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Dream About Eye Contact meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does dreams of spirits mean theyre trying to contact you?

I was sleeping in my home in San Juan Bautista, but in my dream, I was in my room at my familys condo on the monterey dunes colony beach.
Im trying to get SERIOUS answers, NOT slandering posts of how people think im 'tripping out'.
If youre gonna reply, PLEASE read this post carefully, and try your best to understand what i mean.

If anyones experienced sleep paralysis, they would know that what you see during the SP 'attack', what your eyes can see usually appears as some kind of scary image.
Like, if you saw a chair while having an SP moment, it may look like someone is standing in your room, and you hear noises which may not really be there.
Well, i had a dream once of being in my room.
I was watching tv, and i could hear someone mocking my voice as i was talking on the phone.
The voice was quite scratchy, but morbid, like something youd hear in a horror picture.
Every word i said, it repeated.
I began to look around, and nothing was there.
So like a child, i ducked under my blankets, and began praying.
As i prayed, the voice started laughing at me.
It was dubbing me a fool, and said "Go ahead and pray to your god!" and just kept continuously laughing at me.
I was really scared.
Right when i peeked out of my blankets, there it was.
This spirit, possibly demon, was floating by my window.
I could see the reflection of moon light on the walls, which gave that typical, blue-ish shine (important detail).
It was pale white, with really long arms.
At the abdomen, it was ripped in half.
It literally looked like it was ripped in half.
I could see dark, faded blood stains along its filthy arms.
It had long hair, that covered its face.
And the very second i saw it, I couldnt move.
I couldnt move at all, like a SP 'attack'.
I kept trying to yell for help, but i couldnt get a breath out.
It began floating towards me.
Once it was halfway toward my bed, it stopped, and my fear started to supress, and I gained my motor functions back.
The shape that in my dream looked like a spririt/demon, which was a blue-ish tint because of the moonlight, was actually a blue light on the wall cast out in front of me.
Its VERY hard to explain.
In my dream, i saw a figure that was a blue shade, but with out realizing that i woke up, i saw the same figure in front of me, which turned out to be a blue light from my linksys wifi router.
Ive always had faith in god, but i was a bit like Marilyn Manson.
Openly admitting to have faith in god, but my 'image' was of the opposite.
I wore pentagram t-shirts, and spoke of satan being bad ***, BUT ALL FOR SHOCK AND AWE.
Is it possible that i was being contacted by demons in my sleep?
But why in my dream did i have SP like symptoms, and awoke without notice?
Was i awake during the whole dream?
I also hear theories of blue colored lights actually attracting spiritual energy.
Someone PLEASE, help me find some type of explanation.
Feel free to ask for more information.
I really need to know what i experienced.

I disagree with many scientists and certain psychologists that believe that dreams all happen in our head. I do not believe that. I believe every night we actually leave our bodies and go on these adventures working different emotions out. Then, we go back into our physical body, when it's time to wake up.
Everything that you experience when you're dreaming is really happening. But remember that you are not flying through the physical plane even though you might be flying over an ocean. The idea is that you are in your spiritual body and you are using that to travel.
The only thing that is keeping you down is your physical body. Your spirit can pretty much walk through walls and do whatever it needs to do to be able to get where it needs to go. Dreams that make you feel good are meant to do just that and give you a sense of freedom, a sense that may be your life is something more than just your physical experience.
Some people are afraid of their dreams and they worry about nightmares. I can tell you that nightmares are meant to be productive. Very often, we have to do some serious work when we are sleeping. We go into adventures and projects that seem to bring fear into us and also exhilaration. These things are misunderstood. It is not because we are necessarily in trouble, but we are going on these adventures, and it's sort of n another school where we experience these things in order to enrich not only our spirit but to enrich our physical waking daily life. Now the reason I talk about these things and not so much of the hocus-pocus and all the rest of it is that I believe all of this is science. Starclear has no problem, no conflict with science. I believe all of these things are scientific. I believe that a spirit is scientific in science, and I believe the other worlds are also very scientific. We just are not using the right tools to measure these things.

Example: What do my dreams about my eyes mean?

I keep having parts of my dreams where my contact lenses come out and I try to put them back in but they are either all stretched out or all dried up and I can't put them back in my eyes. Any ideas as to what my dream means?

Example: Dream about eye vein meaning?

This week I've had this reoccurring dream (nightmare) about one of the little red veins in my eyes. Its one in my right eye, in the center on the bottom. I'm starring in a little 5x close up mirror, and the dark red thin vein grows up from under my lower eyelid towards my iris, then starts to curl into a little wiggly (not straight or smooth or perfectly curved) spiral, with a super tiny bubble in the middle of it, I think under the surface/skin of my eye, but where you can still see it.

Background info: I wear contacts and glasses for nearsightedness. I've had the dream atleast twice that I can remember, I dont always remember my dreams but do about 75% of the time

Any help would be appreciated, I checked a few websites with dream dictionaries already but it is very hard to find things on eyes, optical veins, and diseases of the eyes ):

Example: Meaning with the eyes?

what does it mean when u keep dreaming you have contact lenses in your eyes.. my friend dreams this a lot.

Example: Dream repeated over..again. does it mean anything..what do green eyes mean?

so..I was at a pier..and standing on the edge next to this person or thing. They were in a black coat, with a hood. They had green eyes, almost like cat eyes. I was scared so i looked away, but they grabbed my hand. They were cold. I got butterflies in my stomach for some reason. I felt happy. Everything was okay until i looked into the water, I saw myself floating up, I was dead and bleeding. When i looked away from the water a car was about to hit me. I woke up. The second time, I'm by a fountain on the pier and the thing/person calls to me saying to come with them, that they need me. They reached out there hand..so i got up..i walked towards them. They seemed sad..I noticed they were crying..out of instinct i tried to kiss there tear away..as if i had done it a million times before. I could only still see there eyes no features . After i noticed i felt really cold..and they gave me a hug..but i noticed something warm, it was blood..they were bleeding and i was too. but ..i woke up. does this dream mean anything..?

Example: What does it mean to dream about Brown snakes with very green eyes.?

I dream of snakes all the time. The one dream that I have on a regular basis is that I am driving a car on a bridge and I see that the bridge drops off, but I keep going and I fall into murky brown water, but it is really snakes, they are all around my vehicle. The other is walking through the woods and a snake is laying in front of my path, eventually it slithers to the side and just slithers along with me, sometimes criss-crossing in front of me. They are always brown,with very green eyes and pointy heads. Help

Example: Direct eye contact in my dream ?

Mee and my friends are in a parking lot and I'm just looking for open cars that I could break into, and *I do this for a while nothing intersting AT ALL then I see this guy in an orange prison uniform. He gives off a vibe of sadness and confusion he just stands there and he doesn't say a word. Then the next thing I know I started screaming some screamo song straight at his face (no music was on in real life) and while I'm screaming straight up in his face he gives off another vibe that shows he's started to understand life and feels regret then he looks STRAIGHT into my eyes, it seems this has just went straight through my head and I got so chilled that I woke up. What could this mean?

Example: What does eye contact mean to women?

what does eye contact mean to women from a man who isnt afraid to look you in the eye?

Example: Does his eye contact mean he fancies me?

Me and my friends boyfriend caught each others eye one night while double dating, i had butteflies in my stomach for them few seconds and my heart fluttered but i turned away, when i looked up again he was still starring into my eyes? There was definatly something there, what does this eye contact mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of your Contact Lens growing?

I have had dreams several times of my Contacts growing so large that they cannot fit into my eye! What does this mean? Is there a deeper symbolic meaning or just randomness?

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