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Dream About Eye Drops meanings

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Example: What Do Our Dreams Mean?

I have always wandered what our dreams mean, do they signify things in our life, and how do we dream, i head things like, feeling like your falling in your sleep signifies something bad will happen, and dreaming if your on a beach or somewhere nice good things will happen, can someone give me more information about this :) thanks

Job 33 (Amplified Bible) 14For God [does reveal His will; He] speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it [including you, Job]. 15[One may hear God's voice] in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, 16Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction [terrifying them with warnings],
The Sleep Cycle

One sleep cycle comprises of four stages and lasts for about 90-120 minutes. However there are some books that list five stages in the sleep cycle. These books consider the first five to ten minutes when you are falling asleep as a stage in the sleep cycle. We think this is more of a transitional phase and not really part of the cycle. While the other stages of sleep repeat themselves throughout the night, this phase of sleep does not. For this
reason, we have excluded as part of the cycle.

Dreams can occur in any of the four stages of sleep, but the most vivid and memorable dreams occur in the last stage of sleep (also commonly referred to as REM sleep). The sleep cycle repeats itself about an average of four to five times per night, but may repeat as many as seven times. Thus, you can see how a person has several different dreams in one night. However, most people only remember dreams that occur closer toward the morning when they are about to wake up. But just because you can't remember those dreams do not mean that they never happened. Some people believe that they simply do not dream, when in reality, they just don't remember their dreams.

The Stages Of Sleep

The stages in the sleep cycle are organized by the changes in specific brain activity.

Stage 1: You are entering into light sleep. This stage is characterized by Non-rapid eye movements (NREM), muscle relaxation, lowered body temperature and slowed heart rate. The body is preparing to enter into deep sleep.

Stage 2: Also characterized by NREM, this stage is characterized by a further drop in body temperature and relaxation of the muscles. The body's immune system goes to work on repairing the day's damage. The endocrine glands secrete growth hormones, while blood is sent to the muscles to be reconditioned. In this stage, you are completely asleep.

Stage 3: Still in the NREM stage, this is an even deeper sleep. Your metabolic levels are extremely slow.

Stage 4: In this stage of sleep, your eyes move back and forth erratically as if watching something from underneath your eyelids. Referred to as REM sleep or delta sleep, this stage occurs at about 90-100 minutes after the onset of sleep. Your blood pressure rises, heart rate speeds up, respiration becomes erratic and brain activity increases. Your involuntary muscles also become paralyzed or immobilized. This stage is the most restorative part of sleep. Your mind is being revitalized and emotions is being fine tuned. The majority of your dreaming occurs in this stage. If you are awakened during this stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember your dreams.

These stages repeat themselves throughout the night as you sleep. As the cycle repeats, you will spend less time in stages 1 to 3 and more time dreaming in stage 4. In other words, it will be quicker and quicker for you to get to stage 4 each time the cycle repeats.

The Mechanics of Dreaming

While you are dreaming, your body undergoes noticeable changes. Your adrenaline rises, your blood pressure increases, and you heart beats faster. Given this hyperactivity, it should be no surprise how someone with a weak heart can die in their sleep. Their heart may not be able to withstand the strain and the erratic changes that their body is going through.

Dreaming takes place during REM, which stands for
Rapid Eye Movement. It is thus called, because your eyes move rapidly back and forth under the eyelids. REM sleep takes place in the fourth stage of sleep and accounts for 15-20% of your sleep time. From the point you fall asleep, it takes 30 to 90 minutes before you start dreaming. You cycle through the 4 stages of sleep and may enter the REM stage 4 to 7 times in one night. During REM, your blood pressure and heart rate fluctuate and increase. It sounds like your body is going through a lot, but in fact, it is quite the contrary. During REM, your bodies are completely immobile and your muscles remain completely relaxed. You may shift in your bed throughout the night, but when in REM, you are completely still. This is commonly known as "REM Paralysis".

In REM sleep, the mind is as active as it is during waking. However, chemically it is different. REM is controlled by the excitability level of the cholinergic neruons. Noradrenaline and seratonin are missing in the brain when in the dream state. These chemicals allow the brain to carry out task, solve problems and remember things. This is a reason why you find it so hard to remember your dreams.

The Importance Of Dreaming

Do you dream in order to s

Example: Dream meaning? Eye pulled out of socket?

alright, this might seem a little weird. I had a dream where my grandma took my right eye out of my socket. It seemed normal, it was like everybody did it once in a while to "clean their eyes." I had never done it before though cause I was too scared buy my grandma said "dont worry, i do it all the time," so she took it out of my socket and it didnt hurt at all. I looked in the mirror while she wiped it (it was somewhat transparent, like it was made of some kinda of glass/plastic) and when i looked i saw that i still had an eye in my socket but it wasn't my actual eye, it was an eyeball with a sort of orange colored iris but i couldn't see out of it. Then when she finished cleaning my eye i asked her to put it back in the socket but she couldnt because it [the socket] was too small and she didnt think it would fit. i started freaking out because.. well yeah i didnt want to walk around without my right eye for the rest of my life. Anyway, then my grandma dropped my eyeball and it rolled under the bed and when i went to get it a sticky part of it was peeling off and stuck to the ground and then the whole eyeball just fell apart into little pieces and i just held my broken eye in my hand and started crying.
then i woke up.
im just wondering if anyone knows what this dream could mean? i was scared as **** cause it felt so real and i seriously thought i was gonna have to live without a right eye.

dont give me your sarcastic bullshit, only serious answers please

thanks in advance

Example: I had a dream where i meet a man who had no eyes what does this dream mean?

i was about to drop some friends off whom i had just met when i was referred to by a gut i used to cook with last year to talk to this man about honey. this guy was selling a type of honey i used to use when i was cooking in nantucket, so intrigued i began talking to him noticing that this character looking similar to les claypool in a odd hat and colorful funky clothing. he had changed the name of the honey and he kept smiling at me with his empty sockets and then he just strided away and disappeared after i talked to some guy about how his face was like an acid trip. then for the rest of the dream reality was VERY distorted and terrifying at times.

