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Dream About Eye Shadow meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean? I woke up crying?

Alright so I dreamed that I was in the kitchen of my g-ma and g-pas's house (used to live there with my mom). My grandma & grandpa were in the breakfast nook listening to me and my mom in the kitchen. I was singing opera, not very well but I I got in my mom's face and was singing. She said to me, "when I was your age..." not sure of the last part but she meant she did something better than me pretty much. I immediately noticed that she had on light green & orange eye shadow-it was my brand new eye shadow that I hadn't even opened yet. I started flipping out, yelling at her for wearing my new eye shadow. She said to me," it was in my dresser," I replied, " we share storage". So then she tried to punch me in the face. I ducked, grabbed her fist and swung back. She said, "No, you take it and feel however you want-ugly or bad" something like that-that's what she meant though. I said, "No, I'm a woman now, you can't hit me or treat me like that-if you hit me or get in my face again I might kill you,''. Then I noticed a white lamp and the paint was all streaky. I took some kind of paint remover and used a small cue-tip maybe, and tried to remove the white paint. Underneath, I saw another layer of chipped paint and the real color of the lamp was brassy.

Then I woke up crying. My mom was physically abusive when I was a kid, I don't speak to her anymore. Though I don't actually want to kill her (that's a bit much) I am very hurt and angry.

So, any ideas as to what this means?

Your dream has a lot of detail with meaning. Because you woke up crying, it mean the dream was very important. Fighting with your mother suggest that you are conflicted about a situation around you. Being in your grand parents house suggest that you have the wisdom to end the conflict. The issue with the eye shadow suggest that in some ways you still look at yourself through your mothers eyes. You also look at the world and life in some ways through her eyes. The dream is also telling you that under it all (brass lamp) you are a strong and amazing person. Take some time to look at yourself objectively. There are perhaps some emotional issues which you can address (white paint on the lamp). You deserve happiness. Use your wisdom to make choices with integrity and you will be happier.

Example: Huge Black Owl with gold eyes in my dream? What dose this mean?

Last night I had a dream where I was with my parents inside. There was an odd feeling about the dream...not scary but like a wary feeling I guess you could say. Then I went outside and it was really really dark...I then looked over and the moon was huge a full then from a shadow on a fence of mine by the house morffed this huge black owl with stunning gold/yellow eyes. As it turned its head and looked at me I got all tingly and got this strange sence of something I couldent recognize like the glare was pearceing into my soul or something. Then it opend its huge wings and took flight in the air! Then while in the air another owl showed up, this owl was slightly smaller and white (kind of like how Harry Potters owl looks like only slightly glowing like the moon). I gaped at the sight and they were both flying toghther twards the moon, then I looked away up into the sky more and there were tons of owls flying in the air! All the diffrent types! I gasped and then my dream ended...Is there any clue as to what it might have been telling me or what it might symbolize? And lately around my house I have been fiding strange bird of prey feathers around? Beautiful intact feathers...I have no idea whats going on. Help me?

Example: Dreamed a black shadow standing over me with the arm raising up, what does this mean?

I had a dream where this shadow was standing over me and the arm was going up in the air. I started freaking out and trying to wake up. My eyes were open and I could see reality but the dream was still happening at the same time and about 3 seconds later, it ended. It freaked me out! What does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning about getting stabbed in left eye ?

So in my dream, I'm at an internship at a school (I'm 20 and out school so weird) and one of the other interns (Spanish girl) was bullying me. So in out occasion in a dark corner some guy was man handling her so when I went to help he stabbed me in my left eye ! And then she thought I was the person man handling her so she came back with friends and some young dude stabbed me under my left shoulder blade and the other kept slicing me on right side of my legs! My ex boyfriend was there helping me and my mom also got to see me that way ! ... This dream had a lot going on and I would love to know some kind of meaning thanks guys (sorry if its written poorly)

Example: A dark shadow approaches what does this dream mean and what does it symbolize?

I have a reoccurring dream every month or so where it feels as though I am awake but with my eyes close. As I awake from deep sleep my eyes are closed and I cannot open them I tried to get up but a black shadow darker then black holds me down and doesn't allow me to get up. As I am being held down whispers fill my ears but I can not hear what they are saying. Eventually I am able to break free and wake it. I looked up dream answers but nothing answers my questions about what it is or what it means. Any feed back would be helpful.

Example: Dreaming shadow man red eyes?

Last night I had a dream about a shadow man with red eyes... I'm not sure whose house I was in but my ex was talking to me through a window in a bedroom asking me to bring her a ring and something else she had left over this house. So as she was telling me where it was right behind her on her left was a sidewalk and a gate inside the gate was this factory it had one street light. Down the sidewalk came the shadowy thingy walking towards me limbs could not be seen but it was walking eyes red like blood and almond shaped. I told her to come to the front door and she walked away i closed the window the shadow came right to my window and stopped stared I locked the window and closed the curtain... I'm not creeped out but I'm curious..

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a shadow?

Ok, I had a dream that I was sleeping on my bed and there was a presence in my room and when I tried to open my eyes to see it it didn't really let me it didn't feel negative or anything it just was trying to hide itself then it started to like hug me in a way or wrap itself around me I started pray then it kind of backed off when it seen I was a bit frightened I laid and hid under my sheets and proceeded to pray when I did It came and laid on top of me I could feel it breathing then in a womens voice it said hi that's when I freaked out and started yelling for God then the presence showed itself and like backed off out of the room I didn't recognize the presence but it was like it wanted me to follow it but I didn't I just woke myself up

Example: What does a reoccuring dark shadow in a dream mean?

A couple of years ago, I had a dream where a dark shadow was standing over me. My back was to it but it touched my back. I woke up as soon as it touched me but not in the way of actually being "awoken". I heard whispers all around me, I felt like something or someone was holding me down so I couldn't move, and my eyes felt like they were trying to open but didn't have the strength. My mouth felt really dry & felt like it was quivering. I moved into a different house about 6 months ago. An old woman died from a heart attack inside the house. I don't know if her death has anything to do with my dreams but I had one a few months ago where a dark shadow was actually standing on my ribcage. Again, I had the feeling of being "awake" but not all the way there. The pain in my ribs was unbearable and at one point the shadow turned its head towards me but I never saw its face. About a month after that, I had a dream with yet another shadow. This time it was standing beside my bed & my back was towards it. It looked down at me and placed its hand on my rib cage again and let out a loud scream. I fully woke up with my ribs hurting really bad & I'm scared out of my mind because I don't know what these dreams mean! Please help me!

Example: What does a shadow person dream mean?

My friend had a dream that it was her wedding day and she was walking down the isle to the song "when you look me in the eyes" acoustic version but she never got to see her husband because he was just a shadow image. what does this dream mean?

Example: Would Anyone Like To Tell Me What Me Having a Dream About Shadow Figures Mean?

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