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Dream About Eye Mask meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

my mom had a dream, something was guiding her to go to this man/woman that had a mask of three eyes and a large chin. something again was telling her that this is the person who's doing voodoo to her. (yeah, we sorta believe in this stuff).
now. she thinks this was a dream of god or something, i don't really think so.
so let's picture it again: a man or a woman with a mask over their face the mask having three eyes, only the cheeks and the chin showing. large chin, and a cream colored scarf around his/her head.
what does this dream mean?
is it really a psychic dream or are we over reacting?

Dreaming of eyes means:

To dream of seeing an eye, warns you that watchful enemies are seeking the slightest chance to work injury to your business. This dream indicates to a lover, that a rival will usurp him if he is not careful. To dream of brown eyes, denotes deceit and perfidy. To see blue eyes, denotes weakness in carrying out any intention. To see gray eyes, denotes a love of flattery for the owner. To dream of losing an eye, or that the eyes are sore, denotes trouble. To see a one-eyed man, denotes that you will be threatened with loss and trouble, beside which all others will appear insignificant.

Chin dreams: Wisdom. Support for expressing oneself.

Three is best known as a religious symbol - the father, son and holy ghost. "three eyes"

Cream is a color near white.

Well with any dream I use as a warning. In the dream or after if she woke up feeling scared or upset. You have to put all that together. I just wouldn't be going to see any voodoo nothings and having nothing done. But that's just me. If I would have had that dream I probably would be trying to figure out if it was a warning and what it meant personally to me. Just see what she dreams next

Example: What does it mean to dream about wearing masks?

when i was little bout 5 or 6 i would dream of a man with a facceless mask, we were in a small dark dungeon type room with a small window, i only noticed it because the moon ( i cant remember what phase it was in but i know it wasnt full) shined down on me, the man was standing in the corner watching me from a distance. from the window a raven crowd and i woke up.

Then a couple yrs later i dreamed of him again, and he'd still be there standing and watchin me, but this time he slowly approached me and kneeld down and reached out and took my hand. he pulled me into a gental hug and started shaking. but i never looked down at him untill i started feeling warmth from where he touched me. my little white dress was soaked in blood,so i panicked, and pulled his clothes off... but there was no open wounds only old scars. i looked into his eyes and they seemd to glow the same as the moon. they were unforgetable. i could not only feel his confusion i seen it in his eyes. but for some reason tears filled my eyes. and he pulled away from me like he was frightened of me. then once again the same raven crowd and i woke up.

i didnt see him again untill i was 13 or so, and it started out again with him in the corner... but this times i walked up to him and reached out my hands he seemed nervous about it but allowed me to lead him to the center of the room where the moon touched, i sorta beckoned him to sit on the floor and i sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around him. and for the first time i could speak and i could hear his voice, he kept saying why..and innocent and started crying but embrassed me harder but he mumbled so much... and i started humming the song swan lake.. that was the one thing that helped me calm down when i was sad or felt alone. my grandma gave me a globe that plays it. and eventually he ended up curling up on my lap and was asleep, the the crow again.

then when i was 16 before i got pregnant with my son, the dream changed... and i was in a maze of some sort and the moon was so bright for being a quarter. anyways, i followed the maze out to find a mansion. and for some reason, in all my dreams up to this point i was in the form of a child. but in this one i was an adult, but the dream got strange...because i walked through the doors of this house... and the clothes i was wearing turned into a ball dress. there were so many people waltzing on the floor. they all wore masks. so in a way a masqurade ball... the door closed behind me and everyones stoped and staired at me. i reached up and touched my face.. and i felt a mask on it,. so i took it off and it was just like the mans. of corse i put it back on. but that wasnt the weird part. it was when i looked around... the man from my dreams was sitting on a thrown becconing me to come to him.. so i did.. and as i walked towards him everyone moved and made a path for me, they were all whispering and pointing towards me... i was scared for the first time. but when i got close to him... he stood up and kneeled in front of me, kissed my hand then lead me to the chair next to him. the whisperes continued untill he waved his hand then complete silence. once again the raven.. but this time there were many and they flew at the crowd, they all hit the floor...there was just so much blood... that i couldnt breathe and i woke up in a panic.

and now the dream has come back. but this time im in a mirrored room alone, im laying naked on the floor stairing at myself as im laying in a bath of sorts, full of blood... it covered the floor around me.. but i wasnt scared or anything.. i felt comforted by the warmth.. i just laid in silence untill i felt a presence... i looked right and my masked man came out through the mirror and took out a mask from some kind of box. it was a demonic type mask.. to tell you the truth.. it looked like a demons face horns and all.. i sat up and started to ask him what this was all about.. but i coulnt talk. he just placed it on my face kissed my hand andkneeled down next to me. my angel... was the only thing i heard... but i was in my head.. if that makes sence. but he picks me up gently and sets me on my feet and leads me through the mirror just like he did when he came in...