Example: What does this dream mean?

At first the dream started with, I was running away from an evil force. I was with one of my friends. I climbed over a fence then he did the same. I had a gray back pack with me for some reason. I was carrying it. Then we ran on a road. Then another clip follows after this. I dreamed of sitting in a flying chair. I floated out of the old castle by sitting of the flying chair then i saw the most beautiful natural view. It was a field full of green trees and little small houses. I felt like I was dropping but then I got a hold on to the electrical wire, then I was swing it around to keep me from falling off.
I really want to know what my dream means. If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of the moon falling?

It was big, then it fell, then it was rolling. It wasn't just one moon, it was like multipe of moons but the first moon that drop was huge out of the rest. Also in this dream, someone brought me a note and in the note it said that A fallen Angel wants me. I feel like this dream is telling me that something bad is coming for me :( I live in fear already & I already had a dream where an Angel with black wings & on his wings he had multipes of eyes in them came & saved me from a black hole. Im scared & I'm religious as well

Example: What can dreams of injury mean?

My daughter dreamed that her 2-year-old daughter was unconscious and having seizures after she either fell or was dropped. Her grandfather, my husband, seemed not to care. (He definitely would care. Our granddaughter is the proverbial apple of his eye.) The next night, my daughter dreamed that her husband was beaten badly -- broken ribs, etc. while doing a job in the city. (They live in a small town and come to the city only for business or to visit us.) My daughter says both dreams were terrifying and woke her up.

Example: What does it mean to dream about Brown snakes with very green eyes.?

I dream of snakes all the time. The one dream that I have on a regular basis is that I am driving a car on a bridge and I see that the bridge drops off, but I keep going and I fall into murky brown water, but it is really snakes, they are all around my vehicle. The other is walking through the woods and a snake is laying in front of my path, eventually it slithers to the side and just slithers along with me, sometimes criss-crossing in front of me. They are always brown,with very green eyes and pointy heads. Help

Example: I hd a dream that a UFO was dropping bombs on the US what does this mean?

So a UFO, ya know the average looking one that looks like a metal plate was outside of MY window dropping missiles or bombs or something. It was weird how real it felt. Anyway, what does this mean? I would like to know. What if I can tell the future? What if Aliens are coming RIGHT NOW AND I DID NOTHING TO STOP IT.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I sometimes have dreams\nightmares of me going very fast, unable to stop, and then I am launched somehow into the woods. I don't know what this can mean, and it got me thinking this morning after having one of these dreams last night. It always happens in a different way, but the result is always the same. One time I was on a bike, going down a very fast hill not far from my house. I saw a small drop-off in front of me but I could not stop. The drop-off had a small arch to it so i ramped into the woods. When I was almost into the woods, I woke up. Last night's dream I had gotten a question from my best friend about stephen king. He asked me if his writing symbol for who he really is. I was on a skateboard going down the highway right off of my driveway. I got going really fast and I could not turn and I also could not stop. I saw a guard rail in front of me but I knew if I hit it I would die. I was scared at this moment. I got closer to the guard rail and I started panicking. The next thing I know, a rock appears in front of me and I get thrown out of the path of the guard rail, but I'm now flying off into the woods, again. My heart was racing when I woke up.

Are these dreams a symbol or a sign that I am going to die by driving or riding in a car and i'm going to be thrown off the road? This is the only solution I can think of.

Example: Dream meaning? Tentacle grew out my left and my eye ball flipped out of socket?

So in the dream I was on what I think was kind of a roof top but not a high one. There were some of my friends/ class mates around me and I'm not sure what we were doing. Some sort of lesson. My music teacher who I don't like was there, I guess they started teaching us and some people's eyes were getting messed up. He was talking about tentacles growing out people's eyes and I started to feel really scared and nervous, thinking like no that can't happen to me. I'm fine. Then I was getting up to leave, everyone else was leaving too and a tentacle came out my eye socket, like over my eye. I could feel it and it felt painful/ heavy/ weird. But more a weird pain/ scared pain then actual hurt pain. It was a green tentacle, coming out my left eye. He was calm about it and I was freaking out inside, and he just pulled it out. Before he had said it doesn't usually hurt your eye it just comes out. But my eye like flipped and was puffed out of the socket. I remember there was like a pop and it felt really really weird. It was like that for a while, then eventually it got fixed. But it still felt weird, and seeing was strange. Then I was on another roof top that was really high, and you could see the other roof top sort of things and people below. So this part of the dream was like looking through my own eyes but the other part was like third person kind of. Anyways I was just seeing and hearing, it was like I wasn't there. The characters Jonesie and Jude were there from the show 17. Jonesie was jumping with a parachute and I think Just was without or other way around. Someone calling after Jude not to jump. Then it was like without an option I jumped too, with the two. And I saw a helicopter below us, but flying and then I saw Joneie's parachute open and I was still falling, but I felt really safe, and I wasn't scared. I felt kind of good and fear, maybe a bit nervous/scared but basically safe/fine. Then I woke up, I didn't see my landing. What does this dream mean?

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