behind some random doorway in a wall in my house. I remember laying in bed with my boyfriend outside for some crazy reason and taking offerings to an alter similar to the well in San Venganza on Ghost Rider if you've seen that. I gave it a broken cup of something for some reason I forgot. And my younger friend turned into a broken candle and gave herself to it. Later there was some evil doll house that was like controlling people. My friend, who had apparently somehow became my sister, and my best friend (the one that I've lost touch with)'s little sister were in a singing competition, and if they lost we knew that him and I would have to fight to the death. Halfway to the competition, I realized that that was exactly what the well god that controlled doll houses planned to do: make us fight to the death. So I turned to him with tears in my eyes and pulled him closer. Then we kissed, not just once, but a bunch. Then we had to all (Me, him, and some other people who I forgot) sit on a log and watch the competition. The winner was undecided, and the evil dollhouse was in there for some reason, but I forgot what. After that, we all got weird scrapbook thingymabobs that I knew I had already created, but I had to create a brand new one. We had to put all of our friends in there with a bunch of stuff about them, and I suddenly knew hardly anything about the person I had called my best friend for so long. Then I was in an old timey inn like on Fable if you've ever played that, and some man had given me the possessed doll house and some tarot cards. They were both apparently evil, according to the lady following him around. She even did a trick with the cards to make them change and told me that the witch wanted to kill me. Then the witch, who was a fat lady in pink, appeared on the bed like 'I do?' Then the man was telling me how to set up the dollhouse and the tarot lady was getting all mad at him because it was evil and he was apparently just making everything start all over again. Then I woke up.
Since I woke, I've been trying to decide what this dream means and I've figured bits and pieces of it out but everything is in a foggy haze. Any help would be great.
If you don't believe dreams have any meaning and that's all you're going to tell me, then don't bother answering this question please because I believe every dream means something.
Thanks! :3

Example: What does this mean, "friends, such as we desire, are dreams and fables?"?

Example: What does this mean, "friends, such as we desire, are dreams and fables?"?

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