Im not sure how to interpret this dream... my i've never been scared of him... i've been cautious but never scared. he was always so gentle towards me.. but i've never seen his face... nor have i tried removing his mask. i'd only place my hand on his cheek as if it was apart of him. i felt a longing to protect him though from whatever pain he was feeling inside.

and im not sure if this helps any but my birthmark has faded a little bit. its on my calf in the shape of a star.. but there is a line under it.. so maybe a shooting star. and latley it seems like everything i draw somehow i can connect to peopel. like with tattoos i've never seen, to all these children attaching themselves to me and wanting me to be ther mommy.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

this last month my dreams consist of me holding a girl that I have feelings for in my arms with here dying in my arms, I see the lights in here eyes disappear,my hands are chained to the floor and im down n my knees when i hold here, the building catches on fire and the roof collapses soon im in a hospital with the left side of my body completely burned, i end up hand cuffed to the hospital bed as the police tell me that Im under arrest for the murder of the girl I was holding, than my burned flesh is replaced by mechanical parts, they place a steal mask on my face hiding the fact that I have no left eye eyelid and left cheek, my knew mechanical eye glows red, the lights are than switched off and in front of me in the mirror I see my red eye glowing and the sound of heart monitors beeping and my breathing can be herd

Example: Been having extremely odd dreams about drawing anime eyes on bologna. What do they mean?

I am 13 and the past few days I have been having very odd dreams.

Dream 1:
My best friend and I were going to a college for geniuses but they didn't have dorms for us to live in, and it was too far from home to live there, so we went to my neighbor's house to live there, but their house was too small. We even drew out a floor plan, but it just would not work. So we headed off to Egypt. On our way to Egypt, there was a solar eclipse of the sun. My best friend wasn't with me at the time. I stopped and looked at it as i cupped my hands around my eyes to keep my eyes from getting hurt. the eclipse ended so I went into this house. There was a black women in a jogging suit, and a black girl. There was also a middle-aged man who was white, and an elderly white man. My best friend and I talked to the woman, and she said we could move in upstairs. The black women was very nice.So my friend and I went to our rooms. Right up the stairs was my room, and my room was huge! then their was another staircase in the upper-right corner that led up to her room. We got settled ion and I ran up the stairs to my BF F's room and asked for a brush. She said no. So I went back down the stairs to my room and picked up my own brush. That's when I woke up.

Dream 2: (don't worry it's a lot shorter!)
Some person I didn't know was drawing. So I began drawing too.I drew an anime guy wearing a mask that was half-red and half-blue. Then I split my picture into 4 boxes (like a grid) and copied every square down onto a different piece of bologna. Then i layed all 4 pieces of bologna on top of the picture. I don't understand how I drew on the bologna with a pencil, though...uin the dream it made perfect sense then. That's when i woke up.

So...what do you think? What do these dreams mean.

Note: Been having a lot of boy drama lately.

-Delilah Age 13

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in this dark secluded room with three of my friends.My friend Brianna had blood all over their shirt. My friend Alexis had a steak knife stabbed on her left wrist, while there was a scissor stabbed on her right eye and her body was just twitching. And my friend Selena had spikes through her neck and her throat was cut open and it was bleeding. I looked at my hands and saw blood all over it.

There was a gun on next to me and I saw blood stains all over the floor. I tried to stand up, and saw that one of my legs had been cut off, and I saw that my decapitated leg was on the other side of the room. I tried to crawl, but then I saw a door appearing. There was this person with a smiley face mask, but it had blood covered on one of the eye holes. The person was breathing heavily and it looked like they didn't see me, even though if I was next to them.

