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Dream About Eye Of Horus meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I looked up everything else, but I couldn't find this 'Eye' in the Dream Dictionary.

I was on a cruise ship, and we were heading towards the waterline in out in the ocean. The moon was going down, as the ship went down and up from the waves, so did the moon, I was on the top deck watching this, it was also filled with water, ankle deep which is weird, anyway the moon exploded, it was like an atomic bomb had went off! The captain turned the ship immediately, everyone fell to the ground, and I heard someone say "the explosion was behind us" even though it was in front of us, but the side rails were see-through, and I looked toward the moon/explosion and saw one Blue eye staring back at me with a glow around it. (It was like an eye that had been drawn on the Egyptian wall.) I saw it as the ship was turning. I want to know what the eye means?

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. So that means you have been sighted by a GOD my friend. Having been sighted by a god, you are now blessed. Horus' eye was intended to protect the pharaoh in the afterlife and to ward off evil. Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern sailors would frequently paint the symbol on the bow of their vessel to ensure safe sea travel. So when your moon exploded, it may have seemed like you guys were going to drown & die but really Horus just wanted to see you & make sure you guys had safe passage on the water.

Example: What does the dream of eye of horus mean?

I had a dream where I traveled far away from home into this tall island full of forests. Apparently, I came across a stone temple that was rumored to have traps inside to prevent anyone from entering. I knew it was dangerous to go in and warned my friend not to go, but she went in anyways. Right above the doorway which led to the temple was the eye of horus symbol carved on the stone. What does this mean?

Example: What does a eye of horus dream mean?

in my dream i saw an adult black cat peeping from our rear gate looking for food or water. when our eyes met i realized the cat has only one big eye and it was the eye of Horus and the eye was colored turquoise blue. just wanna know what it means.thanks

Example: What do you think my dreams mean?

i was in a place so dark i could barely see anything, and someone came up and asked me what i was doing there. i couldnt see there face but i answered with a simple,"i dont know, where am i?" then the other person said,"the wrong place!" i was shocked by his hostial change in his voice, so i started to run, but he got me. then it kinda went blurry and when everything got clear again,he was pacing back and forth in front of me as i layed dying on the floor, he kicked me in the ribs. i was in so much pain and i tried to get up but i couldnt move, i was so weak. then he looked at me and i saw his face, he had the eye of horus and he said "i'll be watching you." and he killed me. i woke up screaming and scared, and i had bruises on my ribs like the ones i got in my dream. i dont know what it means, can someone tell me what they think it means. i dont remember my dreams very often but when i do, they arent very pleasent and most of the time when i wake up i feel the pain i felt in my dream and have marks from them.

Example: What does it mean to dream to see the eye of horus in the sky?

I have been studying ALOT about ancient egyptian spirituality/mythology/religion and early one morning just before it was time to wake to ready myself for work, I had a dream that my son and I was driving along this road and suddenly the eye of horus appeared in the sky. I could see it as bright as the day and it had a golden glow around the entire symbol. I slowed down my vehicle as it passed by and watched it slowly float away with the passing clouds in my rearview mirror. I dont know if this has any meaning but was just wondering if anyone had any MATURE thoughts to provide. Thanks!

Example: Dream of the eye of horus?

i've always had strange dreams i could never explain this is one...in the dream i was above the earth looking down and the earth started to rumble and crack.chunks of the earth gone and under was engraved the eye of horus very clearly.its as though in my dreams things are presented as stories being told to me..this is how i feel.when i saw the eye of horus i saw six daggers landing fiercely onto it each blue and silver.the last and seventh dagger was in my hands and someone was trying to take it away.in this dream as well i saw a fiery planet hurdling quickly to it.i'm not sure what it means but i hope to get some useful insight and views.much thanks

Example: Dreams about the eyes... postman and vision.?

i dreamt about the egyptian eye of horus. 2 of them represents the moon and sun. appeared from no where and looks as though they join together.

two days ago the postman delivered the book to my house on the doorstep then last night i dreamt i could see her drop off the parcel my house doorstep like i had physic vision. (it looked real like a i was a servialliance camera)

i dreamt of 2 postman (1 male and 1 female) delivery parcels and letters on motorcycles. like the male postman is followed by the female postman while doing his job.

Example: Dreaming of the eye of horus?

I dreamt the eye of horus, but I was crossing it out in my dream with a black marker, making two stripes across. The day after that, I was attacked by this one girl, and scared out of my mind. Can someone tell me if my dream was like a bad sign or something, or what it exactly means? Thanks.

Example: What does a dream about the eye of horus mean?

Last night i had a dream that i was walking up the steps to my school on a cloudy,rainy day when a computerized of a triangle appeared in the sky that was as large as the sun. I stopped and stared at it. People around me didn't seem to be alarmed until suddenly the shape transformed into a huge computerized eye. Everyone started running away, when suddenly the eye exploded and particles from the explosion started coming into the earth. I woke up, and my whole body was stinging as if i had gotten hit with debris all over my body.

Example: Eye of Horus dream? PLEASE HELP?

Okay so I had this last night that It was night and I was outside. I think I was in the forest and I looked up at the sky (it was a clear sky I could see the stars bright) and I saw the moon, it was full and it was bright orange. Then suddenly the eye of horus appeared. It covered the full moon and it was black. I can't remember who but I was trying to get someone to look but they wouldn't. And I can't help but feel that the world was about to end while I was staring at it. Then I woke up. All day at school I couldn't stop thinking about the meaning of this dream. It felt so real and it just stuck out to me. I hadn't watched and movie or watched anything about it in any way before so why would I dream of this? 2 nights before this, I had a dream I was in the same exact place but the moon was normal sized and we were having an eclipse. Oh and before this dream I had never heard of the eye of horus or anything like that so I am really scared! Then I looked it up this morning (that is how I found the name of it) and I see that it means moon and sun or something. If you have any idea of what this dream might be, please comment. ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS! And please post any reason I may be having dreams about moons lately. And usually I don't even remember my dreams but for some reason I remember this one..Please tell me what it means! All answers are appreciated!

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