They went over Brianna and reached out a pocket knife out of their pockets and slit her throat and stabbed her multiple times. As the person was done I saw that Brianna's lip was torn out. The person then grabbed Alexis's hair and dragged her twitching body next to Selena. They cut Alexis's head off and then started beating Selena's body with it. After that, they got a camera out of their pocket and took a picture of what they did. They then cut all of my friend's eye balls and bloody splattered all over them and the walls, plus.

The person then went over to this other person's body. I didn't know how that body appeared since I only saw my friend's body. The person cut the other body's stomach out, then took the organs out, and opened their mask a little and ate the kidneys. Then they cut the body's throat out and started cutting little bits of pieces of skin and ate it.Then they ate the hands and the other leg Then after they were done, they started throwing up all over the room and I saw that they body was actually my body.

After the person left, and was still throwing up while going out of the room, they dropped a mirror. I picked up the mirror and saw that my throat was cut, and I was the person whose body was last to be beaten. What does this dream mean?

Example: ..What does my dream mean?..?

I was with a friend,I forget whom but it was a guy friend. And we were sitting in the finished basement looking in a year book from the school I'm now going into. Everyone in the book were wearing masks and they all dressed and had the same mask on. When i looked up my friend had the same mask on and sat there not talking and staring at me. When i got up and backed away i fell backwards into what seemed like a whole and before I hit the bottom i woke up to my father asking if i wanted breakfast.


Example: What does this dream mean?

This is a dream I had that I am using as the beginning of a story but what does it mean? I am a girl yes and only am attracted to males during the day, but my dreams, this being only one of them seem to tell a different story:
A picture is not worth a thousand words. In fact it rarely displays much beyond the outer social mask behind which we hide ourselves. A picture captures only what is socially acceptable, what we want others to think of us, failing to capture who we truly are.
It started with a picture. We kissed each other gently just a rub of the lips, and the camera snapped. That is the moment that will be remembered in our history. That will be the cover of a story, one with so many gaps in may as well not even exist.
She pressed her lips against mine with a force I’d only ever dreamt she would. I pressed back. My tongue darted into her mouth and quickly back out as hers forced its way into mine.
Next thing I knew I was on top of her. Our arms gripping each other’s neck passionately, we rolled over leaving her on top. Her foot caught on my pajama shorts and next thing I knew they were on the floor. Her nightgown had bunched up above her waist so we wore nothing but our underwear from the waist down.
She began to rub against me, our chests intertwined. Our powers ignited below, rubbing vigorously. We kissed passionately, as if we would never see each other again, as may well be the case. Completely engaged, we gripped each other’s necks and pulled closer.
Then slowly, we pulled away. The intensity of the kissing died down. The rubbing stopped as she rolled off me, though the electricity did not.
We sat up and gazed into each other’s eyes. She kissed my nose, a simple peck. I began to laugh and she joined in.
We laughed hysterically. We laughed uncontrollably. We laughed until our stomachs hurt. We laughed because it seemed so unreal. We laughed because we could never tell a soul. We laughed because it felt so wrong, but it felt so right. It had felt oh so, so right.

Example: Whats This Dream Mean?

I Had A Dream Where I Went To School On A Normal Day BUt When I Got There It Was A Scene OF Horrific Murder. There Was Blood Everywhere And Bloody Drag Marks On The Ceiling And ON The Ground Along With Bodies OF Former Class Mate And Teachers And When I Tried To LEave The Doors Turned To Brick Walls And I Saw A Man In Overalls And A Weird Halloween Demon Mask And Was Carrying A Former Girlfriend OF Mine And A Bloody Machete But When I Ran To Her The HAll Ways Got Longer And Longer MAking It Impossible To Get To Her And I Could Hear Her Scream My Name But When I Got TO Her She Was Dead. So i took Off Looking For A Way Out Of The School Just To Be Chased By The Pyscho And When He Got Me HE Killed Me But I Wasnt Dead When (In My Dream) I Opened My Eyes I Was The Murderer.

Please Someone Help Me Find Out What This Means


I think i was trying on the white mask, im not sure though, but all i remeber is that when i took it of i was broken.The amsk itself was made ou tof plastic, very thin material.It had split near the eye, what does this mean?

Example: Burglar mask dream meaning? ?

i had a dream that i looked in the mirror and i had one of the burglar masks on with just 2 holes for the eyes... :/ but i wasnt wearing it?.. only when i look in the mirror..
thanks x ..

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